Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30, 2015---Michelle’s House

Bill and I were both rather tired this morning.  He took a  midmorning nap.  I decided that sounded like a good idea, so I lay down to rest.  I’m not sure if I went to sleep or not, but I did spend some time reading.

This afternoon, I had an appointment to have some adjustments made on my hearing aid.  We are both just getting use to adjusting them, etc.  It really is great to be able to hear what’s being said on my left side as well as the right side.

We watched the beginning of the NFL draft with Michelle’s crew. They know so much more about what is going on, especially with the Broncos.  And they were really up on the college players who were being drafted.

Before going to bed, Bill pulled the slide in.  It has rained off and on today, and he doesn’t like to have the slide out if the weather is “iffy.”

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015---Michelle’s House

This morning I had a very “serious” appointment in Ft. Collins.  I had to have some more testing as a result of the mammogram done last week.  It was a concern, but everything turned out OK.  We are relieved, to say the least.

Before returning home we stopped at Walmart for some shopping.  It had been several weeks since I had been to Walmart and I had quite a list.

Not long after we got back to the MH, David came for therapy.  We took a fairly long walk.  I was really tired when we got home, but it was good to be out.  

Michelle has been off work for a week since her surgery.  Tomorrow, she goes back on duty.  I think she kind of dreads it.  Hopefully, she will be able to take a short rest during the day if she needs it.

Tonight, after dinner, Bill and I went to watch Natalia bowl.  She has such a smooth delivery it is fun to watch her.  It is hard to believe she is “self taught.”  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015---Michelle’s House

We stayed home this morning.  Bill is fighting a cold and spent quite a bit of time resting.  I still have a cough, but it is much, much better.  I spent part of the morning doing book work.  Now that tax time is past, I have lots of other “office” work to do.

After lunch, I went to the beauty shop to have my hair washed and curled.  I am putting off getting a perm until just before we leave the area in June.  Because of this, a curl doesn’t stay in very long.  The only good thing about my hair now is that it is nearly completely white.  I really like the color of it.

I remember when it was my first year of college and I first found a few white hairs.  I mentioned it in a letter to my mother.  She said since I was so excited about it, I could have a few of her’s and she taped three white hairs to the margin of the letter.

Michelle and I went to Fort Collins to see Matthew’s track meet.  It  was cold and the wind was blowing.  We watched his discus event.  His best throw was 90 feet 6 inches.  I don’t think that was good enough for him to “place,” but it was one of his best throws.  We didn’t stay to see how he did in the shot put.  It was just too cold.

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015---Michelle’s House

I am positive winter has come back to the Rockies.  Not because it is snowing, but because it is cold and damp.  It just feels like winter.  Br-r-r-r-r-r!

Lindsey came this morning.  She only comes once a week now, so we had a lot to talk about.  David came just after she left.  We wanted to go for a walk, but not in the cold and damp.  Hopefully, things will warm up and we can walk the next time he comes.  He worked on some of my balance issues with me.

I had an appointment with Dr. Sears at 2:45.  He is a gastroenterology.  He went over my records from Mississippi.  Some of their diagnosis he didn’t agree with.  He had some suggestions for me.  We had meant to go to Walmart on the way home, but I was too tired.

Hapa and Joey came for doggie play today.  I was resting and reading when Meredith came to collect them.  Hapa came to the MH and jumped up on the bed with me.  She is so fluffy!  Very good for snuggling.

My hearing aids are working well for me.  Bill is getting very good at putting them in correctly.  We go back on Thursday to have them checked.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015---Michelle’s House

It was cold like winter all day today, so it was a good day to tell more about JoAnn.  

JoAnn loved bacon.  She told me so, but when I shared my bacon with her the first morning she seemed puzzled.  I didn’t share again...mainly because I didn’t get any more bacon.  From then on, I had terrible food for breakfast...grits!  Ugh!

One day a nurse was there with her, watching her eat breakfast.  JoAnn poured her Cherrios into a bowl and poured water on them.  The nurse asked her why and she said because she didn’t have any milk.  That was a fact.  I don’t know if she had milk on her tray the next morning or not, but sometimes she did make sense.

She knew that I had a very nice daughter-in-law...Meredith.  One entire day she talked about Meredith, Bill’s wife.  That night, I told her who Meredith was and who Bill was.  It was as if I was talking to a stone wall.  It must have sunk in though, because the next day it was not mentioned, even though Meredith was there.

One afternoon, she told me that Isis was hiding in the bushes not far outside of window.  She and I had to keep watch for any activity.  We did, but were not under attack.

Two different times, a therapist ask her to name a fruit that started like apple.  JoAnn insisted it was “orange” and wouldn’t change her mind.  That was curious, as far as I was concerned.

Some days were more interesting than others.  One day a guy in a wheelchair came in.  He was not only from the “permanent” residence section, but he was her husband...What?  First time I had heard of him.  She spent half an hour telling him she was going to get a divorce.  He didn’t have much to say.  A half hour after he rolled out of the room, a woman came in yelling and carrying on.  It was JoAnn’s stepdaughter.  She wasn’t happy about the divorce situation.  We never saw either one of those two again.  JoAnn’s daughter came a couple of times, but it was hard to carry on a conversation with her.

One night, she told me that the next day she would tell me where the body was hidden.  But, alas, my family “sprang” me the next day, so I guess I will never know the answer to that.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015---Michelle’s House

As Bill and I have traveled these last few years, we have met some very “Ionic” people. I think in the interest of entertainment, I will tell you about a lady we met in Mississippi just a few months ago. .

Her name was JoAnn.  She was to be my roommate in the rehab center in Brandon.  When I first checked in, my room wasn’t ready yet.  This seemed rather odd since it was already 3:30 in the afternoon.  The cleanup crew had had plenty of time.

JoAnn, probably in her late 60s, was watching all the activity.  She didn’t have much to say.  That would soon change.  She began to talk and didn’t stop.  In fact, she talked all night!  I mean she literally talked all night.  I learned most everything about JoAnn, such as her house was the largest in the area, but she couldn’t live there anymore because renters had trashed it.  I know that is a distinct possibility, but her son and his family were able to live there.  

She never lied.  She always told the truth.  She had lots of guns and was the best marksman in the area.  When she found out that Connor wanted to learn to weld, she told Bill she was an excellent of the best in the area.

She told the nurse that she could escape from the room any time she wanted, even if the windows were of extra the thick glass.  She said the facility was a motel at one time...possibile but not probable.

The second night, she didn’t talk much, but ever so often, things would pop out of her mouth.  She liked the Methodist Church better than the Baptist, who talked too much.  She should know.  I usually didn’t go back to sleep but stayed awake thinking about the things she talked about.  She told me not to worry.  She was going to take me with here.

It gets more interesting and elaborate, but I will save that for tomorrow night.

Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015---Michelle’s House

We had no appointments today.  First “clear” day for us in a long time.  Bill was busy, of course, and I was lazy.  Nothing new there, of course.  

For lunch, we had leftover chicken pot pie from KFC.  It is really good, even from yesterday.  That’s our kind of meal...”free” meal.

Michelle continues to improve.  I am not much help, but Bill is taking over his share.  And Joshua has been a big help to Michelle.  He runs errands for her and gives Tippy extra attention.

I went into the house at 4:30 and sat with Michelle.  She was in the den, sitting on the sofa and I had the chair and ottoman.  Tippy took turns with who to sit by.  There usually isn’t much chance with Michelle around, but he did let me be part of the group.  He is turning into a feisty, lovable pooch.  He’s very happy go lucky and thinks the world belongs to him!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23, 2015---Michelle’s House

Michelle was better today.  She got a good night’s sleep, according to Ron.  I think Tippy took good care of her all night long.  Hapa came this afternoon and claimed the job.  Joey made sure the rest of the house was in order and running smoothly.

I had an appointment  at 10:00 at the Medical Center of the Rockies for a mammogram.  As we walked down a long hall, there was shouting coming from the other end...”get security!...and a group of people piling on a person, who was lying quite still.  My wheelchair was quickly whisk down another hallway. 

Bill said a woman was at the center of the hubbub, but he didn’t have any more information.  His skills are a bit limited when it comes to getting the facts.  We are going to have to have to work on this at some point.

We ate Chicken Pot Pies at KFC before anymore snooping was undertaken.  We don’t like to snoop on an empty stomach.

This afternoon, I took a nap, of course.  Ron cooked hamburgers for dinner.  They are always good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015---Michelle's.

 April 22, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland.

Another busy day for us!  I ask Bill to get me up at 8:00.  I had things to do before my busy day actually started.

Well! I got up shortly after 8:00, but accomplished “Nada” until after 9:00.  I had various things on my “list,” didn’t get many things crossed off.  Bill thinks it was a lot of waste of time, and I agree with him.

I had at least managed to get myself ready.  And when Ron and Michelle got ready to go for Michelle’s “procedure” at the Fort Collins Immediate Care Center, I was ready to go with them.

Michelle was a good patient and came through with flying colors.  I did what little I could and before long we three were back in Loveland.

Bill had fixed meatloafand baked potatoes for dinner.  It was good for us to have dinner ready with no waiting.

Time to post and go to bed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland.

Today was a busy day for these two old geezers.  At 11:00, I had an appointment with the hearing specialist to have my hearing aids checked.  Bill wanted another lesson on how to put them in my ears.  Sometimes, I can manage them OK, but Bill usually does a better job that I do.  I will eventually have it mastered, but for now I am struggling.

I really do like the aids we picket out.  It is good to hear what is being said on all sides of me.

We had to make a stop at Dr. Huneycutt’s office before going to lunch.  He wanted to check me out after my latest fall.  I ask for a Rx for cough medicine.  I had several coughing spells during the night last night.  Maybe I can get that situation calmed down now.

Tomorrow, Michelle has some kind of surgery...something female. She will be off work for a week, I think.  I’m afraid I won’t be much help to her, but maybe I can keep the boys motivated and going in the right direction.  That can be a daunting task.

Tonight, I had my blog just about ready to post.  I accidentally erased it and had to start all over.  That was so discouraging.  Ugh!

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland.

Sometime during the night we had snow.  It was pretty when we 
got up, but it soon melted.  Drats!

Felt some better this morning.  Maybe the snow cheered me up.

While I stayed in with the pups and Michelle, Grandpa went driving with Connor.  Today’s lesson included some Interstate driving and a trip to Costco for gasoline and Kleenex.  Bill reports that Connor is a very good driver.

Hapa took charge of me as soon as I went into the house.  She has to remind Tippy that I am her property and her responsibility.  There is never any question of it.  Tippy doesn’t “talk” back.

Lindsey came while I was still in the house.  She has been gone for a week.  It was a family medical emergency so I understood, but I really did miss her.

David came after lunch.  He was very upset about the new bruise on my chin.  He hasn’t been able to figure out why these thinigs keep happening to me.  I wish he didn’t take things so personally.  He’s kind of like Hapa.  I’m his property and his responsibility.

I was able to eat more food today.  Yesterday I had no appetite.  Today I was doing a better job.  Bill was happy.  He doesn’t like it when I don’t eat.  I keep losing weight.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015--

April 19, 2015--

Last night's blog didn't post, and I didn't feel up to trying to figure it out.  I should have turned it over to Lori.

During the night I had an incident and ended up with a big bruise on my chin.

It has been a rough day today.  I can always hope tomorrow will be better.

Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015--At Michelle’s House, In the Rain.

Rain has been falling all day is just what the doctor ordered.  The plant doctor, that is.  This area hasn’t had much moisture for several months.  This slow rain will be so good for the lawns, flowers, and gardens.

I am still sick...pesky cough and sore throat.

I spent four hours in the emergency room tonight.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 16, 2015--Michelle’s Driveway in Loveland, CO.

Michelle sent me a text at 8:00 to tell me it had just started snowing.  I think Bill grounded her for spreading ugly rumors.  

At 9:00 Bill took me to the beauty shop to get my hair washed and set.  When he came to get me the snow was still falling.

We went to downtown Loveland to a Mexican restaurant that had been recommended to us.  It was good, but not exceptional as we had been led to believe.  We went from there to the Library.  I was in need of reading material.

We drove by the new restaurant where Joshua and Meredith will work as soon as it opens.  They have both gone to several staff meetings.

Back home for naps was the order of the day.  I went to sleep really quickly and slept for about two hours.  I am so relieved to have our taxes finished.  They still have to be checked by “the powers that be, I’ll try not to worry about that.

I am beginning to have a cough and sore throat.  UGH!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015--Michelle’s Driveway in Loveland, CO.

Today marks 55 years of marriage for these two wanderers.  Bill got up from his morning nap and said he couldn’t believe he had lived this long and that I wasn’t in prison...for his “justified homicide!”  The thought never actually crossed my mind, but there’s still time.  And it might come sooner than later if he ever wakes me before “dawn,” even to say happy anniversary!

David came soon after noon.  The weather wasn’t good so we couldn’t go for a walk.  Keeping in mind that I am still very cautious as a result of my fall last week, David worked with me on balance issues.  All went well as long as he was there to catch me.  But on my own, it wasn’t too good.

Some of you who have known the two of us for several years may remember the story about our 50th anniversary.  We had friends who went to China for their 50th and another couple who went to Hawaii.  I asked Bill where he was going to take me for our upcoming 50th.  He said, “Well, I am going to take you to Burger King, and you can have your own hamburger and you can super size the fries and the drink.”  What a guy, eh?

Well, Meredith and Michelle were going to take us to a good bar-b-cue place, but Meredith had to work late so Michelle took us out for Burger King, where else!?  Joshua wouldn’t go because he doesn’t like BK.  Matthew went with us to keep us entertained.  We had a good time.  When we got back to the MH, Meredith brought us a box of tiny cupcakes.  They were really good and it was nice to have something to serve everyone who came by to say “Happy Anniversary!”

The good news was that the IRS accepted our Turbo Tax meager offering.  So we made the deadline!  Yippy, Skippy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

This was a really busy day for us.  I spent a lot of time working on our 2014 Income taxes.  There is bound to be an easier way to do it, but I couldn’t figure how to do it without the threat of prison time.

At 2:15 this afternoon, Bill took me to see Dr. Huneycutt.  My head continues to hurt from the fall I took last Friday night.  He has ordered some more tests to be done at the University of Colorado Medical Center.  I won’t know which tests will be performed until the hospital call with my appointment time.

Michelle and I spent about three hours working on our Turbo Tax.   We e-filed so we will see how much of it will need to be reworked.  We had one day to spare.  I have never been so late getting them done.  What a chore!

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

At 11:00, I went to get my hearing aid’s.  It took quite a bit of time to get them set for my ears.  I will go back in a week to see if any adjustment need to be made.

David came at 2:15.  I told him about falling on Friday night.  He was really concerned about the bump on my head.  After much discussion, we decided I need to go see Dr. Huneycutt to get his opinion of needed treatment.  When I was in Jackson at the University of Mississippi Medical School, I was told that if I had a head injury, I would need to have it checked to make sure there wasn’t any bleeding in the brain.  I am on blood thinner medicine and any kind of head injury could be serious.

Meredith remembered those instructions, but I didn’t.  One of my many “brain fades.”  Just in case, I will visit Dr. Huneycut tomorrow.  I need to get a urine specimen checked to see if the UTI is cleared, so I can take care  of that tomorrow, also.

It took a little time getting the aids out.  It will take some practice, but I could definitely see the advantage of them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

Michelle and Matthew got home from California very late last night.  She fixed waffles and bacon for breakfast.  This is just one of the reasons it is good to have her back. (Insert happy face here).

I spent quite a bit of time today working on our taxes.  Just three day to go.  I can see a light at the tunnel.  Bret Maverick's old pappy always said that’s when you want to change tracks.  I hope it isn’t too late.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a very busy week.  Maybe I should try to catch that train.  Bill just told me there is a possibility of snow Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I don’t know who started that vicious rumor!

At 2:00, we went to Meredith and Dwaine’s for a back yard barbecue.  It was nice enough to sit outside to eat, but before long the wind began to blow so we moved inside.

We are enjoying the sunset coming later every night.  This is one of our favorite times of year.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

I was quite sore this morning from my “gooney bird landing” last night.  I knew I had banged my head, but I didn’t know until this morning that there was some blood involved.  More fun and games for us.

There was a garage sale about two blocks from here, so Bill and I walked down to check it out.  I had money in my pocket, but didn’t spend any of it.  I didn’t see anything that was even tempting!  

Meredith and the pups came just as we finished eating lunch.  She and Joshua took all three dogs for a fast walk.  I had planned to walk around the block with them when they got back, but the wind had began to blow and it was too cold for me to even sit on the patio and watch Meredith and the dogs play fetch.

We sat in the house and talked for a while, but when Meredith needed to go home, Bill and I went back to the MH to watch the Saturday night race from Texas.

So for all of you NASCAR fans out there...Jimmie Johnson won.  Yea!

Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015---Chadron, Nebraska to Loveland, Colorado

April 10, 2015---Chadron, Nebraska to Loveland, Colorado

Super Driver woke up early, so he started driving South.  I slept most of the time.  Our first stop was at Cabala's in Sidney, Nebraska.

We have stopped at this store several times before.  This time we noticed some changes to their area.  It has really expanded, including the parking area.  There is also a campground with a large play area.  A large building has been built as a distribution center.

If you should ever be lucky enough to visit this store, be sure to go up to the balcony.  They have framed every cover from their catalogues.  It is a beautiful display.

We drove into Colorado about half an hour later.  Of course, there was much honking and yahooing.  After stopping at Burger King for lunch, we took a backroad to Tinmeth.  Costco is located there and Bill wanted to fill the coach tanks with diesel.

We drove on to Michelle’s to see if our spot on the driveway was still available.  It was and within a few minutes we had the MH parked and things inside back in the proper places.

I was really tired from the trip, and had two really close calls involving the steps going into the motorhome.  I just seemed very weak.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015---Chadron, Nebraska

We made our way across town this morning and did some grocery shopping at Walmart.  We wanted food to make our journey back to Loveland by Saturday.

I thought we needed to be back for appointments with the nurse and PT on Monday.  Then I discovered my appointment for the hearing aids was also on Monday, rather than Wednesday.  My memory problems got me in another pickle.  I will have to make some calls tomorrow to see if I can get some things straightened out.

Bill enjoyed honking the air horns when we crossed into Nebraska.  He just loves doing that.  And I did a fairly good job of my part.  We are both kind of out of practice since my being sick has kind of delayed our crossing many state lines.

We parked at Walmart and enjoyed a restful evening.  It was nice to relax.

Our time in South Dakota was not especially interesting.  We did, however, accomplish our main driver’s license renewal.  The cold, wind, and dampness didn’t allow us time to “play” tourist.  I will try to do a better job when we come back this way in June.  I didn’t take any pictures of the fog and rain. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8, 2015---Rapid City, South Dakota

There was a heavy fog hanging in this morning when we got up.  We had planned an early appearance at the DMV, but decided on delaying until the fog lifted. The DMV had been open for about an hour, but there wasn’t a waiting line.  I’d guess we weren’t the only ones leery about driving in thick fog.

I had to fill out an application form.  I was next in line.  The man processing my application was a sour puss, but by the time he gave me my new license, he had a smile on his face and was chuckling a bit.

We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and then went home.  It was cold and rainy and kept at it for most of the day.  Some of the weather stations had predicted snow, but it never materialized.  Bill was happy about that.

Since we feel certain that we will be in this area again, we decided to delay our trip to Custer State Park until we can have nicer weather.

We watched “The Man From Snowy River” tonight.  It is one of our favorites and it had been several years since we have seen it.  We never seem to get tired of the pretty scenery in it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015---Rapid City, South Dakota

We were up early this morning, getting the motorhome ready to leave the driveway and head for South Dakota.  My home health nurse came early.  Meredith came, also, and the pups, who had to stay in the car because they are so possessive of me.

Soon after Lindsey left, we were “on the road again.”  I’m sure Willie Nelson was glad to see us singing his song.  It has been a while!

We forgot to eat breakfast, so just before we entered Wyoming, (Honk! Honk!  Yahoo!) we stopped.  Bill had a banana and got a chocalate shake for me.  When I was hospitalized in Mississippi, I had Ensure a lot.  It was either that or grits.  Not a hard choice for me.  Bill shook it to mix it and then “set” the lid back on.  Guess what?!  I shook it, also, like I usually do, and we had chocolate shake many places where it shouldn’t be.  What a mess!?  I am certainly glad I’m not trying to win any popularity contests today.  I wouldn’t have a chance. 

We got to Rapid City at about 4:30.  Super Driver put the pedal to the metal...364 miles.  I spent the afternoon napping.  I missed the State Line Celebration into South Dakota.

We went to the campground at our mail forwarding service.  That will give us proof of “residence.”  We’ll need that when we go to the DMV to renew my driver’s license.

Natalia took Wally last night.  I must confess...I miss the little fellow!

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

Another beautiful day in Colorado.  David came at noon and we took a walk.  Last week I extended the distance.  We did the same route today.  I was tired when we got back to the MH, but not as much as after yesterday’s walk.

We took a sack of things to the Habitat Thrift Store.  Afterwards we went to Sam’s Club for gasoline and ice cream.  When we got back home, we began doing some small jobs in preparation of leaving tomorrow for Rapid City, SD.  

This afternoon, Ron, Joshua, and Connor went to track workout.  When they got home after 7:00, they brought supper from Arby’s.  While we were eating, we watched the basketball playoff game.  Bill had recorded the game and Dancing With The Stars.  We watch the dancing, while occasionally switching to the game to see who was ahead.

Both programs finished at about the same time.  We switched back to see Duke win the game and back to DWTS to watch the very end of it.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  There was lots of activity in the neighborhood.  Several families had picnics.  It was a perfect day for gatherings.

I took Wally across the street to visit Pat.  She had never seen a live hedgehog.  She was very impressed.  We brought him back to the motorhome and let him play on the sofa.  He was in a very playful mood.  He seems to be getting use to me.  He’s not a bit shy.

Meredith brought the pups over to play.  We all went on a walk.  When we got back home we sat in the sun and watched the three dogs play.  Meredith put water in the kiddy pool.  Hapa loves playing in the water.  Joey will get in if he tennis ball lands in the water.  Tippy avoids the water if at all possible.  Meredith is determined to get him in the pool this summer,  and he is just as determined to stay out.  We’ll see who is the victor!

Ron grilled chicken, vegetables, and corn for dinner tonight.  It was all really good.  The boys went downstairs when they had eaten, but Bill and I stayed at the table and visited with Ron for quite awhile.

When Bill and I got back to the MH, we worked on tax things.  Good progress was made by both of us.  Yippy, Skippy!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

I didn’t even go out of the motorhome today.  I was tired and I took several short naps.  The thing I really needed to do was work on taxes, and I didn’t.  Time is drawing to a close on that chore.

I watched both games of the Final Four in College basketball.  They are the first games I have watched this year.  We are missing having football to occupy our minds.  Usually we fill in with NASCAR, but they have an off day because of Easter.

I received a card and note from my friend, Betty.  She lives in the area where Jimmie Johnson lives.  He is one of our favorite drivers.  His hometown had a big celebration in his honor.  That would be great to go to, but I will have to rely on a secondhand report from Betty.  By the way, she is Sammy’s “mother.”  He is one of my furry acquaintances that we have met in our travels.

Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer.  If so, I must go for a walk.  No wind would be nice, also.  I certainly am a “fair weather walker” these days.

Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

We are having a new experience.  While Natalia is in California, Bill and I are “hedgehog sitting.”  Wally is so cute, but he really isn’t too much of a “hands on pet.”  Ouch!  Actually, once I pet him, he doesn’t put his quills out.

While his cage was being cleaned, I put him on the sofa.  I think he liked being there.  He had so many places to explore...under the pillows, and the blanket.  Once he went to the edge and looked over.  It must if looked “way down,” because he went back to the safety of his towel.

I need to find somewhere to hide.

This might be a good place.No one will notice an extra lump, will they?

Yesterday, I opened the curtain so Wally could see it snowing!  He has a pink plastic igloo that he spends most of his time in.  I thought he needed to see what the real stuff was like.  I’m sure he was impressed, but Bill doesn’t think so.

We had blue skies all day.  Nothing falling from the sky...except sunshine.  Does that count?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

Well, here I am again...and that’s no joke!  

At 9:30 this morning, both Bill and I went to the beauty shop.  He really needed a haircut and I really needed to be curled.  By the time we both got finished, rain had started to fall.

By the time we got home, the rain had turned to snow.  Because Oscar, the Grouch, can’t stand more snow, he called it “soft water.”  Whatever it is called, it lasted past bedtime.  Sometimes it was lite, but most of the time it was big fluffy flakes.  It melted just about as fast as it landed, but from 7:00 on, it was sticking.  This is suppose to continue tomorrow.  We are glad for the snow because it has been really dry lately.  We need the moisture.

Tomorrow, Michelle and Matthew fly to California.  It is Spring Break, and Michelle has a trade show in San Francisco.  They will be there for a week.

Bill and I had planned to go to South Dakota tomorrow, but decided to put it off a few days because of the weather.  I have to renew my driver’s license before my birthday in May.

I am working each day on our income taxes, but I still have a ways to go.  All this sickness has really slowed me down.  But hopefully, we won’t have to apply for an extension.  That is something I have never had to do.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015---Michelle’s house in Loveland, CO.

It is hard for me to write this blog tonight.  I knew the time was coming and I would have to stop writing, but I had hoped I would be able to hang on a little longer.

I am having so many health issues and they just keep coming.  I have appreciated the times Lori has taken over for me, and I thank all of you who have encouraged me.

By the way, April Fool’s...................................... I’ll be right back here tomorrow!