Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013---Antioch to Walnut Creek Elks Lodge

This was a hectic day.  We moved the coach back over to Walnut Creek.  It is always hectic when we are getting the MH ready to roll.  Today was no different.

I have been having trouble with my iPhone, so after getting settled at the Elks parking lot, we went to Verizon.  They thought the phone would have to be replaced which would require a new phone to be mailed to us.  That would be a difficult thing for us because we plan to leave the area tomorrow.

We went to the Apple Store, where we were told the phone would need a new speaker.  The earliest appointment I could get with a technician was for 6:10 this evening.

Bill took me back to Lori’s, and then went home for a nap.  Lori, Tucker, and I went to Natalia’s to say “goodbye.”  I took her a Pendleton basket as a farewell gift.

After grabbing a quick lunch, Lori and I went to our bead weaving class.  It has been a very enjoyable experience for me.  I learned a lot and it got me back to another aspect of beading.

Lori took me to REI for inserts for my shoes.  She has been using them for several months and thought I would benefit from them.  They felt “strange,” but I hope they are satisfactory when I get use to them.

Tonight we went to eat at a hamburger place called The Habit.  I was well fortified for my visit to the Apple Store.  Thank goodness I wasn’t hungry, because it took over two hours to get my problem solved.  I now have a new speaker and a working phone.  Yippy, Skippy!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

At 10:00 this morning we headed for the Flea Market on Treasure Island.  There were seven people and three dogs in the van...Lori and her dog, Tucker, Alex and her son, Ian, Dee and her dog, Zoey, Natalia and Mario and their dog, Maddie, and me.  (JP and Rosy met us there).

None of us had ever been on the new Bay Bridge.  We tried to think of a song to sing in honor of the occasion, but nothing came to mind.

We got off the bridge at Treasure Island, a former Coast Guard Base.  The Flea Market is held the last weekend of the month, April through November.  There were lots of vendors, and food, plus a live band.  I saw them setting up, but didn’t venture back that way to hear them play.

From the Flea Market area we could see the bridge going on into San Francisco, and the City, and the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a beautiful area with a great view.  We had a really good time.

Not long after we got back to Lori’s, Bill came to get me.  We went home so I could get some things done around the “house.”   

September 28, 2013---Antioch, California

Bill chauffeured me to Lori's this morning. We had a party to get ready for. Our annual ornament party was beginning at 3:00.

As usual, Lori had everything organized and she was warping one of her looms. She was weaving a scarf. There didn't seem to be anything I needed to do for the good of the cause so I reclined on the sofa to read a book.

Actually, I soon went to sleep. When I woke up, Lori had not only finished her scarf, but she had all the things ready for the party. She made poppers...jalapeƱos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon, and broiled. She also made a crab and shrimp molded salad and lemon bars.

Our guests included Karen, Alex, Jennifer, and Dee. This was the 13th party we've had. There was lots of laughing, as usual. And lots of eating, plus ornament making. Fun, fun, fun!

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

While Lori, Natalia, and two dogs went shopping, Bill and I had some errands to run.  We went to the Container Store in downtown Walnut Creek.  I needed some plastic boxes to help me organize the desk.

At 11:30, we met JP at his work place.  The building was huge.  It was all very impressive.  Seventy-five people are employed there.  They manufacture mountings for solar panels, plus other things.  While we were waiting for JP to take us on a tour of the facility, the lady in the office told us a lot about the company.

When we had seen all that we were allowed to see, JP said the CEO wanted to meet us.  She was very nice, and so were the two dogs in her office.  One was very friendly.  The second one was old and didn’t get around very well.  He stayed under the table most of the time.  It was good to see JP’s work place and to meet nice people along the way.

We took him to lunch at Panda Express and had time for some more visiting.

I had plans for working on several projects when we got home.  I did get some things accomplished, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.  That seems like the norm for me.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

I went to hang out with Tucker this morning.  It was cold in lori’s apartment, so I heated a cup of apple cider, wrapped up in a soft blanket, and read a book.  Tucker curled beside me on the sofa.  He was so warm.  It was nice to snuggle with him and get some of his heat.

Lori had her weaving class this afternoon.  She invited me to go along, but I decided to stay with Tucker and work on a new bracelet.

I had trouble warping the loom.  It took me several tries to get it like it should be.  I need practice.  I have written instructions so I need to read them again, instead of trying to do it by memory at this stage of the game.

My theme for this project was a Denver Broncos bracelet.  In my imagination I see it as seats in the stadium, with some snow.

Lori and friend, Dee, take a stained glass class in Livermore on Thursday nights.  I went along to see the setup.  It was very impressive.  The lady who owns the studio is very good at her craft.  It was interesting to see where the “girls” take their classes.

After looking around the workroom and the showroom for awhile, I went out to the van and stayed with Tucker.  It was about 9:00 when we got back home.  I stayed the night with Lori.  It is handy to have that option when we are late with an activity.

Bronco Bracelet

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

This was another busy, busy day.

Bill and I got to Lori’s apartment later than we had expected.  She and Tucker had already gone to yoga.  Bill went back to the MH with the carpet cleaning machine.

I stayed at Lori’s and worked on a bracelet.  I finished it at about the same time she and Tucker came to get me to go to lunch.  We met our friend, Karen, for lunch in downtown Walnut Creek.  There was a lot of talking going on at our table.

We went to Natalia’s to get Maddie.  By the time we got back to Lori’s, all of us were tired.  I lay down to rest and read, which turned into nap time.  When I woke up, Bill had come back.  

He needed help with a problem on his computer.  They worked on it for awhile and solved his major challenges.  Mainly, he reads his forums.  But sometimes he has trouble, especially the RV Forum which is through Yahoo.  

Tonight, Lori took us out for a barbecue dinner.  JP and Rosy met us there.  Natalia and Mario came also.  The food was great.  We had a good time.  I think I’ve made that statement before, but it was true.  We have a lot of fun when we all get together.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

September 24, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

This morning, I finished the bracelet I started in class yesterday.  It turned out nicely...lime green and purple.  The green beads were cubes and the purple were seed beads.  I trimmed the edges with small green seed beads.

Natalia said she would show me how to put pictures in my blog.  When she does, I will show the bracelet.

Lori rented a carpet cleaner.  She was using it when we left today.  Bill gets a turn tomorrow.  With all the people tramping in and out of the MH lately, the carpet can use some help.

Visit #6 to In-N-Out tonight.  Just as good as ever.  

Autumn showed itself this evening with a cold wind blowing in.

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

Today was the first day of Autumn.  Here in this part of California, the weather was just like yesterday’s.

Lori and I had our bead weaving class this afternoon.  It was fun to be beading with Lori.  The class is small, with some excellent beaders in it.  I really enjoy being able to take a class that I enjoy so much.

Bill came in time to watch part of the football game between the Broncos and the Raiders.  It was a good game from the Broncos point of view.  Several times, Lori got very exuberant cheering for the Broncos.  Poor Tucker!  He didn’t know what was happening.  I doubt if his heart rate has returned to normal by now.  I am proud to announce that the Broncos won!  I always like to see them win, but when it is over the Raiders, it is extra special.

We ate nachos while we were watching the game.  Yum, yum!  Lori knows how to entertain the Old Folks.

After Bill and I got back to the motorhome, we watched Dancing With The Stars.  It was a good program this week, also.  Most of the celebrities we don’t know of, but we like to watch all of them dance.

I finished two of my projects this weekend...the 2013 Christmas ornaments and the Pendleton baskets.  Yippy, Skippy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013, Antioch Fairgrounds

Bill and I got off to a slow start this morning.  When we got to Lori's apartment she and Tucker were gone.  I stayed there and Bill went back to the MH.

The residents come home not too long before Lori and I were to meet our friend, Jennifer, for lunch at the Corner Bakery.  The food was good, but the visiting was even better.  It had been a long time since I had seen Jennifer, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

After lunch, the two of them went for pedicures and I got a manicure.

From there, Lori and I went to the motorhome to get some things I forgot to take with me this morning.  On our way back to Pleasant Hill we stopped at Sam's Club to get a cake Lori had ordered. We went to set up for a surprise birthday party for Gail.  It was her 60th.  I stayed in the car with Tucker for awhile when Lori went into the bowling alley party room to set things up.

When I went inside, most of the work was done.  How's that for timing?  There were lots of people there, most that I didn't know.  I did, however, make some new friends and had a chance to touch base with people I've known since Lori and Natalia started bowling.  I also had a chance to talk to Gail's mother.  I hadn't seen her in several years.

I stayed at Lori's tonight because we got back from the birthday party late and I am on Tucker duty in the morning.  Being here will let me get some extra sleep in the morning.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

On Saturdays, here at the fairgrounds, one of the parking lots is set up for a flea market.  I have no idea how many vendors were there...over one hundred, I’m sure.  The other main parking lot was packed with cars.

Last year, when we stayed at this campground, we didn’t go to the market.  I’d guess we didn’t need any fleas then.  We still don’t, but we went today anyway!  One vendor had garbanzo beans, still on the bush.  That was the first time I had seen them that way.  He picked a bean off a bush and gave it to me.  I took the hull off and ate the bean.  My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that garbanzo beans are better cooked.

The only thing I bought was a bag of homemade potato chips.  When we traveled in Mexico all those years ago, I always bought them from the street vendors, who wanted to put hot sauce or lime juice on the chips.  “No, gracias!”  Today, the guy offered both condiments.  This time I said, “No, thank you!”  I’m north of the border now!

In back of us is a grassy field which also belongs to the fairgrounds.  This morning there was a car show there.  We didn’t go over to take a closer look, but we could see most of them from the motorhome.  All went well until it started to rain at about 12:00.

The rain not only literally put a damper on the car show, but the flea market closed early and the parking lot cleared out quickly.  A Legends car race was scheduled for the dirt track next to the big parking lot, but it must have been canceled.  The car haulers left and there was no noise coming from that part of the complex.

The rain lasted for about two hours.  It was really refreshing!

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013---Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

Lori, Natalia, Tucker, and Maddie come this morning.  We were going to Hobby Lobby.  Their new store is huge.  We have been there two times in the week that it has been open and I have seen maybe 1/6 of it.

Before we left the area we went to Walgreen’s.  Bill needed a protector for the little finger on his right hand.  A couple of days ago the wind caught the door on the Honda and slammed it on his finger.  We determined that he didn’t need medical assistance, but he kept hitting it and causing more bleeding than was necessary.  The metal splint helped protect his finger.  Poor Grandpa!

Before getting back to Pleasant Hill, we three shoppers stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch.  The two furry beasts stayed in the car.

Lori and I worked on a few projects for a short time before making a quick trip to Michael’s while Bill was on he way to collect me.  

Natalia and I swapped sewing machines.  She has had a small one for several years, but could use one that has more options.  I, on the other hand, seldom used my machine anymore.  I checked the little machine and it worked fine.  Lori can acquaint Natalia with the bigger machine.  I think it was a good swap for both of us.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013---Walnut Creek to Fairgrounds, Antioch, CA

When Bill went into the Elks Lodge this morning to pay for another week of RV parking, he was told that there was going to be a large group of Elk RVers coming for the weekend and we would have to leave.  As Matt Dillon would say, “Git outa Dodge!”

So “git” we did.  Bill took me to Lori’s and then went to the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds to park the coach in their RV area.  It is twice as far away from Lori’s apartment, but when you are “run out of town on a rail,” it is always good to have a backup plan.

Tucker stayed with Natalia and Maddie while Lori and I went to Lori’s weaving class.  I went with her last year, and some of the same weavers were in the class this year, too.  It was nice to chat with them.  There is a lot of talent in the class, including Lori, and it was interesting to see all the weaving projects.

One of the ladies is Chinese.  Today she brought Chinese dates.  I had never seen them before.  They look like a small apple and had kind of a neutral taste.  She told me several times that they are very healthy to eat.

Bill came to Lori’s at 4:30 to drive me home.  On the way, we went to Lowe’s for PVC pipe.  And wouldn’t you know it, an In-N-Out was just across the street.  That’s #5!  

This evening, I worked on two bracelets, made progress on my alcohol ink project, and finished a Pendleton basket.  A good way to end the day, don’t you think?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

One more busy sitting, which I really enjoy, yoga for Lori, and crafting.

We had to get the table cleared off today because company was coming for dinner.

I didn’t actually finish any of my projects, but I got everything to the point that it could be moved.  That was a big chore with the alcohol ink jewelry that I’m making.  After finishing the “ink” part, I still will have the bead part to do.  Hopefully, I will learn how to put photos on my blog.  Natalia is going to show me how.

I was able to get another bracelet ready to put the clasp on.  I also rewarped the beading loom and started a new design.  I really do enjoy beading.

When we were at IKEA on Saturday, I bought two throw pillows for the sofa.  I want to paint part of the design with fabric paint.  All I was able to accomplish today was to get the pillow covers ready to paint.

JP and Rosy came for dinner.  Natalia and Mario were there, also.  The seven of us had a good visit.  We had barbecue ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.  It was all really good.

Dessert was at Natalia and Mario’s apartment.  She made a cheesecake with carmel topping.  It was very, very good.  More happy, happy tummies in this family.

Survivor started tonight.  Bill had recorded it, so as soon as we got home, we watched it.  It looks like it might be a good season.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

Today, I stayed at Lori’s in the morning.  At noon, Natalia brought Maddie to stay with Tucker and me while she and Lori went to their bowling league.  The two of them are a team.  Today, they won three of their four games.  Not bad, keeping in mind that neither one of them had bowled in over a year.

I started another bracelet.  I need Lori’s help on the second part of it.  Maybe I’ll get to work on it tomorrow.  We both like beading.  It’s a fun thing to do together.  I work on that kind of thing at her house.  When I’m in the motorhome, I am still trying to finish my Pendleton basket project.  I think I have only three or four to make.

Lori fixed dinner for us tonight.  She made meatloaf (Bill’s favorite), baked potatoes, salad, and homemade cookies fresh out of the oven for dessert.  Yum, yum!  Happy tummies all the way around!

Lori and I needed a few things from Michael’s so Bill stayed in the car with Tucker while Lori and I shopped.  When we finished, Lori and Tucker walked back to their house and Bill and I went back to the motorhome.

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

After spending time at Lori’s this morning while she was at yoga, we went for hamburgers before going to a class on bead weaving.  

Lori had enjoyed her bead weaving class last spring, so when the opportunity arose this Fall, she signed both of us up to take it.  

We had a good time at the first class today.  I made a brown and gold bracelet.  It turned out really well.  Lori finished a bracelet she had started earlier.  It was very pretty.  She used a variety of kinds of beads in lime and white. 

I continued working on my alcohol dye projects and she worked on her quilt when we got home.  I called Bill to come for me.  On our way back to the motorhome, he wanted to get “Taco Bell” to take home for dinner.  That was fine with me!

While we ate, we watched the evening news.  There was a lengthy report on the Colorado floods.  We also heard a story about a Deputy Sheriff who rode his horse to rescue marooned animals.  He rescued horses, cattle, goats, a burro, a llama, cats, and dogs.  As he would get a critter to safety he would turn around and go back for more.  That is a hero story with an old west slant to it, don’t you think?

We spent the evening watching the new season of Dancing With The Stars.  There were several really good teams.  It should be an interesting show this Fall.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

Lori and Tucker came to get me this morning.  We made a trip to Michael’s for more craft supplies.  The fun never ends!

On our way back to Lori’s apartment, we stopped at Subway to get lunch.  After eating and relaxing for awhile, Lori worked on a quilt she’s making and I continued experimenting with alcohol ink.  I’ve been working on the 2013 Christmas family ornaments.  I’m making good progress, but still have a way to go on them.

Bill had taped the Bronco game from New York.  When Lori, Tucker, and I got to the MH we watched the game.  Denver won!  Yippy, Skippy!  Lori had control of the remote.  She stopped only for the Bronco’s high points.  She decided that was a great to watch a, really fast!

Later in the evening, Bill and I watched the last half of the NASCAR race from Joliet, Illinois.  The race had started earlier, after a delay for rain.  About a hundred laps into the race, rain caused another delay...this one for several hours.  But after much track drying, the race resumed.  As races go, it was an interesting one.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

We went off on an adventure this morning.  No, Joshua, it was not that kind of adventure.  Not the "lost" kind with Brent, where the three of us hadn't a clue where we were, but somehow we always got "there," wherever that was!

The closer we got to the bay, the more overcast the sky became.  Luckily, no moisture was falling.

We went to the IKEA in Emoryville.  Surprise, surprise!  All of us found things to buy.  It is always a fun place to shop.  Unfortunately, most of it won't fit in the "hallway" where Bill and I live.

We ate lunch at the IKEA restaurant before heading for home.  Not long after we got onto Hwy. 24, we were in stop and go traffic.  Ugh!  However, it gave me a lot of time to rest after all that tramping around in one of my favorite stores.

Once we were through the Caldacot Tunnel, we were soon zipping along at 70 mph.  I have no idea what the hold up was. Sometimes, traffic jams make no sense at all.

We watched the Oregon Ducks throttle Tennessee.  The truth will be told when the Ducks play a team in their own conference.  That won’t happen for a couple of weeks.

Bill and I went to Sam’s Club for Polish dogs for supper.  On the way back home, we went to Michael’s.  Actually, I went into the store.  Bill sat in the car and listened to the radio.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

Friday, the 13th, wasn’t unlucky for us, but some of our clan had a worrisome day.  Meredith and Michelle are in some of the flood area of Colorado.  Michelle reported that their swimming pool (an above ground type) which they had nearly drained last week was now partially filled back up.  They won’t be able to drain it again until their soggy yard dries a bit.

The boys had two days off from school because of the flooding, washed out roads, and other flood related happenings.  The schools will be closed on Monday, also.  When we lived on the coast of Oregon, we often had hard rains of several inches.  Lori said if they had closed the schools for big rains, she would still be in high school, since those days have to be made up.

The canal at Meredith’s back property line is usually dry or with very little water as the norm.  Today, it was a foot from maximum.  The water in the canal sometimes goes into Boyd Lake and sometimes is diverted to farmers to the east in Greeley.  While walking the dogs today, she overheard two workers from the Greeley water board talking.  She wrote “Greeley water guy #1--’Do you want to grab that log?’  Greeley water guy #2--’Sure, if you want to pick me up in Greeley.’”

I-25 was closed for awhile, but has been reopened.  Meredith, who has an office in Broomfield, worked from home.  Her office complex didn’t have any flooding, but between her home and work, bridges were out and roads were flooded.

We went to lunch at In-N-Out today.  Bill hadn’t had that treat for a long time, but I think it was #4 in my count.  Yum, yum!

I stayed at Lori’s to work on craft projects.  She took me home at 5:00 and I spent the rest of the evening working at my new desk.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

Just before noon, Lori brought Tucker to the motorhome.  Her weaving class started today and Tucker was to spend the time with us.

He was a good little dog, but he missed Lori.  He and I sat on the sofa for a long time.  I spent most of the time scratching his back.  He didn’t hear Lori drive up and when she walked in the door, he was absolutely overjoyed.  He couldn’t contain himself.  He was so happy to see her, you would’ve thought we had mistreated him.

They stayed to watch an episode of Gunsmoke with us.  Yeehaw! Natalia called for us to meet her for dinner.  There is a Mexican place that we have eaten at before.  They have really good food.  And plenty of it.  We all left with take-home boxes.

Michelle and Meredith reported on the rainfall situation in their part of Colorado.  They had two or three inches, but didn't have any flooding.  The boys have two days off from school because of the bridges in danger.  I'm sure the boys weren't too upset about being home.  Meredith worked from home because of the flooding situation where her office is. 

I had some book work to do tonight.  It was nice to have a new desk to sit at.  It even made writing a check to the IRS easier to do!  Not much, but somewhat less painful.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

This is a day in the history of our country that we must never forget.  Bill and I were in Marysville, California when Lori called and said to turn on our TV.  At that moment the second plane hit the building.  It was a dreadful sight to see.  I can only imagine what the horror at the site must have been like.  

I went to Lori’s this morning to stay with Tucker while she went to yoga.  I was working on a craft project and Tuck was curled up at my feet resting his eyes!  I enjoy the time I get to spend with any of our grand-doggers!

Bill fetched me at about 3:30.  Rush hour traffic was in full swing.  We are so glad we don’t have to endure that on a regular basis.  What a headache it must be!

When we got back home, I took a long nap.  Scratching a little dog’s back can really wear a grandma out.

I did some more work on arranging things in the new desk.  Davis Cabinets called to say the drawer knobs had arrived.  They will send them to Lori’s.  Bill sometimes has to help me open the “knobless” drawers, so I will be happy to get the shipment.

Pleasant Hill, where I was staying until Bill arrived and took me home, had an earthquake yesterday afternoon.  Lori didn’t feel it, but Natalia did.  I was already in Walnut Creek by then.  I “got out of Dodge” just in time, eh?  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

I was in charge of Tucker and Maddie this morning while Lori went to yoga and Natalia was getting ready for work.  In the midst of all this activity, Bill called.  He had parked the coach in the Sears parking lot.  We were to go check the RV parking at the Elks Lodge in Walnut Creek.

I put both pups in Lori’s bedroom, closed the door, and Bill and I made our escape.  The Elks Lodge had a good place for us to park, so we reserved a spot and went back to move the coach to its place.

I hadn’t seen the new table/desk until we got over to the coach at Sears.  It is a beautiful addition to our home.  It will probably take me a bit of time to get the desk drawers organized like I want them.  But I have plenty of time to do that.

We went back over to Lori’s so I could get some of my things that I had taken there a week and a half ago.  It was really nice to be with her at her apartment.  Of course, she has decorated it very artistically.  It is a comfortable place to be.

We came back home so Bill could rest and I could sort some things out.  It was a nice evening in our little house on wheels.

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

After yoga, etc. we collected Natalia, Mario, and Maddie, and drove to Livermore to a really nice outlet mall.  It is relatively new.  I hadn’t been there before and was impressed with the number of stores there.  The place was busy.

On the way home we went to lunch at Arby’s.  It was only the second time Mario had every eaten at an Arby’s.  I’m beginning to wonder about his upbringing!  I think the Dane family has a lot to teach that young man!

Before I left Bill and the motorhome I had found a box of photos.  I brought them with me and started going through them this afternoon.  I love trips down memory lane.

After dinner, we drove out to Walmart in Martinez.  Lori did the shopping.  I just looked around.  We went to PetSmart before going home.  Lori bought Tucker a “pig’s ear” chew thing!  He normally doesn’t take to that kind of thing, but he had eaten 3/4s of it before bedtime.  That was certainly a record for Tuck!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

Our mission this morning involved a trip to Michael’s Crafts.  I have been working on an idea for my Christmas ornament for the year.  For several years, Lori has hosted a party where all in attendance bring an ornament idea and the supplies to allow everyone to make that ornament.  At the first party there were eight of us present.  We have dwindled to six if everyone can come.

Because of the travel schedule of Bill and me, Lori moved the date from early December to late September.  Last year we all agreed it was a good move, because we are less busy in September than we are a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Lori and I will be ready on September 28th.  Yippy, Skippy!

It was hot today...97° we stayed inside and worked on projects.  At dinner time we were out on an errand and KFC sounded like a good idea for a take home meal.  It was too hot to even think about cooking.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

I set my alarm for 7:00.  The new Hobby Lobby opened in Brentwood yesterday.  We chose to wait a day to avoid the rush of the opening.

After collecting Natalia and Maddie, we stopped at a garage sale and a donut shop before heading to Brentwood.  With our, priorities right in line, we reached Hobby Lobby just as it was opening.

It’s a nice store, just like the other stores in their chain.  We shopped for about an hour.  It was a treat for Natalia and Lori because there hasn't been one within a hundred miles until now. We find them in various areas of the country, but they are new to this area.

Guess where we went for lunch?!  In-N-Out, visit #3.  Happy tummies for all or us.  Even the pups shared a burger.

We went back home, hopefully to watch the Ducks game from Virginia.  We barely got the TV on in time for the kickoff.  Oregon got the ball and in less that two minutes, they had scored.  GO DUCKS!  When the game was over the Ducks were way in front, 59-10.  Yahoo!

Next up was the NASCAR race, also from Virginia.  Jeff Gordon was on the pole.  He lead for awhile, but then began to have problems.  As a result, he didn’t make the chase and won’t be the champion this year.  But he’s still one of our favorite drivers.

Not a bad sports week for us, though.  The Broncos won and the Ducks won, but Jeff didn’t!

Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

Tucker and I spent time together this morning while Lori was at Yoga.  He and I are getting to be chums.  I tell him he’s my favorite black dog in the whole world.  And he believes every word of it.

Bill reports that our desk/table is just about complete.  It will be so exciting to see it for the very first time.  Although our friends, Betty and Terry, have one built by the same cabinet shop, I have trouble remember exactly what it looked like.  I do remember that it was beautifully done.

Lori baked more zucchini bread today.  We delivered two more loaves to JP.  Natalia was included in today’s zucchini run, but she was at work so she took some home when she came for Maddie.  Lori’s friend, Carol, was also on the list.  Jason, Dee’s son, took one home for them yesterday, but unfortunately, their dog ate the whole thing while no one was looking.  I don’t think this was Zoey’s first offense.  Who knows what else she has eaten when no one was looking.

We took the dogs to “grass hill” to romp around for awhile.  We had driven over there because of the heat.  After the pups played for about 20 minutes, we took a walk on a shaded walkway.  Roundtrip, we walked for about half a mile.  Lori is use to walking a lot, but that was good for me!

We worked on craft projects this evening.  That is always a pleasant way to spend our time.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

September 5, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

Happy Birthday, Connor!

Bill called this morning to say that, once he got over the shock of his impending trip to the craft store, he decided to get “tough” and go on and get it over with.  I don’t think it was as painful as he thought it was going to be.  Brave Bill!

Between yoga and walking Tucker, Lori found time to make zucchini bread.  The house smelled so-o-o-o good.  Later in the afternoon, we went to deliver loaves to several people.  One went to JP.  He came out to the car at his break.  He loves zucchini bread, as does Natalia, who also got a loaf of the yummy bread.

Alex, Lori’s Deputy Sheriff friend, has had a sad day today.  She had to have their dog put down.  Maybe a homemade treat helped a bit.  It was a sad time!

Lori and I met Karen T. and Candi at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  We have all known each other since JP was in Kindergarten.  Their kids have gone up through the grades together.  It was good to have a visit.

We ended the day watching the Broncos play the Ravens in Denver.  The Broncos won!!!!!  Yippy, Skippy!  That was a good birthday present...right Connor?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

The weather seemed cooler today than yesterday.  There was a nice breeze blowing through the windows.  I was wearing a sweater and was quite comfortable.

When Lori got back from yoga, she took Tucker for a walk.  When they got back, we went to Michael’s.  We were looking for white plastic discs to use as the base for our alcohol ink creations.  We weren’t able to find anything even close to the ones we got in Springfield.  We will continue the hunt.

We went to a small Mexican place for lunch.  The food was good, the price was reasonable, and we were able to eat in their outdoor area in the shade.  Tucker was with us.  He’s such a good puppy.  He lay down beside the table and behaved himself.  When Bill gets here we will take him there for lunch and hope he will behave as well as Tucker did.  If so, we’ll let GP sit at the table!

We picked Maddie up on our way home.  Natalia had gone to work, so we snatched the little critter up and went back to the apartment.  She loves being here with Tucker.  However, we aren’t sure how Tuck would vote on the matter!  But he is tolerant!

Late this afternoon I called the Ben Franklin Crafts store in Springfield.  Yesterday, I had called to inquire about the white plastic discs that I had purchased there last year.  I was told they no longer had them.  They had been clearanced out, but if I called back today after 10:00 I could see if Amber, in the bead department, knew where I could get some of them.

Amber was most helpful, saying she would check in the stock room and call me back.  Fifteen minutes later, she called to say she had found some and would put them back for me.  I also ask her to add a couple more bottles of alcohol ink.  Then I called Bill to ask him to go to Springfield to the craft store (I think I could feel him shutter via the phone), go to the bead department (this time I think I heard him pass out from fear),  and retrieve the package for us.  Brave soul that he is, he said he would enter the unknown of that forbidden place.  What a brave, brave guy!

Tomorrow will be Connor’s 17th birthday.  I can’t even begin to describe how ancient I feel.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

I “dog sat” with Tucker this morning.  At noon Natalia and Lori went to a new bowling league.  I was in charge of both Tucker and Maddie.  I’m getting as much puppy playing time in as I can.

Lori had to go to the office to make out payroll.  The pups and I stayed in the car.  It only took her 15 minutes.  From there we went to Natalia and Mario’s for dinner.  She made a really good pasta, meat, and cheese dish.  Lori took cheesecake and Halloween cookies.  We were all very well fed.

We watched Family Feud.  Natalia is really good at coming up with answers.  I hadn’t seen that program in a long time.  No one was wearing cowboy hats.  Imagine that, GP.  Hm-m-m-m!

We made a quick trip to Beverly’s Craft Store before going home.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

The In-N-Out total has now risen to two!  Yum, yum!

We went for hamburgers for a late lunch.  Tucker was with us, so of course, he had a hamburger, also.  He’s very fond of In-N-Out, just like the rest of us.  Actually, he likes burgers anywhere he can get them, but we’ll excuse him for that minor transgression.  He’s just a pup!

I brought several colors of alcohol ink with me.  Lori and I had wanted to do some experimenting with it, so today was the day.  We got some good results.  When we have time to go to some craft stores we’ll get more supplies and work with it some more.  It is fun to have someone to “play” with.

Natalia, Mario, and Maddie came for a visit late in the afternoon.  They all decided to go out for sushi, but I chose to stay home and “puppy sit.”  Sushi isn’t one of my favorites, so the dogs were as good an excuse as I needed.

It was warmer today than yesterday and it was humid.  Probably not humid by Brent’s standards in Mississippi, but we all felt the difference.  We hope this doesn’t become the norm.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013---Lori’s Apartment, Pleasant Hill, California

After breakfast, showers, yoga and Tucker-walking, Lori and I went to the grocery store.  On the way home we went by Subway to get lunch.   We sat and watched a cooking show while we ate our sandwiches.

Last night JP told us about an old house we might like to tour.  The house is in Benica and is 150 years old.  He called to say we could take a tour at 3 o'clock.  He, Lori and I went for the tour.   It was very interesting.  We learned some interesting facts about the area and the house the Fischer family built.  It was a really good tour.

When we got home I rested while Lori and Tucker went for a long walk.

For dinner, Lori grilled salmon.  It was delicious.  She also had fresh corn and a tomato mozzarella salad.  It was all very, very good. We had happy, happy tummies.

Tonight, Tucker sat beside me on the sofa.  I spent about 20 minutes scratching his back and around his velvet ears.  Once, when I stopped, he put his nose under my hand, which translates to "don't stop."  Of course, when he left me, he curled up beside Lori.  And that's as it should be!  But I was thrilled that for awhile I was the chosen one.