Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

Loveland, CO

Yesterday Natalia came to visit.  After she and Lorri went to Fort Collins for a couple of hours, they came home to collect Michelle and I.  We went to two Habitat for Humanity Restores.   Connor and Taylor came home for the weekend, we were all happy to see them.  Pizza was on the menu followed by starting a new jig saw puzzle.

Today while Lorri went to Louisville to see Natalia, some of the crew went to a cabinet shop to pick up leftover wood scraps to use for firewood.

This afternoon Meredith, Michelle, Lorri and I were working on a jig saw puzzle that was turning out to be quite challenging.  The girls taught me a drinking game.  When one of us finished a pattern on the puzzle, we all took a drink.  I was drinking cranberry juice, the girls were drinking fortified grape juice.  (I'll let you figure that one out.)

Tonight we went to Origins to celebrate all the birthdays that took place in January and February.  Joshua was our waiter and did a fantastic job.  We all came home with happy tummies.  As soon as we got home, a fire was built and s'mores were on the menu.  A perfect way to end the day!

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