Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014---Brent’s to Walmart in Batesville, Mississippi

I got a text from Brent this morning telling us he had made biscuits and  gravy for breakfast.  I’m really going to miss that boy!

We left Brent’s at 10:00 and headed north when we got onto I-55.  The sky was clear until we got further north and then clouds began to form.  That was an ominous feeling.

We parked at Walmart in Batesville, Mississippi.  Bill went in the store to shop while I rested.  The sky was very overcast here, but we didn’t see any signs or warnings of really bad weather.

Brent had sent leftovers with us...ribs, ranch beans, and potatoes.  We sat in our little “house on wheels” and had a great dinner.  Thank you, Brent.

We traveled 160 miles today.  That was a good way to start this part of our journey to Iowa.  We had quite a bit of road construction along the Interstate and it is always tiring for Super Driver.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

The sun was shining brightly this morning.  It was hard to believe just last night a tornado touched down less than a mile from Brent’s.  That was too close for comfort.

One last culinary adventure for Brent and me was to Cool Al’s.  Yes, that is the place where we stick to the floor.  However, their food is very good, especially the sweet potato fries.  And the hamburgers are top notch.

We stopped at CVS before returning home.  The kids got home from school not long after that.  

The sky got very dark late this afternoon and we had a little bit of rain, but nothing else developed.  We all breathed a sigh of relief when the rain stopped and the dark clouds went away.  Last night’s storm still has all of us a little spooked.

By request (from me) Brent smoked ribs for dinner.  They were so good and so were all the trimmings that went along with them.  And the great news is that Bill and I will have left overs for our trip northward.  We plan to pull out of here tomorrow morning.

Tonight, Sara had a project to do for school.  Grandpa and I were part of it.  She was making grilled peanut butter chocolate chip sandwiches.  That was a favorite for our kids growing up.  Brent was the official photographer, and we were Sara’s “lackeys.”  We also got to sample the finished project!  It was a fun thing for us to do with her.

Today, my friend, Debbie, suggested that I do a tornado count in my Travel Totals, so here goes...Tornado Totals, 1.  We are still at 14 for our In-N-Out count for 2014.  I certainly hope the swirling winds don’t pass our favorite hamburgers.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

We had high winds during the night, but by midmorning things had settled down.

At noon, Brent and I met friends, Mike and Jeff, at Ed’s for lunch.  It is probably our last time to eat there.  They are closing on Wednesday.  From then on, they will focus on catering.  That part of their business had grown by leaps and bounds.  It didn’t make sense to keep the restaurant open because it was only marginally successful.

We went to Sam’s Club before returning home.  After school, Sara came out to the MH for a visit.  She told us about the wedding she went to on Saturday.  I hope she will bring pictures.  It sounded like a very interesting wedding.

Around dinner time the weather took a turn for the worse.  By about 7:00, Brent and Bill decided we should go into the house.  It had started raining and only got harder.  By then, we were under a tornado alert.  After watching the local weather channel for awhile, Brent said it was time for us to take cover.  He and Willie went into his closet and Bill and I took refuge in the utility room.  Bill went back to the front of the house to monitor the sky from the front windows.  After about 30 minutes things had calmed down.

Brent said Willie was not a good one to be with.  I guess he had a hard time getting him to settle down.  While I was in the utility room, the electricity went out.  The power company sent a text message saying the power should be back on by 9:00.

Bill and I returned home and used the inverter to keep track of the weather.  At 9:00, Brent and Willie came to the motorhome.  The power company didn’t know when they would have everything fixed.  Willie was still a bit agitated, but finally settled down for a nap.  At 10:00, they went back into the house for an early bedtime.  By then, the only lightening was far away.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

April 27, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

We woke up to heavy rain and lightening hitting very close to the motorhome.  The sound of thunder was immediate after the flash.  It was quite a storm, but I think it rolled out as quickly as it had rolled in.

I was trying to get some extra sleep this morning, but with all of nature’s noise outside I gave it up as a lost cause.

At 11:00, we went to visit Paul and Debbie.  They have been friends since Brent first moved to Mississippi.  By the time we got to their house, the weather had improved enough we could sit outside on their patio and enjoy their flowers and plants.

We always have a lot to talk about when we are together.  Their son, Chad, is a professional musician, so we got an update on him and his band.  The Chad Wesley Band plays all over this part of the country.  It is fun and exciting to hear his parents talk about him.

Brent is still having a lot of trouble with his allergies.  I’m sure he enjoyed a day of no parents and no kids.  I think he got a lot of rest, but according to Brent, Willie was snoring and he didn’t get as long a nap as he wanted or needed.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of a pet owner!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 26, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

After being up late, neither Brent nor I got up very early.  While he and Willie went for their morning walk, I showered and got ready to face the day.  When the two walkers got back, Brent got ready so we could go to Hobby Lobby.  Of course, since it was well after lunch by then, our first stop was to eat.  

While I was in the craft store, Brent went on an errand of his own.  When we both got back into the car, he took a back road home to miss all of the Saturday shopping traffic.  I seldom ask him where or why he is taking the route he has chosen.  I just go along and enjoy the ride.

It was nap time when we got home.  We were going to Amy and Mike’s for dinner so it gave us plenty of time to rest.  

I was going to teach Amy and her daughter, Kelsey, to make a bead and button bracelet that Lori and I learned how to make several months ago.  They both did a great job.  Amy was very excited so she made a second one.  I was glad I had taken plenty of supplies.

We finished in time for me to see the last few laps of the NASCAR race.  Jeff Gordon lead the most laps, but finished second after several caution flags at the very end of the race.  Drats!

Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

I didn’t sleep well last night so I didn’t get up very early.  And I was short on energy when I did get up.  I had several phone calls to make so it seemed like a good time to do it.

While Bill ate lunch at home and then took a nap, Brent and I had soup and salad at Newks.  We then went to the city offices to pay his water bill.  It can’t be done via the Internet.  What’s wrong with these people.  That’s really old fashioned!  

We did have a critter sighting while we were on our way to lunch.  A mother duck and 13 babies were walking toward the highway, getting ready to cross the road.  Something startled the mother and she turned back.  Of course, the little ones followed her.  I was glad to see her change course.

Brent fixed Korean food for dinner.  There were 12 people in all  to enjoy his cooking.  The Trail Blazer game was on so some of the people were watching the game and some of us were sitting around the dining room table talking and laughing a lot.  We all had a really good time.  Brent has a great group of neighborhood friends.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Brent’s allergies have been causing his problems for several days, but today they were worse than ever.

In spite of that, he and his dad continued on their woodworking project.  I was doing things in the motorhome.  At noon, I gave them four options...go out for lunch, I would go get something and bring it home, we could fix sandwiches at home, or “drop back five and punt.”

Brent chose option one, and seemed to feel better when he got something to eat.  Bill’s old standby, PNBJ, was his choice.  I, of course, voted with Brent.  Was there any doubt?

We went to a new place that specializes in BBQ, but they also have daily lunch specials.  We opted for the specials.  Bad choice!  We had two possibilities, because they were out of the third one.  We both decided on chicken and dumplings, which were OK, but the special side dishes were limited.  I ordered green beans, which are always good.  Well, almost always!  Not today.  We both ordered twice baked potatoes.  I suspect they weren’t made today.  They were a strange texture and not very tasty.  Brent had mac and cheese.  it was OK...nothing special.  The best part was the dessert, which was listed as “something” chocolate.  It was actually a frozen strawberry and whipped cream concoction.  It was quite tasty!

On the way home, we got Sara from school.  Brent was to take her for a manicure.  Coleson was to get a haircut when he got out of school.  I volunteered to take Sara.  She also needed shoes.  There is to be a wedding in Louisiana this weekend and Keltie’s whole family will be there.

After Sara’s nails were polished to perfection, she said her mother would take her to get shoes.  That was fine with me.  I wasn’t looking forward to that part of the excursion.

I took Sara to Keltie’s work place and continued on my own errands.  It was after 5:00 by the time I returned home.  I made a full afternoon of it!

Before bedtime, rain had started to fall, but the major storm passed us to the north!  We could breath easier.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

This morning belonged to Willie...

Since there was dew on the vehicles, Bill took advantage of the “free water” and cleaned the roof of the motorhome.  He then set his ladder up in the sunshine in back of Brent’s fence and draped the wet towels over it to dry.

Willie could see the arrangement through the fence and set up a ruckus.  He was on alert until Bill showed him what it was all about.  With Brent gone, he was still on guard.  When I went into the house, Willie kept close to me, guiding me away from the “danger” out beyond the fence.

Brent came back with news that an air conditioner repairman would soon be arriving.  I volunteered to “Willie sit” in the MH.  Brent took me up on my offer.  All went well until Willie heard activity around a truck.  Soon after we heard a door slam, and Brent came back,  Willie’s tail went into high gear.  He was so glad to see Brent!

...his guard dog duties were over, at least for the moment.

Polly, Pito, Brent, and I went to a flea market complex this afternoon.  Leslie, a friend of all of theirs, owns part of one of the markets.  We spent over an hour looking at all of the things for sale.  I bought a little purple bottle and a jar of old jewelry.  Polly is quite a shopper and came away with several sacks of things.

Before going home, we ate dinner at a buffet.  Their food was good, with a fair selection of items.  It was kind of “down home cooking,” like at Mama Hamil’s Buffet, but not as good and certainly more expensive.

We ended the day by watching part of the Portland Trail Blazers in their second game of the NBA playoffs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

We had rain early this morning, but it wasn’t very much.  Just enough to make a few puddles here and there.

At noon, Bill, Brent, and I went to eat Mexican food.  There are several good places in Flowood, but one we particularly like.  After eating, the guys left me at Hobby Lobby while they went to Lowe’s.  I’m very glad the two stores are fairly close together.  I can make it work to my advantage!

I tried to do a little sewing today, but it didn’t work out very well.  I struggled for awhile and then decided to quit.  I didn’t think I could work a nervous breakdown into our busy schedule, so I bailed out.  I will have to figure an alternative method when something needs to be sewn.

Willie loves coming to the motorhome for a visit.  His tail wags so hard it wags his whole body.  He is such a happy fellow.  I don’t know who is happiest in this family...the people because they have the animals in their lives or the animals because of the people they have!  It’s probably a toss up!

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

After Brent and Willie got back from their morning walk, Brent mowed the backyard.  Willie was a tremendous help.  He was there beside Brent with every pass.

Brent and I went to Sam’s Club.  After eating pizza, we did a little bit of shopping.  There is a special kind of cheese I like to buy at Sam’s.  Brent found a couple of t-shirts he wanted and I bought a pair of shoes.  Kind of an odd combination all the way around.

We went to the Oriental Market in Jackson.  We passed up the chance to buy roasted pig tongue and barbecue chicken feet, but did buy sprouts and kimchi which Brent needed for Korean cooking later on this week.

A part on the air conditioner in Brent’s house broke, so he and Bill went on the hunt.  The place they tried was closed on Mondays.  After going to Home Depot, discovering the part was not available there, and told they needed to go to the place that was closed on Mondays, they decided to come home and use electric fans until tomorrow.

Our “third in the series liver and onions party” was a huge success.  Brent gets better and better at cooking it.  It was a real treat.  Polly brought potato salad and chocolate cheesecake.  Happy tummies all the way around!

After the party broke up, Robyn and Brent came to the MH for a visit.  We had a good time laughing a lot and talking for about an hour.  A fun time!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Happy Easter!

Today was much like yesterday...working on projects, and that kind of thing.  We all seem to keep fairly busy.

Brent and I went to the grocery store this afternoon.  We needed to get all the ingredients for tomorrow night’s Liver and Onions party...the third in the series.  Yum, yum!

I also bought Brent a tank of gasoline.  When I told Bill, he said, “Good.  If you hadn’t, I would have...payment for Mom sitting.”  Oh, he is such a card...and he needs to be dealt with!

Brent and I went to visit with Polly and Pito.  They live about a block and a half away.  It is always fun to talk with them.  Pito works on an offshore oil rig.  It is south about 150 miles off the coast of Louisiana.  It is a little less than a mile deep where he is.  I think being that far out in the ocean on a “little metal square” might be somewhat daunting.  My claustrophobia would kick in even before we reached the platform.

Dinner was beef stroganoff eaten in front of the TV, watching the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 19, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Bill made an early morning trip to Lowe’s and Walmart.  When he got back, the guys continued on their woodworking project.

I had some desk work to finish.  I had been working on it for several days, so today when I finished it was good to see the top of the desk again.

Brent and I went to lunch a Newk’s.  Bill chose to stay home for a gourmet sandwich (PNBJ) and then spend some time inspecting the insides of his eyelids.

After eating, Brent and I went to Hobby Lobby.  We weren’t able to find the item we were looking for.  When we left the store empty handed, Brent said, “Mark this day in history.  You went to Hobby Lobby and didn’t buy anything.”

There are carpenter bees in Brent’s yard.  They are drilling holes in some of his fence posts.  Earlier in the Spring, he had to replace a post they had drilled several holes in.  I had never heard of carpenter bees, so went on the Internet to get information on them.  The males don’t have stingers, so I’m safe there.  The females can sting, but usually don’t unless greatly annoyed.  I will try very, very hard not to annoy them!

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Today was Good Friday and the kids were out of school.  Sara was at her mother’s apartment, but Coleson wanted to spend the day with Brent.  I coerced Brent into taking Coleson and a friend of his, and me, Geocaching.  It wasn’t high on his list of things to do, but he was a good sport about it all.  I only heard him growl a time or two and just a little bit of whining escaped his lips!

We went to a city nature area.  We walked a total of about 3/4 mile on trails and then went off the “beaten path” to find a very small, cleverly hidden cache, according to comments written by others who had found it.  I’m sorry to say, we weren’t one of them.  We left it as a DNF!  Ugh!

After getting back to the parking lot, the two boys went in search of another cache at the front corner of the park.  Brent and I went in the car close to where they were.  Coleson had found the “treasure” in a magnetic key holder stuck to a fence.  He’s such a good cacher!

We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  They were incredibly busy, but we got our order fairly fast.  I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was really good.  Once back at 202 Overland Lane, the two youngins took off on their bikes.  The other two guys were working on a project in the garage.

Bill and Brent needed to go to Lowe’s for some lumber, so they left me a Michael’s.  I finished checking out at about the same time they got back to pick me up.  When we got back home, there was a lot of sawing going on.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Today was a lazy day for me.  Bill, however, did some work on the motorhome.  He changed the fuel filters.  Sometimes it can be a difficult process, but today everything went well.  He’s glad to have that task behind him.

We had leftovers for lunch.  Ribs, baked beans, and potatoes.  Very good again today.  Brent is such a good cook.  Sometimes he uses a recipe, sometimes he doesn’t.  At those times, he just seems to know what will go well together.

There was a program on this afternoon...about when John Elway was in the NFL draft.  It was very interesting.  Brent had seen it before, but watched it with us today.  Sara came out two or three times, but football is not high on her list of sports to watch.

It was overcast most of the day, but we didn’t have any rain.  With all the Easter egg hunts scheduled for this weekend, I hope the rain holds off.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

There is something I forgot to report from yesterday, and it is very important.  We were going around town looking for Brent’s smoker and as we came off I-20 in Pearl, there before us was a Dunkin Donuts.  It had been a long time since either of us had seen one so we whipped in and bought a few.  Our kids were raised on Dunkin and look how sweet they all turned out!

Bill had some errands to go on today and so did Brent and I.  When we got back home, Brent started smoking the ribs.  The whole process took about three hours.  I think the entire neighborhood could smell ribs.  He uses apple wood chips.  Other than that, I haven’t a clue as to how he does them.  

Mike, Amy, and their girls ate with us.  Brent fixed a potato and onion concoction he baked in the oven.  As usual, it was really good.  He also had baked beans and hot bread.  Nobody went away hungry.

Brent and Willie came out to our house for a visit tonight.  That is always fun to have them here.  Willie usually finds a place to lie down.  He covers a big part of the floor.  He has no trouble being a speed bump here.  He takes up a lot of space when he stretches out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Today was our 54th wedding anniversary.  When Michelle told Connor, he wanted to know if we were going to eat at Burger King.  Well, yes, Connor, we did!

Brent planned to cook ribs in his smoker.  He is an expert at it.  That was to be our celebration dinner.  However, we decided to go to Burger King for lunch just to “practice.”

Before we went to lunch, Brent was getting the smoker ready to put the ribs in when we got home.  That was a good plan, except his smoked was on the fritz.  No matter how much he worked with it, it was a lost cause.

So, after lunch at BK, we took Bill back to the MH for a nap, and Brent and I went shopping.  The first place we went was only open on Fridays.  Ugh!  Then it was on to Home Depot.  They didn’t have exactly what Brent wanted, so we went to Bass Pro.  That’s where he had purchased his first smoker four years ago.

He found what he was looking for and by the time it was purchased, loaded into the car, and we got back home it was 3:30.  He and his dad assembled it, which was no small feat.  Then Brent discovered that the smoker should be put through a dry run to “season” it.

At that point, we had run out of enough time to cook the ribs.  Brent offered to fix something else.  We decided to have ribs tomorrow night as our celebration.

So...once again Burger King saved the day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

It started to rain last night at 10:00.  There was some lightening involved, but mainly just very hard rain.  Bill said he thought it was the hardest rain we had been in since we got the Country Coach.

It poured all night long.  At 4:55 this morning a weather alert was sent to my cell phone.  There was a threat of flooding in the area.  We weren’t too concerned about it.  Brent’s house is in a very high area.  The only one higher around here is Mr. Bill next-door.

This whole area is built on hills.  Unfortunately, Mike and Amy’s house is down lower and their backyard totally fills up, to the backdoor.  Three times more today we have received weather alerts.  I hope they are OK.

I have been having some trouble with my iPad.  One of my games wouldn’t open.  It was frozen!  This afternoon, Brent and I went to the Apple Store.  They are always helpful.  The game was on iCloud, but I couldn’t get it to reload.  The problem was soon solved, as soon as the technician turned the iPad off and back on again.

Good grief!  I was embarrassed.  And Bill, who knows next to nothing about hi-tech things, usually suggests that I turn a “problem” off and back on.  Ugh!  This time he didn’t tell me.

I swore Brent to secrecy, but when we got back home, I “fessed up.”  Quite often we have to shut our printer off, and it usually corrects itself when we turn it back on.

I guess I will have to keep the Old Guy around.  He can tell me what to turn off and on.  Luckily, for me, he still turns me on!

Tomorrow is our anniversary!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Brent and Sara have been going to church when it is her weekend to be with him.  This morning, I went, also.  It is a large, modern building.  There was music to begin with, then the preacher took his turn.  He had a delivery that was appealing to young and old, like me.  Sara had Bible study afterwards, so Brent and I went on home.

After she got home, we went to a small Vietnam restaurant for lunch.  Their food is very good, with large portions.  We each had a “doggie bag” when we left.

Brent told about Palm Sunday in Seaside.  There were no palm trees on the North Oregon coast.  He said they used tree branches.  I don’t remember, but I wonder why they didn’t use fern branches.  We certainly had enough of those in the area.

Michelle sent a text this afternoon with a picture of Brent when he was 15.  We all think Coleson looks very much like that picture.  In it, Brent was wearing a Seahawks shirt.  He said even then he knew how to pick a team! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

After lunch, Brent and I went to Michael’s.  We were looking for round wooden disks.  We had looked several other places with no luck.  Well, today at Michael’s we had a choice.  Both of us were relieved because we can quit looking.  Brent is probably happiest about that.

While Brent went to help prepare “dinner,” I picked Sara up at a baseball game.  Tonight we were invited to a crawfish boil at Jeff and Courtney’s house.  We had been there several months ago.  Jeff is really learning how to get a good “do.”  They were delicious, but a lot of work to get a bite.  The sausage, corn, and potatoes that are cooked with the crawfish were really good, too.

It isn’t Bill’s favorite kind of food.  Robyn was showing him how to twist the tail off and get the meat out.  At that point in the process, there is a dark yellow paste that comes out.  I don’t even want to hazard a guess as to what it is, but at that point, Bill was out!  Most of the rest of his meal was corn.  And nobody attempted to try to teach him to suck the brains out!

We had a really good time, as usual, when we get together with the group.  It is a good chance to see people we might not otherwise see on our visit to Brandon.

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

The three of us were home this morning doing various jobs.  Brent mowed his yard.  He has quite a large area in grass so it takes him at least two hours to mow it.  He said he really doesn’t mind mowing.  In fact, he kind of likes it.  I know he wasn’t adopted, but he didn’t get that from either of us.

Bill continued to put crosses together for me.  After I marked them, he used the new drill press to make the holes for my wire work.

Since Brent had worked so hard all morning, I took him for a hamburger for lunch.  I had eaten earlier, but a Diet Dr. Pepper with Sonic ice made me very happy.  We took a prescription to Walmart before we returned home.  

Brent and Bill both took naps, but I stayed up and worked on book work kinds of things.  I also made some progress on hemming a pair of capri pants.

After dinner, I made Sara and her friend, Lexie, each a pair of earrings.  I was very glad I had gone back into the house to deliver the baubles, because ice cream was being served.  Too bad Bill had already gone to bed, but as they say, “You snooze, you lose.”

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014---Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Bill, Brent, and I went on some errands today.  You know the kind...Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight, things like that.  We also took time to eat lunch at Ed’s.

Ed and his partner, Tim, are on overload.  They are so busy with the restaurant and their catering service.  And so, May 1 will be their closing date for the restaurant.  

The catering part of the business will continue.  It has grown by leaps and bounds.  There are several large corporation that they cater nearly every day.  Ed said they will use their present kitchen to cook for the catering, and may rent out the rest of the building eventually.

When we got back home, Brent thought it was nap time.  Neither one of us argued with him.  I hadn’t been awake for very long when Sara came home from school.  She came out to the MH for a visit.  We saw Coleson later in the house.  It certainly is great to be with them.  They are both growing up so fast.

Bill spent some time putting a different blade on the radial arm saw.  He is working on some more crosses for me.  While he was doing that, Brent was setting up the new drill press they bought today.  Our friend, Dwight, says you should never start a project that you don’t need a new power tool for.  Bill and Brent took him at his word today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014---Forest to Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Just before 9:00 this morning, we were on I-20 making our way to Brent’s house.  Yippy, Skippy!

We traveled 50 miles today.  The town of Brandon is spread out over a large area, much of it in a country setting.  It took us about as long to get from I-20 to Brent’s house as it did to get from Forest to the actual town of Brandon, which is on I-20.  

When we arrived at 202 Overland Lane, Brent was mowing the grass where we park the motorhome.  It didn’t take Bill long to get us set up.

I needed to go to the Post Office and Brent needed to take Sara’s lunch to her so off we went.  After completing those two tasks, Brent wanted to know if there was anywhere else I wanted to go.  I said, “Only if you want to go somewhere for lunch.”  So off we went to Fannin’s, one of our favorite places for “down home cooking.”

Our friend, Polly, came to take me to deliver the necklaces I made for her sister’s shops.  We didn’t stay gone too long because Amy was coming at 3:30 and I didn’t want to miss her.  We made it in time.

It was good to see Sara and Coleson when they got home from school, but soon they were off seeing their friends (Sara is very social) and riding bikes.  Coleson rides his bicycle every chance he gets, and it was a beautiful day to be out riding.

Brent fixed crawfish, potatoes, and sausage for dinner.  It was really good.  And eating crawfish is kind of a social affair.  A lot of talking went on, because it takes time to peel and eat the little critters.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014---Demopolis, Alabama to Walmart in Forest, Mississippi

We pulled out of our campground spot at 8:35 this morning.  The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but it was quite cool...50°.  We turned west on Highway 80, making our way toward Mississippi.

The river where our camp site was had risen some, but we were up high enough that we weren’t in any danger.  However, as we drove toward the front gate, we noticed several RVs that were closer to the rising water than they probably should be.  It looked as if some moving of rigs was going to take place.  Seemed like a good idea to me!

Soon after crossing into Mississippi (extra loud honking and yahooing) we stopped in the tiny town of Kewanee.  There is a very old (fourth generation) Simmons and Wright Mercantile which is now mostly antiques, with a lunch counter, and a potbellied stove and chairs to sit around and warm yourself when it is cold enough for a fire.  It was an interesting place to visit.

We drove on into Meridian, parked at Sam’s Club, and unhooked the Honda.  While Bill rested, I went to JoAnn Fabrics, about a mile from Sam’s.  When I returned, we went in for hot dogs.

It had just began to sprinkle when we got back to the motorhome.  By the time we got back onto I-20, Mother Nature was getting serious about the rain, so we pulled off at an exit west of town and parked at a large lot by some trucks.  There was thunder and wind involved, but after about an hour, the storm had passed and we got back on the road again.

In Forest, we parked at Walmart and spent the evening relaxing.  Only 106 miles traveled, but we were tired.

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

Our plans for today were to drive to Meridian, Mississippi.  However, we were concerned that there might be flooding between here and there.  We had over three inches of rain yesterday and well into the night.

There was no rain today, but we did have some strong winds.

I continued my “clean out” system, starting with my side of the closet.  I took all of my hanging clothes out, straightened some of the things, and made some general order out of it all.

Next, I tackled the middle drawer on the right side of the new desk.  That’s where I keep my “office” supplies.  It had gotten rather jumbled and needed a major rearrangement.  With that out of the way, I emptied the small drawer above it.  That one didn’t take long.

I also spent time on the Internet.

All of this was done while watching the NASCAR from Texas.  Jeff came in second!  Tonight we watched Dancing with the Stars.  It is still one of my favorite programs.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

The rain came all day long.  We had some lightening and thunder, too.  At one point, we could hear a warning signal coming from the direction of town, but there wasn’t a mention of tornados on the TV or computer.  After about 30 minutes, the siren went off.  But the rain just kept returning off and on.

As most of you know, Bill and I have twin daughters.  It has been a challenge, but a fun one.  They aren’t identical...Michelle is shorter.  Other than that, we some times we get them confused.  

They talk just alike and use the same expressions so sometimes we don’t know for sure who we are talking to on the phone.

All of this was taken to a new level yesterday.  At 10:00 last night I got a text message asking if I was still awake.  I was and call Meredith right back.  We had a nice visit, as always.

This morning, I was looking at my text messages and saw that last night’s text was from Michelle.  I called her and told her what I had done.  She laughed and said, “Now you can’t even tell us apart when we text.”  Oh, dear!  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

It was a sunny day today, but with threats of a storm to come on the Weather Channel.  It never did make it, but Bill pulled the slide in at bedtime, just in case.

After breakfast I had Bill take everything out of the cabinet above his side of the bed.  I spent most of the rest of the morning packing and repacking the things up there.  One more big, unpleasant task out of the way!!!  Yea!

After lunch I made another cross, which Bill hung on the wall at the end of my desk.  I really do like it there, with my plants and a few seashells around.  The wood on the cross is from the redwood swing in Brent’s backyard.  Willie chewed on the swing when he was teething.  So this cross is made out of “Willie wood.”  Brent and Bill dismantled the swing on one of our visits.

I had planned on making two more crosses before I put this project away, but I ran out of steam.  I need to get on to other jobs...maybe not as much fun, but important, just the same.

We drove into Demopolis to check out the main part of town.  There were some really beautiful homes to see.  We found a cache at one of them.  We also went to the marina, before looking for another hidden “treasure” at an old school which is now being used for community theater and things like that.

Before going back home, we went to Burger King.  Practice, practice, practice!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

By 9:00 this morning, we were having very hard rain.  Bill planned to burn old tax records in the fire ring at our camping spot.  Just as he was ready to “strike the match” the skies opened up and put the flame out.

I spent the morning working on crosses and watching the rain.  There were people out on the river “terrorizing” the fish.  I think it was wetter in the boats than in the water.  I’d guess if you like to fish the weather doesn’t matter.

We went into town to eat lunch at Captain D’s.  While waiting for our lunch order, I met the sheriff from Greensboro, Alabama.  (Don’t worry, Michelle.  I wasn’t under arrest.)  Sheriff Hudson told me some interesting things about the area.

We had planned ot a stop at Walmart before going back to the MH, but it was raining even harder.  After being home for about two hours, the rain tapered off and patches of blue sky were visible to the west.

Bill took advantage of the break in the weather to burn things. I’m glad he was able to complete that task, because we didn’t want to have to keep lugging those old records around with us.

By the time darkness had come I’d finished four crosses.  It was a productive day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

It was overcast and windy today.

We emptied the cabinets in the hall.  Everything was stacked on the bed.  When we saw how much there was, it was hard to believe how much I had been able to cram into those cabinets.

Bill needed to take the panel out of the back of the bottom cabinet.  That is where the washer/dryer hookups are.  He  wanted to move the electrical outlet from behind the panel.  It has its own dedicated switch on the electrical box.  For some reason, it was important.  It was a harder job than he had anticipated, so he was glad to have it finished.

I worked the rest of the morning getting all of my stuff rearranged and labeled.  I was able to finish before dinner.  After that, I spent the entire evening on my beading things in the desk.  Things go better when I can keep my supplies organized.  From all the days I worked on the jewelry project things were in a “mell of a hess.”

It was a hard day for me, but it was well worth it.  Now I can work on crosses tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

As usual, the morning got off to a slow start.  I really didn’t want to get up and face the day.  I just wanted to snuggle back under the covers and make a nest for myself.

But, alas, I had things to do!  We went in to town again because I needed to go to Walmart.  With that taken care of, we went to search for a couple of geocaches.  

The first one was at a beautiful old plantation house dating back to the 1820s.  It was made of gleaming white marble...absolutely gorgeous.  Too bad it was a DNF.  We spent about 20 minutes searching.

The GPSs took us to the edge of the McDonald’s parking lot.  But again, as luck.  Two DNFs and no finds for today.  Drats!

We went to a deli in a grocery story for lunch to take home with us.  After eating, we both took naps.  All of this running around took its toll on these two old folks.

I spent the rest of the day finishing the jewelry project and getting the “mess” cleaned up.  Yea!!!  Tomorrow I get to work on something else...probably crosses.  I like to keep a few on hand in case I meet someone that I want to give one to.  I gave my last one away in Columbus, Georgia.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014---Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, Alabama

I had thought, as an April Fool’s joke, I might text all the kids that their dad and I were “splitting the blanket” after nearly 54 years of marriage.  Then I thought better of it.  Either they wouldn’t believe me or they might go into cardiac arrest.

And besides that, if I didn’t have Mr. Wonderful in my life, who would give me a “good morning” hug and whisper “I love you” to begin the day.

After working on my jewelry project for awhile this morning, we decided to drive into town for lunch.  When we were looking for a chicken place, we spotted McDonald’s and decided to cut the hunt short and eat there.  

Bill and I have decided that we don’t speak the same language as some of the employees.  It was nearly like an April Fool’s joke.  Oh, my!  Our order was wrong, even though she had repeated it back to me...I think!  The next time we will continue to hunt.

Not long after we got back home and I was working on my project again, we had company.  The lady next door wanted to see my beading work.  She stayed a long time and it was fun visiting with her, but it slowed my progress.  I had hoped to get to work on something different tomorrow, but its not going to happen.  

After dinner we went to visit with a couple who have a Country Coach and didn’t return home until 9:30.  It was interesting hearing about her very wealthy brother who owned a NASCAR team and who lives in a gated community in Charlotte.  His next-door neighbor is Rick Hendrick.  We spent a lot of time talking about racing.

But it was another delay to my project progress!  Oh, well!  That’s life in the fast lane.