Friday, September 30, 2016

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Socorro, NM to Pueblo, CO

I'm writing this post with second hand knowledge because Mom and I played phone tag last night and never were able to connect.  Meredith said that Mom and Dad were able to spend a couple of hours with Jim and Peggy (Mom's brother and his wife) before pointing the coach north.  Apparently, Dad is suffering from a stiff knee.  In other words, he had the pedal to the metal!  You just can't take the race car driver out of Dad, even if it is in a 36 foot vehicle, towing a car, going about 55 miles an hour.   Ok, ok, so he wasn't setting any speed records, but I'm sure he felt as if he were.  Sorry, I digressed.  The good news is that they should reach Loveland by midday.

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