Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Loveland, CO - February 24 - 28

Bye Bye February!

Random thoughts from the last 4 days......

Bill had me do exercises from the bed. He was providing resistance with his hands and told me to push with my legs, I did and pushed him OFF the bed onto the floor!

We have enjoyed the fireplace with the colder weather. We got a little snow today.

Matthew needs to take his permit test so Monday evening we used the library's website to do a practice driver's permit test. It was fun figuring out what the answers were. Needless to say, we all need to learn the driving rules.

Matthew is studying about the Indians in school. He and I had a long discussion about my Indian dolls. Below is a picture of my Navajo Indian Doll. I don't know the history of her. She is at least as old as I am.

Today I was going to send Bill to the physical therapist to explain how challenging my weekend was. I was vetoed by Michelle and Bill, so I went kicking and screaming. I get NO sympathy around here.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 19 - 23, 2017

Sunday - Thursday in Loveland, CO

Both Meredith and Michelle had Monday off. We went to lunch and then did some shopping.

On Tuesday was JP's 27th Birthday! Happy Birthday JP! I cannot believe that you are 27 years old! Bill drove to Denver for a dentist appt at the University of Colorado. Meredith took me to my physical therapy appt in the Mini. The wind was so strong it almost blew us over walking from the car to the PT building.

Wednesday was a rest day for us.

This morning we woke up to it snowing. YIPPEE!!!!! It only snowed an inch or two but we are happy to get that. February has been a very warm and dry month. Meredith brought over her wonderful chili for dinner. It was perfect for this cold night. We also made a fire in the fireplace. I spent the evening by the warm fire and visited with Meredith and the pups.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 15-18, 2017

Wednesday - Saturday in Loveland, CO

We have had REALLY nice weather! It has been in the 60's and low 70's which is VERY unusual for Colorado. So if you are sick of the rain (California , Oregon & Arizona friends) come visit. Meredith blames Bill because he bought a snow blower and now we are having warm weather! Where is the snow!!!!

I have been spending some time soaking in the sun!

We are so excited for Nascar to start! Yahoo!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 12 - 14, 2017

Sunday - Tuesday from Loveland, CO

Lorri, Michelle, Connor and Meredith worked on the Oregon Ducks puzzle. Bill called it "The puzzle from way down under!" He didn't mean Australia! It was an extremely difficult puzzle. The only reason we finished it is because it was a Ducks puzzle.

Connor and Taylor went back to Grand Junction. It was great having them home for the weekend.

On Monday, Lorri, Bill and I went to University of Colorado Hospital. Bill had an interview to see if he qualified to have dental work done by the dental students. He has been assigned a student who will do all his dental work. It is much more cost effective and we are very thankful that he can get his teeth repaired there. Afterwards we dropped Lorri off at the airport and then headed home. It was great having her here for the long weekend.

Today is Valentine's day! Our Maxine calendar had a saying that instead of getting a dozen long stem roses she wanted long stemmed donuts. So this morning Michelle went and got a dozen glazed donuts and used skewers to make long stemmed donuts.

I had physical therapy today and am really tired from it. Joshua and Michelle made a wonderful dinner of pesto chicken, twice baked potatoes and broccoli. They did an amazing job! Brent would be proud of Joshua.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

Loveland, CO

Yesterday Natalia came to visit.  After she and Lorri went to Fort Collins for a couple of hours, they came home to collect Michelle and I.  We went to two Habitat for Humanity Restores.   Connor and Taylor came home for the weekend, we were all happy to see them.  Pizza was on the menu followed by starting a new jig saw puzzle.

Today while Lorri went to Louisville to see Natalia, some of the crew went to a cabinet shop to pick up leftover wood scraps to use for firewood.

This afternoon Meredith, Michelle, Lorri and I were working on a jig saw puzzle that was turning out to be quite challenging.  The girls taught me a drinking game.  When one of us finished a pattern on the puzzle, we all took a drink.  I was drinking cranberry juice, the girls were drinking fortified grape juice.  (I'll let you figure that one out.)

Tonight we went to Origins to celebrate all the birthdays that took place in January and February.  Joshua was our waiter and did a fantastic job.  We all came home with happy tummies.  As soon as we got home, a fire was built and s'mores were on the menu.  A perfect way to end the day!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

Loveland, CO

Against my better judgement, I went to physical therapy today.  It went OK.  I always give Bill a hard time about going, but what else is new after 56 years.

Lorri came today, let the party begin!

I want to go shopping tomorrow for brown jeans, but all three girls have vetoed that idea.

Lorri brought me a piece a stained glass that I had created many years ago.  I was very happy to see it, will put it next to the welded pieces that Jim brought me several weeks ago.

Connor comes this weekend to join in the festivities.

Monday, February 6, 2017

January 30 - February 6, 2016

One week later.....

It has been a very busy week!

My secretary "Michelle" was really sick all week. So my blog is really late.

We had Joshua's birthday on the 2nd. He is 22 years old!  He has grown into a very handsome young man. He has a good job at a restaurant and all of the lady customers will agree with me.

We also got ice and snow(very little) on the 2nd. It is what Matthew used to call "skinny snow".

On Saturday the 4th, it would have been Gran's 108th birthday.  On Sunday the 5th was Meredith and Michelle's 49th birthday. Wow they are getting old! Ha Ha!!!! We celebrated by watching the Super Bowl at Meredith and Dwaine's.

The rest of this month may be calmer because we are finished with our flurry of birthdays.  In May we will get hit hard again with a group of birthdays.