Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013---Junction City, Oregon to Pleasant Hill, California

We left Junction City at 9:00 this morning.  After some concerns about a warning light on the dash, we decided to go south and hope!

Traffic going toward Eugene was heavy.  People were probably on their way to the Ducks game.  When we were past the Eugene turnoffs we had very little traffic.

At Cottage Grove we stopped at a Dutch Brothers coffee place.  Lori had heard about their coffee so it was a good time for her to try it.  We also got breakfast at McDonald’s and ate on the road.

We stopped in Medford for gasoline.  The warning light went off and stayed off for the rest of the trip.  Redding was the lunch stop because there was an In-N-Out there calling my name.  

Meredith suggested that I keep count of In-N-Out visits like I sometime count ticks, critters,  and geocaches.  I will try to do that, but if I get confused you might assume (incorrectly) that I’m going hungry.

We went to JP and Rosy’s in Benica to deliver Voodoo Doughnut boxes.  JP had made chili in the crockpot and baked cornbread muffins to go with it.  It was really good.  Natalia and Mario were there also, with a pizza to add to the feast.

After some good visiting time, Lori, Tucker, and I headed to Pleasant Hill.  It was a long day, but I’m glad to be here with our California family.  I owe Lori and Tucker a great big “thank you” for coming to fetch me.

Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013---Eugene to Junction City, Davis Cabinets

Lori, Tucker, and I had a really busy day today.  And it was a donut/bakery kind of day.

On our way to the recreation trail to pick up pine cones for a project, we stopped at a donut shop less than a block from the Elks Lodge where we have had the motorhome parked.  With well fortified tummies, we went on our pine cone expedition.  

On our way back to the van, we met a couple walking a Golden Retriever.  He was about Willie’s age, but not as big.  I thanked the people for sharing Dakota with me and letting me have my “Willie fix!”

As we were on our way to another pine cone area when we saw two thrift stores.  We spent some time in each one before continuing our quest for cones.  The area was a disappointment.  Nothing to pick up and haul off.

We backtracked and made a Super Walmart stop to get some last minute tax free things before we head south tomorrow.

Our next stop required us to hunt around several blocks for a parking place in downtown Eugene.  We were on a mission to Voodoo Doughnut.  Our friends, Dwight and Sheila, had told us about the shop in downtown Portland and how long the line was to get in every time they went past it.  Voodoo Doughnut has been featured on several TV channels and is becoming known in this part of Oregon.  We didn’t have to wait in line.  They had some rather strange flavors.  Lori bought some to take to JP and Natalia.  I bought six, which we sampled as soon as we got to the van.  I can’t really say they tasted any better than any other donuts.  I think it is kind of a cult thing, like In-N-Out!

We went to Costco for a couple of things, including Polish Dogs, before taking a back road to Junction City.  Bill asked us to check on the MH parking situation at Davis Cabinets.  He wanted to move the coach in anticipation of having our desk/table installed next week.

After calling Bill and telling him to “get a move on it,” we went in search of a bakery run by a Mennonite woman.  It was out in the country and took quite a long time to find.  It was worth the effort.  We bought a cream cheese pie topped with fresh peaches, some dinner rolls, and a bag of molasses cookies.

When we got back to Davis Cabinets, Bill was there.  Yippy, Skippy!  We had peach pie for supper!  Yum, yum!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

At 8:45, I sent Lori a text to see if she and Tucker were on the road yet.  I didn’t hear right back and that didn’t concern me.  I hoped she was on the road and couldn’t respond.  At 9:00, she texted “yes.”  A minute later she pulled up in front of the coach.  She had left Pleasant Hill at 1:00 a.m.

It was so good to see her and Tucker, too.  He’s a good little dog.  Sometimes, he growls when he sees someone unfamiliar.  Neither Bill nor I got that greeting.  He was wanting on my lap, so I sat on the sofa and that was to his liking.

Lori and I went to Springfield to take Sally out to lunch.  We had a really good visit.  It had been several years since they had seen each other, so they had a lot of catching up to do.  

On our way back to Eugene we went to a couple of thrift stores and a craft store, but didn’t spend much time at any of them.  When we got back home, Lori took Tucker for a long walk.

We left the two “guys” to spend some bonding time while the two of us “girls” went to Fred Meyer to do a little bit of shopping.  When we left Fred Meyer, we were looking for a place to get dinner to take home.  When Lori saw a Taco Time, she whipped right in.  She remembers Taco Time from Seaside so it was a good place to go...kind of like old home week. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

I got all of my office “stuff” packed and ready to be stashed away so the cabinet maker will have a clear shot at the space where the new desk/table will be.  It was quite a job.

I went this afternoon for a manicure and pedicure.  It had been a while since I had either one done.  I also had a facial, which was very relaxing.  Danielle, who gave me the facial, said my husband would probably take me somewhere nice for dinner.  I said probably to Burger King.  She thought that was funny.  She had no idea just how funny it actually was, but I didn’t take the time to tell the whole sordid story.

If all goes well, Lori is driving to Eugene tomorrow.  She is taking me back to her place so I will have some extra time with her.  Tucker is coming, too.  He’s riding shotgun, just like on the old stagecoach journeys.

Late tomorrow afternoon we are moving the MH back over to Davis Cabinets in Junction City.  Bill will stay there while I go to California.  He’ll head south when the work is complete.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

It was midmorning when we set off for Junction City.  We will do today's errands there instead of in Eugene.  

Our first stop was at US Bank.  No matter where we go to US Banks, they are always helpful, even when I have an odd request.  Today was no different.  Their service was great.

The next errand was to the Post Office.  I had Oregon Duck things to mail to Mississippi and Colorado.  It was good to get that marked off my list.  For several days I have been gathering things.  If any other purchases are made, I will have to wait and hand deliver them.

We went to the place where John and Dee bought their new motorhome.  They hadn’t started to move their possessions in yet, but we were able to do a “walk through.”  It is a really nice rig...four slides and a lot of other nice features.

They had told us about a produce stand so we went to it on our way back into Eugene.  It is called Thistledown Farms.  They had a lot of really good looking fruit and vegetables, and flowers, pots, etc.

After a quick stop at BK we went back to our rig to rest and then start clearing out the area where the new desk/table will go.  It is going to be a big job!

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

With the rain and the humidity higher than usual, there was enough water on the roof that Bill could go up there and clean the dust off.  We haven’t been able to figure out how it gets so dirty here, but it does.  In the desert, we understand it all, but not here.

I had some chores to do while Mr. Clean tramped around on the roof.  We decided to go to Taco Bell for lunch.  From there we made a quick stop at the Post Office and WinCo, we came back home to rest.

While Bill inspected the insides of his eyelids, I went to visit with Dee and John and their dog, Abby.  I had some treats for Abby and she knew it as soon as I walked in.  After snack time was over, she sat on the sofa with me while I scratched her back.  She was very content and so was I.

Dee and John bought a “new to them” motorhome.  It was in Junction City.  They left the Elks Lodge to go park by their new rig and begin the process of moving out of one coach and in to another.

Our evening’s entertain was to watch The Hallelujah Trail.  It is one of our favorites, with Burt Lancaster and Lee Remick.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

We ended yesterday with Matt Dillon and started today with Gene Autry.  “Ol’ Tex” is a happy cowboy.  So I’m happy, too!

It was raining this morning.  It is the first rain we have had in quite awhile...and this is Oregon!  Maybe we are setting a record.

We had two errands to go on today.  It was well after lunch time before we left home.  Our first stop was at the Duck Store by the stadium.  I wanted posters for the current football season.  There was a special event yesterday as a kickoff for the 2013-14 sports year...a fan appreciation type of thing.  It was not just for football, but for all sports.  The poster was just football, but the special t-shirts were for the whole program. 

Eugene isn’t the easiest city to get around in, so when we left the stadium area we took a wrong turn and ended up in Springfield, across I-5.  Since we were over there anyway, we decided to have a late lunch at a Chinese buffet.  It has been a favorite place of ours for many years.  The food was good, but probably not as good as we remember.

Not long after we got back home, the rain started again.  It didn’t amount to much, but it sounded nice on the roof of the coach.  It was very peaceful.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

My goal for the morning was to get the hot chocolate mix made and put in special gift jars.  That’s three gifts crossed of my list.  

John and Dee came for a visit.  They are in the process of buying a new coach.  I’m not sure when the deal is to be finalized, but soon I think.  I don’t envy them in the least.  It will be a real chore to move from one motorhome to another.  That is one thing I wouldn’t care to do.

After lunch, Bill and I went to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions.
On the way home we stopped at Burger King for ice cream cones.  We got home in time to watch the NASCAR race from Bristol, Tennessee.  It is such a short track...1/2 mile...that I had trouble keeping everything straight.  I couldn’t remember who had been lapped, etc.

After dinner, we watched Gun Smoke.  I worked on a jigsaw puzzle while Matt Dillon got rid of the bad guys in Dodge City.  Wow!  You talk about an evening of excitement.

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

We made a late morning trip to Walmart for renewals of prescriptions.  While there, we bought enough groceries to get us through the weekend.

On our way back home we stopped at Burger King to practice for our anniversary dinner.  With all the practicing we have been doing, we are getting very good at it.

At 1:00, Bill took me to get a “temporary” in my hair.  Most people would call it a “permanent.”  Not me!  There is nothing permanent about it.

We got home in time to have a cookout with John and Dee who have their motorhome parked here at the Elks, also.  We had grilled salmon, which he caught in a river not far from here.  Add baked potatoes and broccoli to make it a feast.  

We sat and talked for three hours.  Us RVers never run out of things to talk about.  During all of the “chatting,” we heard loud noises coming from the business to the west of where we are parked.

The business is some kind of auto repair shop.  They have a very big paved lot.  The cars were all been moved to the fence along the back of the property.  Go karts were doing “time trials” in the parking lot, using the light poles as pylons.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

For lunch, we went across the street to Wendy’s.  Afterwards, we stopped at Fred Meyer’s.  It has been a very long time since we had been to one of their stores.  This one in Eugene is a very large store.  We had no luck in our quest for shirts for Bill.

Our next stop was at WinCo.  It is a grocery story with a lot of bulk food bins.  I have my own special recipe for hot chocolate mix that I make and give as Christmas gifts.  I know it’s a long time until December 25, but on that date I probably won’t be in the area of a WinCo.  So-o-o-o, we took advantage of the store in the Eugene area.

When we got home, we both spent some time on the Honda’s needs.  I cleaned the back seat out and stashed some of our Oregon tax free purchases in the back of the car.  Bill changed a filter.  

We had a little rain this afternoon, but it didn’t amount to much.  The parking lot was barely wet.

The days here in Eugene have been warm, but at night things cool off.  The power of suggestion got to Bill.  We know it is mid August, but hot chocolate tasted really good at bedtime! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013---Eugene Elks Lodge

Bill had a shirt to exchange at Penney’s so that was our first stop of the day.  The next place to go was to Costco.  Unfortunately, we took the wrong exit off the Beltway.  Instead of going back to the highway, we decided to go the back way.  It was an adventure that included missed turns, road construction delays, and one possibly illegal left turn.  We finally arrived at Costco, put gasoline in the Honda, and then went into the store for a pizza lunch.

Before leaving the area we went to Office Depot for some file boxes.  I am going to have quite a lot of things to move about before the desk/table builder can start his job.

Our last stop was at Target before going home for naps.

One interesting thing happened when we were in Costco.  We experienced a “critter sighting.”  We haven’t had one of those in quite awhile.  There was a girl carrying a tiny pig in her arms.  It had a collar with a leash attached to it, but we didn’t see the little thing down on the floor.  I think the girl and pig were trying to keep a low profile.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013---Junction City to Eugene Elks Lodge, Eugene, Oregon

August 20, 2013---Junction City to Eugene Elks Lodge, Eugene, Oregon

Even before breakfast time, we pulled out of our spot at Davis Cabinets in Junction City.  When we got the coach settled in at the Eugene Elks Lodge then it was time for breakfast.

There were chores to be done, such as the laundry and trying to get some of the dust out of the rig.  The Honda also needed to be washed.

Lunch was at Taco Bell before we made a stops at the Post Office and to get an appointment for a perm for me.  After a quick stop at Walmart and Dollar Tree, we went back home to rest and relax.

The rest of the day we were lazy.  That’s a lot of fun and one of the great things about being retired.  Yippy, Skippy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013---Davis Cabinets, Junction City, Oregon

This morning Shaun came to the coach to measure the space for the table/desk.  We discussed all the options available to us.  He had some good suggestions for the project.

The cabinet shop is very busy right now so it will be September 3 before he can start on it.  He thinks it will take four days to get the unit finished and installed.

There are several places I need to clean out and clear out so he can get into the area.  Cleaning is a chore I do from time to time.  This time I will vacate the space.  That may turn into a real chore!

We worked on basket “stuff” again to day.  Bill has really been so good to help me.  I’m a lucky lady to have a guy like that.

The places to eat out are rather limited here in Junction City.  After driving around looking at what few possibilities there were, we went to McDonald’s.  I’m sure if we lived here we would find better choices for an evening meal.  We found that most of the places served lunch, but not dinner.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013---Davis Cabinets, Junction City, Oregon

We had a late breakfast and then watched the NASCAR race from Michigan.  There were a lot of cautions so the race took longer than it normally would have.  I spent my “watching the race” time working on baskets.  Bill took a nap during part of it, but he didn’t miss much.  It wasn’t a very exciting race.

Today, we received several text messages with pictures of the new puppy in the family.  He is very cute with lots of fluffy hair.  I’m positive he won’t lack for attention.  Brent said yesterday that he couldn’t have found a better family and I wholeheartedly agree. 

The back of the Honda had become quite messy so I took some time today to clean it out and rearrange it.  We treat it like a storage shed.  It is a handy space to have.  I make really good use of it, but sometime it gets out of control.  It has been that way lately, but now it’s better.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17, 2013---From the Farm to Davis Cabinets, Junction City, Orego

While Brian and Bill tended to the motorhome’s manifold, I went to some garage sales.  In the town of Harrisburg, just a few miles from where we had the house parked, there was a neighborhood of 24 sales.  Yippy, Skippy!  

I probably went to about 15 of them before I completely ran out of energy.  Almost all of them had a lot for sale and some of the prices were really good.  I didn’t buy very much, but in the true spirit of bargaining, I offered less on all the things I wanted.  None of the sellers turned me down.  That’s what makes this “sport” so much fun.  I did, however, miss my kids.  They always make the “hunt for bargains” more fun.

The MH was repaired and we were at our new location by noon.  On Monday, Shaun Davis will measure for the desk/table that he will build for us.  There are RV hookups in back of his shop.  Three other rigs are here to have work done this week.

This afternoon, Michelle sent a text message with pictures to all of us announcing their adoption of an eight week puppy...just a ball of fur.  They have named him Max, and of course, he is adorable.  He’s mostly Australian Shepherd, I think.  That brings the number of “granddoggers” for Bill and me up to six.  And don’t forget, we also have two “grandkitties.” 

I have a footnote to add to yesterday’s blog about the Golden Retriever at the farm where we have been parked.   Some of you may know that Willie, Brent’s dog who is now five years old, was a sock eater.  Well, the dog at the farm ate rocks.  Their driveway was covered with gravel and the dog chews on one piece at a time, swallows, and then eats another.  Unlike Willie, with the socks that never came back out the way they had gone in,  the farm dog barfs the the rocks up.

Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013---Junction City, Oregon

Our errands for today were to Penney's, the bookstore on the U of O campus, Walmart, and Cummins, if our parts come in.

In case we get the repair work finished and we move the motorhome from its present spot, I want to tell you about the farm where we are staying.

It is a small farm with a lot crammed into its little acreage.  There are two cows and a calf, 800 chickens (that wasn't a typing mistake) laying eggs and 400 not quite big enough for egg production.   Add to that about 15 cats and kittens and one 11 month old Golden Retriever, Max, who thinks he's in charge.

There is a room where the eggs are put on a special conveyor belt to be washed and packed into egg cartons.  There is also a big walk-in refrigerator where the eggs and gallons of milk are stored, waiting to be delivered.

The chickens eat a ton of food a week.  I don't know about the other critters, but they all seem well fed.

Jodee is in a wheelchair because of MS.  She has a power chair and races around the farm, doing as much as she can, including gathering huge baskets of eggs.

Brian is a mechanic who works in an auto repair shop in Eugene.  On the farm, he gas a large three bay shop with two lifts and a huge array of mechanic type tools.  Right now in addition to our MH there is another Country Coach waiting for parts.

This has been an interesting place to park.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013---Junction City, Oregon

We went to Cummins this morning to check on the parts for the motorhome.  The main part (the manifold) was coming from Europe.  They hope it will arrive tomorrow.  In the meantime, we are taking care of other business in the area.

Today, we spent some time with our friend, Sally.  She took us to see some of the new buildings at the University of Oregon.  Some of them were at the site of the football stadium.  Thanks to the guy from Nike, Phil Knight, facilities have been added at the football complex.  I did some shopping at the Duck Store while we were there.

Phil Knight, because of his generosity to the U of O, is called “Uncle Phil” in the Eugene area.  

Sally also took us to see the new basketball facility on the main campus.  It was also a gift from Phil Knight, in memory of his father.

You know that I have a rather strange sense of humor.  I see humor in things that may not be funny to others.  For instance, Phil Knight, who is a very rich man, is married to a woman named Penny.  Does anyone else find humor in that?

It was nice to spend time with Sally.  She has been a friend for many years.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013---Junction City, Oregon

On our way into Eugene this morning we stopped at Davis Cabinets in Junction City to see what it would cost to have our table area remodeled.  We had plans for Bill and Brent to tackle the job when we are at his house in the spring.  Neither one of them have had any experience building cabinets with drawers and such so it would be a difficult job.  I had no doubt they could accomplish it, but it would’ve been hard.  Davis Cabinets does beautiful work so  Bill and I decided it would be worth it to have them do it.  

We will have to alter our travel plans and delay our departure date to be able to get the work done now, but that is OK with us.  We have several options, so we’ll give it all some thought.  It is exciting to think I might not have my “office” mess by the table to put up with much longer.

We went to the Super Walmart in Eugene to get a few groceries, had lunch at Burger King, and shopped at Winco before going back home.

Part of our afternoon was spent working on the Pendleton baskets.  With Bill’s help, I’m getting along faster than expected.

Our treat for the evening was a John Wayne movie made the year Bill was born.  You will be glad to know that we didn’t have to read subtitles.  It was a “talkie.”  Wow!  What a treat!  To say that it was “lame” would be an understatement...poor acting, ridiculous chase scenes, and a “lurpy” ending just about covers it, but my Old Tex was a happy cowboy so I am happy, too!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013---Junction City, Oregon

Our adventures this morning took us to the Honda dealer for filters for the air conditioner.  Bill has needed to replace them for a couple of months.  Today we finally were able to locate the dealer in Eugene.

We also went to Costco to buy ink for our printer.  The last few times I’ve printed something it was hardly readable.  While we were at Costco we had hot dogs for lunch.  Yum, yum!

It seems as if we spent quite a bit of time going around hunting for places, so after lunch we went home to rest.  Both of us were tired from going in circles.  Recalculate, recalculate!

We both worked on Pendleton baskets tonight.  Bill was a big help getting strips ready for me to crochet with.  He’s such a good guy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013---Junction City, Oregon

I stand corrected.  It wasn't the head on the Cummins engine in the Country Coach that we are having work done on.  It is the exhaust manifold that needs help.

Our first stop this morning was at Cummins Northwest to order the parts for the repair work.  We took a back road to Coburg, but we had to hunt for Cummins.  They had moved since we were there two years ago.  Their new facility was about a mile from the old one.

From there we went into Springfield to Ben Franklin Crafts.  It is one of my favorite places to shop.  I told Bill it might take me some time to look around.  And I was right!  The thing is, I could have stayed twice as long, and not had enough time.

We ate lunch at Panda Express before driving back to Junction City to rest and relax.  I spent some time visiting with Jodee, Brian's wife.  Also present was Max, their 11 month old Golden Retriever.  He's a handful.

After dinner, I made another Pendleton basket.  I finished the one I started yesterday and worked on another one.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013---Lebanon to Junction City, Oregon

We were on the road at 8:00 this morning,  heading for Junction City.  When we arrived, we learned today was their Scandinavian Festival.  The town was very crowded, but we were able to find a place to park.

We watched the beginning of the NASCAR race from Watkins Glen, NY.  After seeing the first 20 laps, Bill set the recorder.  He likes to do that so we can skip through the ads.

After resting and eating lunch, we watched the recorded race.  There were several wrecks involving some of our favorite drivers.  Watkins Glen is a road race, which is Bill’s favorite kind of track.

At 2:00, we drove to a farm north of town.  Brian is going to work on our coach these next few days, replacing the head which was warped.  Don’t ask me any questions about that, because I might have to make up an answer!

Today was Super Driver’s kind of day...40 miles.  He was a happy camper.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013---Keizer to Walmart, Lebanon, Oregon

We were on I-10 going south by 10:00.  Our destination was Lebanon.  We were there several years ago and thought we would like to come back someday to do some geocaching.

After getting our “house” parked at Walmart we decided to do some of the “treasure hunting” before lunch.  We were able to log four caches before calling it quits.  

One of the caches was on the trunk of a tree.  It was covered with vines and took a lot of hunting.  We were successful after much searching.  Bill finally spotted it, but couldn’t get to it from his side of the tree.  So he guided me to the position of the little tin box.  When I spotted it he came around to the area where I was keeping in sight.  He was able to retrieve the box and sign the log.  The HINT for it was, “keep looking, it’s there.”  That really wasn’t much help except to keep us going.

After resting, watching Gunsmoke, and eating dinner, we went to A&W for root beer floats.  A quick trip into Walmart for a few groceries ended our entertainment for the evening.

Travel totals:  Today’s mileage, 46...Geocaches, 4.

Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013---Keizer Elks Lodge, Keizer, Oregon

We went to McDonald’s for pancakes before getting on the caching trail this morning.

We had a better caching day today than yesterday.  We found seven with only two DNFs.  That was certainly an improvement.  None of them were especially different, except one cache hidden in a blackberry thicket.  It took us a while to locate, but the berries were really tasty.

I spent most of the afternoon working on a “Pendleton basket.”  I was able to finish it.  Getting the strips of selvage ready to crochet is still the biggest time challenge.  That’s going to take some special creativity to solve, I fear!

We had a tiny bit of rain tonight.  It was ever so slight.  Considering the floods in some parts of the country, we have nothing to complain about.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013---Woodburn to Keizer Elks Lodge, Keizer, Oregon

We left Woodburn at 10:00 and were parked at the Keizer Elks Lodge at 11:00.  It was another short travel day, the kind Bill likes.

By the time I got some geocaches loaded into both Garmins and we ate lunch, the day had warmed up quite a bit.  We found three caches, but had two DNFs to go along with them.  We are having way too many of that kind lately.

I spent part of the evening working on some baskets that I’ve been planning to make.  When we were in Pendleton at the Woolen Mill, I bought some of the scraps cut from the blankets as they are taken of the loom.  I had trouble remembering how I had done them about 14 years ago.  Today I spent time trying several ways to do them and I think I may have solved a problem or two.  It is going to involve trimming the strips of yarn which will be time consuming, but necessary.  I’m using a very large crochet hook this time.  Last time, I used my fingers as hooks, but it didn’t work so well this time.  Old age has set in!

Travel totals:  Mileage today, 17---Caches, 3.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013---Sherwood to Walmart in Woodburn, Oregon

We left Sherwood at 9:00 this morning and headed south on I-5.  After a quick stop at Camping World we drove on to Woodburn and parked at Walmart.

After resting awhile and downloading some caches in the area, we went to Burger King for lunch.  We don’t like to miss a chance to practice for our next anniversary.

The first geocache took us a little ways out in the country to an old cemetery.  Many of the graves were of people born in the 1850s.  It was a well taken care of cemetery.  We found four more caches before we quit.  The last one was in the Walmart parking lot.

I went into the store to shop.  Bill came to find me after he had rested for awhile.  As he likes to say, the only reason he has a cell phone is to find me in Walmart.  Well, it worked today.

After dinner, we walked to find two more caches in the parking lot.  We weren’t able to find either of them, but something very funny happened concerning the last one we hunted.  There was a Spanish word I didn’t know so I called Lori for a translation.  She said it wasn’t a word that she knew.  Natalia wanted to know if I was in a Mexican jail.  I thought it was so funny and called Sheila to share it with her.  

For several years, we traveled for a couple of months in Mexico with Dwight and Sheila.  It was always a relief with their daughter and ours, too, when we would get back across the border without a brush with the law.  When I told he of Natalia’s concern, Sheila laughed so hard I think Dwight had to revive her!

Travel Totals:  Mileage, 26---Caches found, 5.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

Most of today was spent getting things ready for moving south in the morning.  Bill did the laundry early and while I folded and put away the laundry, he cleaned the front of the coach.

We thought we had several errands to do today, but it amounted to only one thing of importance.  We needed a piece of plastic from Tap Plastics.  We wanted to take care of that purchase in Oregon to save tax money.

We have left a lot of our Oregon shopping until we get to Eugene.  The size of the Portland area has caused us to put off some of our shopping until we are in a smaller area.

We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner with Dwight and Sheila.  One last visit will have to do us until Yuma in January, probably.  We have had a really good time with them, mostly geocaching.  I think we have done over 100 caches since arriving in this area.  Wow!  That’s a lot of running around!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

Our caching path lead us to the north part of Portland.  It is north of the Hollywood area where we have been caching for the last few days.  Today’s area wasn’t as refurbished as other parts of the Hollywood district have been.

There was a lot of history in the area, though.  During World War 2, Japanese people were imprisoned in this part of the city.  When the war was over, many of them stayed.  They planted cherry trees as symbols of their strength.  Many of the trees are still there today.  It was a history lesson with a different twist.

Several of the other caches were at the sites of murals painted on the sides of buildings.  They were beautiful to visit...colorful, full of history, and enjoyable.

We also went to the area’s newest park which chronicled the early days of the area.  It was really interesting.  The park was small, but beautifully landscaped.  The pictures of the town at that time showed us just how much things have changed over the years.

We ate at Wendy’s before driving back across Portland to home.  We found 14 caches today.  Our number of finds has greatly increased since being in the company of Dwight and Sheila.  They are an inspiration to anyone who is interested in geocaching.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

Yesterday was cool...a good day to wear jeans and a turtleneck.   Today it was predicted to be in the mid 80s so it was back to capris and a polo.

There are so many caches in the Hollywood District and it is such an interesting area that we headed there this morning in Dwight and Sheila's Honda.

No DNFs for today.  Yippy, Skippy!  We did, however, find 15 caches.  That's a record for this session of Geocaching with D & S.  We found one that was a bit different.  It was in a hole in a concrete post.  We were told that we would need to "push it through."  So we found a stick and retrieved the container, only to discover we had to apply the "push it through" theory to get the log out of the container.  It was a clever cache.

We went to Biscuits Cafe for lunch.  There are several of them in this area.  The food was good.  The biscuits were OK, but not as good as they are at Cracker Barrel.

While Bill rested, I went back to Bead Bullies.  There were some special jewelry findings I needed to finish a project.  I was able to get what I needed.  Bead Buddies is a really good bead store with a good inventory.  

When I got home, we watched the NASCAR race Bill had recorded earlier.  We are always cheering for Jeff Gordon to win.  Today he finished second to his teammate, Kasey Kane.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

Today was a “no cache” day for us.

I made a To Do list.  It had seven things on it.  I was able to accomplish three of them and mark them off my list.  That should make me feel good, and it did.  But there are still four things to be done and that’s a bummer!

Getting some extra rest wasn’t on the list, but I was able to catch a few winks a couple of times.  That added to the success of the day.

Tomorrow, it is back on the caching trail for us.

Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

Sing along now...”A caching we will go.  A caching we will go.  We’ll find a box among the rocks, and sign the log just so.”  It may not make the Hit Parade or the Top Twenty, but we did find 14 of the hidden things today.

There was lunch at Subway, but after all was said and done, their wasn’t an ice cream treat at the end of the trail.  Drats!  Bill was driving and he just drove right on past A & W.  I’m going to have to do some retraining of a certain Grandpa, who shall remain nameless at this time.

Actually, I am going to appoint Dwight as Chief Driver!  He knows every ice cream place from here to the Atlantic Ocean.  That is just about coast to coast.  And he doesn’t wear blinders, like someone else I know!

Tomorrow is going to be a “stay at home” day for the “wanderdane” duo.  I hope to get some beading projects in the works.  After all, Christmas is only 144 days away.  Yikes!  I’d better get busy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013---Elks Lodge, Sherwood, Oregon

July really ripped by, didn’t it?  And August arrived cool and cloudy.

Bill and I went on some errands today.  We found City Liquidators, which took some doing.  It is in a warehouse district of Portland and after going round and round several blocks until we finally found it.  I hadn’t been there for several years.  It had changed quite a bit.  For one thing, the merchandise was more pricey than I remembered.  It was fun to look around, but I wasn’t tempted to purchase anything.

We ate at Burger King before leaving the area.  It was so cold in there we didn’t even need to chew.  Our teeth were chattering so much it took the place of chewing!

Went to Costco for a few items.  Winco was just around the corner so we shopped there, also.

While I went into a bead store Bill sat in the car and listened to music.  The store, Bead Bullies, has a lot of beads and supplies and their prices were good.  The name of the store is in reference to the resident bulldog who seems to be in charge.

A stop at Dollar Tree ended our errands for the day.  We were glad to get back to the motorhome for naps.  

Lori, Natalia, and the pups made it to Colorado safely.  Brent and I both wish we were there, also.  Maybe next year...