Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, CO

Halloween was just here not too long ago, but it was back in full force again today.
Tucker and Maddie were dressed for the occasion.

To celebrate, I went to the library.  It wasn’t very spooky, but one of the librarians was dressed like a miner, complete with a gold panning pan (aluminum pie pan) and rocks stuck to it, the whole thing hanging from her belt.  I liked her costume.

I went to Walmart for a manicure.  That wasn’t too scary, either.  So for lunch, Bill took me to Sonic.  On Halloween, they have 50 cent corn dogs!  Add a Diet Dr. Pepper and I really had something to celebrate!

Connor’s last high school football game was tonight.  The weather was nice...not too cold and no wind blowing.  The game lasted longer than it should have.  A player on the other team was injured.  One of the Loveland players was tangled up with him on the play, and the Loveland guy didn’t move until the hurt player could be safely immobilized and moved to transport to the hospital.  The whole thing took about half an hour.

Since it was the last game for the senior players, they had a presentation at half-time.  The parents walked with the boys.  We stayed until those ceremonies were over and then came home.  Joshua came out with a report when he got home.  It ended in a tie.  Loveland tried for a field goal, but missed.  Drats!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014---Rapid City, SD back to Loveland, CO

Bill was able to get his driver’s license renewed this morning and by 8:00, we were driving toward Loveland.  It was cold, but the sky was clear.  We felt fortunate to have picked a “good weather” time to travel.

When we got to Hot Springs, SD, we took time to drive around the town for a few minutes.  It is a neat little place, with a huge VA complex, a National Cemetery, and a hot springs, of course.  There were several very old, large hotels that seemed to cater to mineral baths.

When we went from South Dakota into Wyoming, I was asleep, so Bill didn’t do the usual state line celebration.  He didn’t want to wake me up.  Actually, he was probably enjoying the peace and quite, and wanted to prolong it as far into Wyoming as possible.

We basically took the same route as yesterday, but at one point turned to take a shortcut toward Gurnsey.  The road wasn’t nearly as good, probably because there was so much truck traffic.  Those heavy loads really can damage a road.

We ate lunch at Burger King in Wheatland before continuing on down I-25.  Not long after going into Colorado (Honk, honk! Yahoo!), we arrived at home at 3:00.

Joey and Hapa had escaped from Michelle’s backyard and were waiting for us in the driveway by the motorhome.  Joey knew we were coming.  He heard the Honda before he saw it.  He’s such a talented pooch!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014---Rapid City, South Dakota

We left Loveland at 6:10 this morning.  Our goal was to get to Rapid City, South Dakota, to renew Super Driver’s license.  It turned out to be harder than was necessary.

First, Bill took his passport in with him.  That was what we needed last time.  Not today.  He needed two pieces of “proof” of his address.  OK, that was doable.  But he also needed proof we were staying overnight in South Dakota.  

So we went back into town to get a room.  With that taken care of, we went back to the DMV.  Wouldn’t you know it...the correct information wasn’t on the hotel registration.  At least, it wasn’t wasn’t what the DMV wanted.

Ugh!  Tomorrow, we will try again...on our way out of town.  What a day! 

This sculpture, in front of a bead store, shows the Hunkayapi Ceremony where a young person is given a Lakota name.

Travel totals...We traveled 393 miles today, including several trips back and forth to DMV.  On the way to SD, we found one geocache.  We saw lots of antelope and some geese going south.  We crossed two state lines.  The Honda has such a wimpy horn it wasn’t the same.  I think I failed my “yahooing” also.  We miss the motorhome!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

This was a busy, busy day for because of all the appointments and Bill, because he’s my chauffeur.

At 8:15, I went to see the urologist.  I don’t have a UTI, which is good.  I am taking a different medicine now than he put me on several months ago.  The cost of the other one was prohibitive and it wasn’t working anyway.

We went to breakfast at McDonald’s at 9:30 and then squeezed a few errands in before the next appointment.  A quick stop at the library let me request two books from elsewhere.  The library here is so great and the staff is pleasant and helpful.

Since I am walking with a cane most of the time and we didn’t know where we needed to go to get a handicap sticker, we went to the Police Station.  They gave us a map to the driver’s license place.  Once we were there, we discovered we were once again in the wrong place.  We were sent to the department for license map, just an intersection in the downtown area of Loveland.  By process of elimination, we figured out which was the correct building.  The waiting line was long, so we left for an 11:00 appointment with the hearing specialists.

The first order of business there was another hearing test.  There was no change.  I am now an official member of the “Deaf In One Ear Club.”  There are several things we may try, but we won’t make a decision right now.  Some more steroid medication is in the works.

We went home for lunch and naps before going back to wait in line for a handicap plaque.  While waiting for my number to be called, I met an interesting young man, Nick Roussos.  I’ll tell about him on another day, but I was so involved in his story, I didn’t hear my number called.  Gad zooks!  I went on in the back work area and they took me out of order!

We went to Meredith and Dwaine’s for dinner.  Once back home, we did some preparations for going to South Dakota tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

The insurance adjuster came this morning.  Now we play the waiting game.  Hopefully, by Friday, we will have some word from the company.  Then, we have to take the coach to the “fix it” shop so they can order the parts, etc.  Then................

Bill and I went to a new primary care doctor this afternoon.  It is the same one that Meredith and Michelle go to.  We both felt comfortable with him.  He listened to what we had to say about our concerns and he didn’t rush us.

We both had lab work done and will get the results in a few days.

Because I only had three hours sleep last night, I was really tired today.  I did have the energy this morning to make a Jello salad that both Michelle and I like...lime gelatin, celery, pecans, pineapple, cottage cheese, and Cool Whip.  I seem to make a big mess when I concoct it, but it really tasted good.

Michelle made chicken wraps for dinner.  It is something she duplicated from Costco’s of our favorites.  Yummy, yummy!  On the tummy!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

We had waffles for breakfast.  That’s a treat for us.  Michelle is a good waffle maker.

She and I made a late morning shopping trip to Target.  We both had things on our list.  I didn’t purchase anything, but Michelle had an uplifting experience!

In order to have the energy for major shopping at Walmart, we decided some lunch was in order.  We went to Panda Express to share a Panda Bowl.  Neither one of us ate very much so we took the leftovers for Bill.

At Walmart, we had several different directions to go.  I stayed in the clothing area and Michelle brought things to the basket.  We used the same plan when we shopped for groceries.  I stayed in the main aisle, mostly.  Michelle soon had our basket full and we were ready to check out.  

I was exhausted when we got back home.  That seems to be way things are going for me.  I watched part of the NASCAR race which was about half finished by then.  Meredith came for a visit, before she and Michelle went to a fund raising of some kind.

Matthew and Michelle had made lasagna for our dinner.  Matthew is a good cook!  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

Michelle and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon running around.  We started off with two garage sales.  Michelle found a really good deal on an office-type chair.  It was in excellent condition.  She plans to use it in their basement, which is also their Man Cave.

At the next garage sale, I bought Brent an “almost new” Craftsman grinder.  It was $15.  Bill said it was a really good deal.  Both Michelle and I felt good about the start to this day.

We went back home, unloaded our “treasures,” loaded Michelle’s van with some thing to go to Habitat for Humanity.  After donating our things, we went in to the store to shop.  They were having a 30% off day.  We each bought a couple if things.

From there, we headed for Fort Collins.  Our first stop was at a Western/Outdoor store.  We went to Joann Fabrics for some sewing supplies and fabric.  The line was so long at the fabric cutting table we left without fabric...only needles and thread.  

By then, we were both getting hungry, so we stopped at McDonald’s for fish sandwiches.  Once we were “tanked up,” we went to another Habitat store.  Michelle was looking for bedside tables for the downstairs bedroom where Natalia will be staying when she moves to Loveland in December.

The next Habitat store in the area was in Berthoud, south of Loveland.  There was a 50% off sale at that site.  Our only two purchases were blouse for Michelle and a $2.50 comforter for Joey to tear the stuffing out of when he’s cheering for the Broncos.  Still no end table!  Shucks!

By the time we got back home again, we were both tuckered out.  I rested and read a book for quite a long time, but didn’t ever go to sleep.

Dinner tonight was Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.  That is one of Connor’s specialties to cook.  He certainly did a good job!

Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

I spent the morning doing office type work.  With the traveling and not feeling well, I have really gotten behind.  Our printer has been being finicky lately.  

A couple of days ago, I tried to use Michelle’s wireless printer in her office.  We use her Internet out here in the motorhome, but I hadn’t been able to make the printer connection.  Today I was successful.  So I decided to try our printer again.  I was successful there, also!

Sometimes, technology nearly wears me out!

As we finished our noontime meal, we were watching a recorded program...probably a Western.  I’m not sure, because I kept nodding off.  Finally Bill sent me for a nap.  And it was a long one.

We were very excited tonight because the Oregon Ducks were playing the Cal Bears.  That was a treat for a Friday night.  At least four of us were wearing our Ducks t-shirts.  Go, Durks!  Go!  And they did!  It was a great way to end the day.  59-41  Wow!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

I was awake for part of the night...thinking.  When I told Bill that, he said, “I’m thinking I’m in trouble.”  Fifty-four years has taught him well, eh?

After getting some thing done around the house this morning, we did some running around.  Our first adventure was south on I-25 to RV America.  It is a huge operation, with most of their showroom space under one roof.  The store for camping supplies wasn’t very big, but the shop area was huge...and very busy.

Hopefully, we will get the coach in for some repair work before we leave this area.  Insurance wheels turn slowly, it seems.

On the way back into Loveland, we stopped at Lowe’s and Walmart.  While at Wally World, we ate lunch at McDonald’s before starting a minor shopping spree...some things for us and some things for Michelle.  

We had meant to stop at Home Depot before going home, but the thought of naps changed our minds.

Hapa and Joey came to spend the afternoon with Max.  They played in the backyard for part of the time and then went into Michelle’s office to take naps.  It’s a good thing she has a big office.  That was a bunch of extra, furry bodies around.

We went to Meredith and Dwaine’s for dinner.  They fixed spaghetti with of Bill’s favorites, and mine, too.  It was really good.  We also had fresh strawberries for dessert...What a feast!

We watched the Denver Broncos win over San Diego!  Yea!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

This morning, Bill and I went to the library.  I had a book coming from another library and it was waiting for me.  While I was taking care of my business, Bill went to City Hall on an errand for Meredith.

This sculpture is called "Over Due" and their books are in their  wagon.
From there we went to check out the Senior Center.  Both of us weren’t very impressed by their program.  The facility was nice, large, and very clean.  We’ll check it out another time to see if we get a different feeling about it.  That type of thing just might not be for us.

We went to Sam’s Club for lunch and then back home for naps.  I was more tired today, so a nap was good.  Last night wasn’t a good night for sleeping for me.  Seems like I have an “up” day and then a “down” one.  If the pattern continues, tomorrow will be 

It was cloudy most of the day today, but not even a teaspoon of rain.  Shucks!  The area could use some moisture.  By this time last year, Loveland had snow on the ground.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

This turned into a productive day for me.  When I got up this morning, our beautiful new desk looked more like a garbage heap than a desk.  It was piled high.  Kind of like a mountain.

I set about to file things that needed to be filed, sent some things to the “round file,” and finished a shell project for Meredith.  After all that was taken care of and we had eaten lunch, I got my sewing machine out and worked on a project.  I was pleased with my progress.  When I am finished with the aforementioned object, I will send a picture of probably two months or so.  I still have a long way to go.

Michelle and I went to get pizza for dinner...Tuesday night special, $10 pizzas, any size, any toppings.  We had a feast!  Meredith came just before we were finished and ate a slice, also.

Meredith and the pups came to the motorhome afterwards.  She was helping me with some of my photos for my blog.  Willie’s introduction to the readers of my blog...all 16 of you, sometimes...will be coming soon.  

Before Bill went to bed, he pulled the slide in.  We were having a little rain.  Notice the key word...little.  We might have had a teaspoon of moisture, at best.

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

Joey has a different way of cheering for the Broncos.  This is proof!

Our friend, Sheila, reminded me that her daughter, Debbie, belongs in our “Deaf In One Ear” club.  She was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma and is now permanently deaf on one side, and I think it is the left ear, also.

My right leg has been hurting since we were in Lone Pine.  Then with the hearing in my left ear going all of a sudden, things were beginning to look grim.  An interesting thing has happened, though.  Since I started on the steroid medicine, my leg has gotten much better.  Go figure!

I was able to sleep last night, thanks to Tylenol PM.  We'll see how tonight goes.  Bill and I are both very eager to get the Rx finished and go back for a more week to go.

The weather here in Colorado has been very nice.  Perhaps in a few days I will feel like doing some geocaching.  There are so many things hidden in this area.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

I had a picture of Joey, but it may have to wait until tomorrow to go through.  We were watching the bronco game and his type of cheering was taking the stuffing out of his blanket.  I got a great picture!

I apologize for not getting things right.  I got very little sleep last night.  That's one of the side effects of Prednisone.  When Matthew heard I was on a steroid, he wanted to know if it was the kind that would make me strong.  I said if I knocked his lights out in the next few days, we would know the answer was "yes."  We both got a chuckle out of that!

Our beloved Broncos beat the San Francisco 49ers 42-17 .  The best part of the game was when Peyton Manning threw touchdown pass #509 of his career, breaking the previous record.  Very exciting! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

This was a busy day for some of us.  Bill got us off to a good start with a big breakfast.  As usual, it was wonderful.  Meredith came so she, Michelle, and I could go to the library.

Loveland has a really nice library.  Two years ago it was enlarged considerably.  When other places are cutting services or closing completely, the Loveland Library is thriving.  The community really supports it.

Loveland is an artistic community.  There are three special areas of interest...bronze sculptures, decorated hearts in front of business, and electrical junction boxes painted with various scenes.  Tonight, I will feature two of my favorites sculptures located at the library.
This little girl, reading the "C" page to her cat, is in the entry hall of the library.
I love this one of a boy, using his dog as a pillow, while reading a book.
After returning home and eating lunch, Michelle and I went on a few more errands...Joanne Fabrics, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and a kitchen shop.  Our final stop of the day was at Sam’s Club.

At home, I kept working on a craft project until dinner time.  Michelle and Ron grilled hamburgers and made French fries.  Happy tummies for everyone!

Our evening’s entertainment was watching the Oregon Ducks trounce Washington, 45-20.  I’m sure the fact that I wore an Oregon t-shirt must of been a contributing factor!

Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

It was cool today so I may have to drag out my jeans and some other warmer clothing.  I’m so glad we have an electric blanket so we can stay warm and toasty during the night.

This afternoon, Michelle to me to a hearing specialist.  Since Monday, I haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear.  Bill said “Welcome to the club.”  So much for sympathy and understanding!  Dwight and JP are also in the club.  I’m in good company.

The doctor said it wasn’t an ear wax problem and the ear drum looked fine.  Another possibility was a virus, possibly causing nerve damage.  I am on a 10 day regime of Prednisone.  He said one side effect of the drug is it may make me cranky.  I won’t tell you what Bill said about that possibility.

I went to an audiologist.  The hearing in my right ear is slightly below normal, which I’ve suspected.  My left ear was the concern.  The results were way down at the bottom of the chart.

I go in for another hearing check and doctor appointment on October 28 to see if the medication has helped or solved the problem.  I certainly hope so.  I really don’t want a legal excuse for not hearing/listening to what Bill has to say.

Tonight, Matthew, Tippy, Bill, and I went to Meredith and Dwaine’s for dinner.  As usual, the food was great.  After dinner, we sat around the table and talked for a long time.  We got to hear about JROTC and some of the plans Matthew is making.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014---Michelle’s in Loveland, Colorado

Today was one of mostly rest.  Meredith and her pups came this afternoon.  Joey and Hapa had a play date with Max.  It must have been successful, because Max went to sleep under the dinner table.

Hapa’s Photo Gallery (as promised)
Grandpa said she looked like a porcupine.

Puppies need lots of rest.

Hapa was a little older when she chewed Joey's tail.

Hold the stick still, please.

Love the beach.

My own pool.

Hapa loves water, but she doesn't like getting her furry bottom wet.

Big brothers are good for a game of chase.

Cages aren't just for sleeping, right?

Nap time.

Sara and I like to snuggle.

Someone must be holding a treat!

I'm hiding!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014---Evanston, Wyoming to Loveland, Colorado

Our trip today started earlier...5:50.  Bill was ready to get this leg of our journey over with.  The drive across southern Wyoming is long, but very pretty...rolling hills, ponds, windmills, snow capped mountains, and lots of horses.

We arrived in Loveland at about 3:00.  Bill was really tired and glad to be off the road.  It will take him a couple of days to recuperate.

Meredith, Dwaine, Joey, and Hapa came for a visit after dinner.  It was fun seeing all the Loveland kin again.

Today I will tell Hapa’s story...

One day, Meredith, Dwaine, and Joey went to a pet adoption place.  They had seen a puppy there and wanted to see how Joey would react to her.  He did just fine!  When the four of them got home, Joey acted like, “Well, I didn’t know she was coming with us.!”

But she was there to stay, in all her fuzziness.  She was eight weeks old.  Bill said she looked like a porcupine.  She was adorable.  Because she had one blue eye and one brown eye, they named her Hapa, the Hawaiian word for half.

Hapa loved her big brother from the very beginning.  It wasn’t always reciprocated, but he was usually very patient with her.  She chewed the hair off the tip of his tail.  She would watch him chewing a bone, hoping he would teach her how someday.

Hapa is a mix of Miniature Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog and likes to herd, be it people or dogs.  It doesn’t work with Joey, but anyone else is fair game.  She doesn’t have any expression on her face, and looks very much like a fox or a coyote.

When she was little, she had to “kill” her food before she would eat.  With dog biscuits she would circle them, go in for the kill, go back out, circle some more, and go back to make sure it was dead.  It was funny to watch.  She doesn’t do that anymore but when she eats, she’s like a lion.  She lies down, paws on both side to her dinner dish, and eats.  

Hapa is very agile.  I suggested to Meredith that she get her trained for an agility course.  Meredith said she is so strong willed she would only do it if she wanted to.  In one day, Joey learned to return the tennis ball to Meredith’s hand.  Hapa doesn’t get the idea even after all this time, because it isn’t her idea.

She loves to play with Dwaine.  She’s his girl!

For some reason, Hapa's pictures disappeared when I sent the post through.  I will send her gallery tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014---Cedar City, Utah to Evanston, Wyoming

We were on the move by 7:00...Super Driver at the wheel and me in bed asleep.  Ah, life is good.  Our goal was to make it to Midvale in time for a late lunch at In-N-Out.  And it was in a great location...Walmart parking lot, across small bridge over a clear stream and a waterfall, and we were at In-N-Out!  That’s my kind of place.  But I wouldn’t want to live in Midvale.

It will probably be our last chance to eat at our favorite burger place until December.  We’ll be on our way to Brent’s for Christmas and will go through Fort Worth.

We missed the marker at the state line of Wyoming, so we didn’t celebrate until mile marker 1.  Honk, honk! Yahoo!
This is a Wyoming "fixer upper."  Anyone interested?

After fueling at Flying J, we went to Walmart to park for the night.  While Bill rested, I went in to do some shopping.  After an hour, I was really tired.  Bill came in and helped me finish shopping, and walked me to the car.  I was so tired he had to shove me up the stairs.  He said he hoped nobody was making a video of the whole thing.  I said I was being pushed up the steps.  He was the one who would be in the spotlight.

Our mileage for today was 327.  Our In-N-Out count stands at 23 for 2014!  Or is it 24.  I may have lost count!

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014---Pahrump, Nevada to Cedar City, Utah

We had an hour visit with our friend, Jo, before she had somewhere to go, and so did we...Las Vegas!

Earlier in planning our possible routes to Colorado, we were going to stop in Vegas for several eat lunch at in-N-Out, to get fuel at Sam’s Club, and find an Apple Store.  The first two we did, the last will have to wait for another city.

Because of our problems yesterday, we headed on north on I-15.  Both of us, however, feel much better today.  We got good nights sleep and are more philosophical about it all.  As usual, we are glad to be rolling down the road.

We crossed the northwest corner of Arizona and on in to Utah.  In our usual fashion, we did our state line celebration.  Bill loves honking the air horns and I will yell “yahoo” anytime I get the chance!

The drive today was much the same kind of terrain as yesterday, but this area has had rain...and floods...recently.  It was much, much greener.  When we passed the state line, the Interstate deteriorated, but not the greenness.

We went through a canyon and knew we were in cliffs, dropoffs...just like we see in the Westerns we watch.  I looked to see if Chief Lottabull was waiting to attack.  Then it dawned on me.  He’s sitting in the seat across from me, driving the motorhome.

We had planned to stay at the Elks Lodge in St. George, but we couldn’t find it.  It was an adventure, of sorts, but we finally found a roundabout and soon made our way back to I-15.  In Cedar City there was a Walmart that would let us park for the night.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014---Lone Pine, California to Pahrump, Nevada

We left Lone Pine at 10:30.  Our plans were to go to Cowboy Church at Anchor Ranch, but when we woke up this morning there was a strong wind blowing from the North.  Since it was an outdoor service, we didn’t especially want to sit in the wind.  

We’ll put that on our “next time” list.  In all likelihood, we will be back to Lone Pine for another Film Festival someday.  Because I wasn’t feeling well, there were several things I didn’t do this year that I usually do when we are at the festival.  They’ll go on the list, too.

Death Valley was aptly named.  The pioneers must of thought this desolate land would never end.  Occasionally, we will see a warning sign about cattle on the road.  This is open range.  Bill said he couldn’t imagine a cow being out here.  There wasn’t anything for it to eat.

The wind was strong on Hwy. 190 today.  The sign reading “strong winds” had been been blown over.  That tells it all, doesn’t it?

By the time we actually got to Death Valley, below sea level, the temperature was 97°.  One more place we don’t want to live when we get off the road!

We drove to Beatty, Nevada, (Honk, honk! Yahoo!) before turning south for Pahrump.  Shortly after turning, we saw a sign warning to watch for burros on the road.  That was different! There were lots of mines in this area “back in the good old days.”  When the miners left they often turned their burros loose.  Generations later, some of them are still there.

Our friend, Jo, lives in Pahrump at an Escapee RV Park.  We put the coach in a dry camping spot and called her.  She wasn’t home.  We drove to her RV parking space and, sure enough, she wasn’t just hiding from us...she was gone.  She probably made a quick escape knowing we were headed her direction.  

Actually, we thought we would stay in Death Valley for a day or two before coming to Pahrump, but an unfortunate happening with the MH made us decide to go on to Michelle’s in Loveland sooner than we had planned.

Today we traveled 192 miles and saw one critter...a coyote!

October 11, 2014---Lone Pine, California

I stayed home and rested most of the day.  Bill went to two movies.

We watched the Ducks beat UCLA.  They played well until the fourth quarter and then they seemed to run out of steam.  UCLA came on strong, but couldn’t score enough to overtake the Oregon team.

Later in the afternoon, we watched the NASCAR race from Charlotte.  We know that Jeff came in second because we looked it up on the Internet.  We had somewhere to go so we’ll watch the end of the race tomorrow.

We went to the screening of The Macahans, starring James Arness.  Bruce Boxleitner was also in it and he was here at the Film Festival.  He is one of our favorites.  After the movie, he talked about his career and who he has performed with.  It was interesting, and wasn’t over until 11:15.  That’s late for us old folks, but it was worth it.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014---Lone Pine, California

I started the day feeling OK, but as the day progressed, I began to feel worse.  I am very stiff.  My right leg, which is usually my strongest leg, is now giving me problems.  I walk like Walter Brennan.  I hope I get better soon.  I don’t like this one little bit!

Bill enjoyed going to movies today.  He’s such a cowboy!  This afternoon, we saw an old black and white movie, Yellow Sky.  How would you know?!

Later today, we went to see a Randolph Scott movie, Commanche Station.  He is one of our favorites and made quite a few movies here in Lone Pine.  After the film, his daughter took part in a discussion of his films and his life.  It was all very interesting.

In his later Westerns, Randolph Scott rode a beautiful horse named Stardust.  We have read that when the movie star retired, he boarded the horse at Anchor Ranch, here in the Lone Pine area so the horse could live out his life in contentment.

After sitting for a couple of hours, I can barely walk.  It is painful.  Thank goodness, I have Old Tex to lean on!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014---Lone Pine, California

For two nights, Bill had left a bucket of water outside the coach.  Both mornings there were tracks by the bucket...bobcat tracks.  I mentioned it to a Lone Pine resident I met this morning.  She said it wasn’t unusual.  And she and her husband, while walking in the Alabama Hills not long ago, saw a mountain lion.

Bill took the motorhome to a campground to dump the holding tanks.  I drove to the parking lot where we to park during the Festival.  A motorhome was already there but not in the spot where we usually park.  

It seems that yesterday while Bill was in town doing laundry, he stopped by the lot and talked to the Camp Host.  He remembered us from the last two years.  Bill told him we would be back again this year, so when the other motorhome pulled in this morning, the Host told them to leave room for a large rig that was coming in.

I told Bill it was nice to have friends in high places!

After getting the MH parked and settled in, I went to register for the festival.  The workers in charge of registration were all really nice.  I was able to get a lot of information about the various activities coming up.

We went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch.  We have gotten addicted to their sweet potato fries.  They are really good...not as good as the ones at Cool Al’s in Jackson, Mississippi, but we didn’t stick to the floor, either!

We spent time this evening reading about the different things we plan to attend at the Film Festival.  Bill’s first movie is at 7:00 in the morning.  Thankfully, I don’t have anything to attend until 9:00. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

 We had a “stay at home day” today.  Tomorrow, we will move the motorhome in to Lone Pine.  The Film Festival starts Friday morning and we want to be closer to the action.

Usually at the festival, Bill goes one way and I go another.  He likes to see the old movies that were filmed here in the Alabama Hills.  There have been about 400 over the years.  There are still some things produced here, but mostly commercials, documentaries, and things like that.

I like to hear presentations by people in the film industry...actors, stuntmen, and historians.  There are some crafts for sale and books to be signed by the authors from the movies.  

Because we park very close to the activities, Bill and I can come and go as we please.  I’ll fill you in on this year’s festival after it closes on Sunday.

As I promised you yesterday, I will tell you about Joey...

Meredith and Dwaine adopted Joey when he was five months old.  He had freckles on his nose and stole their hearts immediately.  He loves to go on walks and play in the water.  Chasing balls is one of his main sporting events.  He’s very good at it!

Joey is a mix of Australian cattle dog and husky, plus probably several other things.  He has alert eyes, velvet ears, and his tail curls over his back, showing his husky heritage.

When he was young, Dwaine taught him to play hide and seek.  Dwaine would hide a tennis ball in Joey’s blankets and the puppy would find them.  Now he hides his own tennis balls and finds them all by himself.  He is his own playmate when it comes to playing hide and seek.  Early on, he discovered he could carry two tennis balls in his mouth.  You talk about talent!  

He is very aware of people’s emotions.  If Meredith comes home from work really stressed out, he immediately senses it.  When she had surgery, he stayed on the bed beside her for the first two weeks of her recovery.  After that, he was always nearby in case she needed him.  Joey is definitely Meredith’s dog.

Joey is very verbal.  I am sure if I were more intelligent, I could crack the language barrier between us and we could communicate nicely.  He has a lot of different expressions to his barks.  When I talk to him, he will answer in different “Joey barks.”  And his eyebrows show a lot of expression, too.

He is very athletic.  And, of course, that calls for numerous naps every day.

One of Joey's favorite napping positions.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

This looks like spikes on a dragon's back!

We went further into the Alabama Hills than where our “house” is parked.  Our purpose was goecaching.  Before it was lunchtime, we had found four caches.  They all involved climbing up in the rocks.  Some of them were really tough hikes.  We found one of them at the place where Randolph Scott hid to catch the bad guys in The Tall T, one of our favorite films.

When we got home from getting my prescriptions in Lone Pine, I had to rest for awhile.  I was really tired from all that climbing up and down.  And Old Tex was tired from helping me over some of the really tough places.

When I first started introducing the dogs in our family, I began with the smallest one, Maddie.  That order of introduction became a problem when it came to Hapa and Joey.  Not having a coin to flip to help me in making the decision, I flipped a piece of Kibble.  Joey won!  That’s as it should be, because he was first one to come into Meredith and Dwaine’s little family.

 Stay tuned!  Tomorrow will be Joey's turn to be in my journal.

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

Our first order of business this morning was to go to Lone Pine and buy mouse traps.  We came right back home and set them.  The Great Mouse Hunter was on a mission.  And he pulled out the big guns...Snickers!

We drove back up the mountain to search for the cache that had evaded us last week.  This time, we were successful.  It was easy.  We were just making it harder than it was.  One special thing we got to see while up at 7600 feet was a Golden Eagle circling over the landscape.  It was a beautiful sight!

We took a back road to town.  That wasn’t anything so unusual because most of the roads in this area are back roads.  I wanted to take some pictures.  This is the last week we will be here and three days of that will be taken up with the Film Festival.

After lunch at Karl’s Jr...hamburgers and a large order of sweet potato fries...we returned home.  Nothing in the traps!

We watched most of the Seahawks’ game against Washington.  It wasn’t the usual run away game Seattle is becoming known for, but it was a good game.  

Well, the “bug zapper” didn’t work, and we don’t have a cat (we have a Cummins), so it is a good thing we were able to set traps.  Two of them snapped tonight, ending the lives of two furry little critters.  Bill felt successful, but realizes there may be more.  He reset everything and is in hopes of a good “hunting” day tomorrow.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

After fixing a wonderful breakfast and setting the TV so I could watch the hype for the NASCAR race from Kansas City, Bill went into Lone Pine to buy a mouse trap.  So many places were closed on Sunday that he wasn’t able to find one.

We watched the race, but the ones we wanted to win didn’t do well, so to us it wasn’t a very interesting event.  Actually, Kyle Larson, one of the rookie drivers, did quite well, placing second.  It was fun to watch him against the “pros.”

We had hoped to watch the Denver Broncos game.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get it, but heard that they beat Phoenix.  It sounded like it was a great game from the Broncos point of view.  We were bummed that we didn’t see such a good performance.

Tonight, Jerry was running back and forth in the front of the coach.  If I had made a video of Bill trying to swat the little thing with a “bug zapper” it would have gone viral.  It was really funny!  Use your imagination and get a “virtual” chuckle.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

We stayed home all day.  I worked on two of my many projects and napped.  Bill cleaned the windshield of the motorhome and napped.

That’s about it for the day, except...

I have a news flash.  We have a mouse in our house.  Yes, tonight we saw a “Jerry.”  And since we don’t have a “Tom,” as in Tom and Jerry, we’ll have to catch the little critter ourselves.  The Great Mouse Hunter will be at work again.  That will involve going into town tomorrow and purchasing traps.

The little brown mouse probably thought, “These people picked up a hitch hiker not long ago, so I might as well jump on board.  I hear their next stop is Las Vegas.  Now’s my chance to go to Sin City.”

We’ll see about that, little fellow!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

We left early this morning and stopped by McDonald’s for sausage biscuits to eat on the way south on Hwy. 395.  We were going in search of a series of geocaches.  After leaving the highway and heading east we were on dirt roads.  Some of them were okay, others were rough.  We traveled 12 miles up to a plateau with hundreds of Joshua trees.  We had taken food and plenty of water because we knew it was going to be in a remote area.

We found the first two caches without too much trouble, but things only got worse from there.  I had little or no cell phone service so I didn’t have a compass to point us in the right direction.  Bill’s GPS and our Nuvi were both showing zero distance to all caches in the area.  We have never had that problem before.  

After trying to solve the issues and not succeeding, we decided to throw in the towel.  We didn’t feel that the trip was wasted, though, because it was a beautiful and interesting area.

On the way back to the highway we passed a pumice mine.  That was a new one for me.  It was a large operation.  Bill told me the pumice is used in making cinder blocks.  I seem to learn something new every day!

Before going back into Lone Pine, we found two more geocaches not far off the highway.

After all that exercise we both needed naps.  We were tuckered out and didn’t accomplish much for the rest of the day.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

Several days ago we tried to get to the area of a geocache and had to give up.  Today, after looking at a detailed map of the area, we found the road to take us to the cache.  The elevation was 7600 feet.  We were able to look down on the “goat trail” where we had been on our original hunt.  We could see where we had turned around.  Had we kept going that day, we would not have been even close to the cache.

The one we were hunting today was in very rocky terrain.  Bill searched for it a long time.  I was even able to go part way up.  Together we couldn’t find it.  Bill tried several more times after I went to the car.  We were really bummed about the DNF.

This is the type of terrain the cache today was in.  If you look closely at the small  kind of green patch in the center of the picture, you will see the little town of Lone Pine.  The distant mountains are on the east side of town and are where we find geocaches in mining locations.

On the way back into town, we took a different road that went through a very nice development.  After eating lunch at Carl’s Jr, we stopped to the Chamber of Commerce for info about the Film Festival and the drug store before going back home.

After naps, Bill and I had a project to figure out.  How many Danes does it take to correctly drill four holes in a board?  That was the problem.  The answer would be zero if the engineers in our lives...grandson JP, friends Dwight or Paul...had come to our aid.  Or Brent’ fancy new drill press would’ve been a big help.  But for the two of us sitting here in the Alabama Hills, it took well over an hour.  Oh, my! 

Our evening walk was more difficult than last night’s, but we were gone about the same length of time.  Tonight we climbed two small hills.  One of the major challenges when climbing in this area is the loose gravel and sand.  It can be very tricky!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014---Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

We stayed home all day today.  I needed time to get some things accomplished.  Last night, I made a list of eight jobs I have been wanting to get done.

One of the big things on my list was to clean out our old file cabinet.  It took me about two hours to finish the job.  If we have a calm day, we’ll burn things we don’t want to put in a dumpster.

By tonight, I had marked all 8 things off the paper.  It’s a good feeling to have a productive day.  

I worked on a basket tonight, but had trouble getting it started.  I made one using the same method several years ago, but I can’t remember how I did it.  I should of written it down, but that would be too easy and too smart.  Now I’m struggling.

Our walk before dinner was even shorter than last night’s walk...15 minutes.  At that rate, we’ll be in the negative column by the weekend!