Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016

Yuma, AZ

I spoke with Mom for quite awhile today.  We had a football game to rehash!   The Dane family's day started with a group text from Mario which featured a picture of him wearing his Denver Bronco hat in support of his Colorado family.  Yesterday being the first day of football season, we were all very excited.  Texts flew back and forth all day and multiplied during the game.  Those of us whom bleed orange and blue were VERY happy that Denver won.  It was a nail biter decided in the last 3 seconds.  Mom reports that she was worried that Dad was going to have a stroke.   Brent told me this afternoon that he watched the second half.  We may be spread far and wide, but we were all together in spirit pulling for our boys.

Mom sounded well today, I think that she is looking forward to being back in the motherland for football season.  :-)

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