Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

The weather this morning was mild and overcast.  Today was a date on my “must cache” list.  We left the house before 9:00, found one cache quickly, stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, and found seven more before going back home.  

One of the caches was at a large convenience/fuel stop place.  In front of this complex were three life size sculptures of longhorn bulls.  In my search for the “treasure” I got up close and personal with the south end of a bull going north.  Yikes!

Soon after getting back to the coach the rain started.  After about an hour, the storm passed through the area and we continued our eastward trek.  Soon we left Texas and crossed into Louisiana.  Honk, honk! Yahoo!  

We parked at Walmart in Shreveport, LA.  At six there was a geocachers’ meeting for Leap Day.  We were at a beautiful water front park on the Red River.  The mosquitoes were after Bill (He’s not that sweet!) so we didn’t stick around after the event, but we had a good time with a group of about 40 people for “29” minutes.

Today’s Travel Totals: Mileage, 65---Geocaches, 9

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

This morning Bill went to M&G to have a pressure valve installed in
the Honda auxiliary braking system.  I chose to miss the fun and shop at Walmart instead.

We met back at the motorhome to set out on the caching trail.  We found five before deciding it was time to eat lunch and get on the road.

At one of the caches we learned that Athens is the black-eyed pea capital of the world.  Isn’t knowledge just a terrific thing.  That little tidbit of information might come in handy someday.       

Our travels today took us to Longview, in the northeastern part of Texas.  We parked at Walmart and settled in for the evening.  Well after dark, trains started going by...on a regular basis.  Ugh!

Today’s Travel Totals: Mileage, 72---Geocaches, 5

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

The sky was gray and there was a light mist when we left Stephenville this morning.  We changed our plans and are going into the Ft. Worth area in quest of an In-N-Out...Our last chance as we head east.  There will be no more chances until we get back to the West Coast, probably in the fall.

We parked at Sam’s Club in Grand Prairie and back tracked four miles to In-N-Out.  Yippy, Skippy!  It tasted so-o-o-o good!  And to top it off there was a cache fairly close.

As luck would have it, there was another cache in Sam’s parking lot, so we logged it before going home.  After allocating 15 minutes for Bill to “inspect the inside of his eyelids,” we continued our journey eastwardly.

We went to a small town called Gun Barrel City, Texas.  Yes, that’s what I said...Gun Barrel City.  And where else, but in Texas.

It was named after Gun Barrel Lane which got its name during the 1920s and ‘30s when outlaws frequented the area. It was considered a safe backwoods place during Prohibition when the likes of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker hung out in the area.  A local resident, Mr. C. L. Wait, lived along the road and was known for sitting at the window of his house with a shotgun sticking out the window. It was his way of deterring those he deemed unwelcome on this back country road.

When the town was incorporated years later, it was named Gun Barrel City.  Yee haw!  We logged three caches before traveling to  Athens and parking at Walmart.  Before sunset we found three more caches.  Today was a busy day!

Today’s Travel Totals: Today’s mileage, 186---Geocaches, 8---Critter sightings, 12 lamas

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

The weather was sunny, but very windy this morning.  Its not the kind of day we like to cache, so we stayed home and watched some of the pre NASCAR program on TV.

Billy and Betty came at 1:00 and, after visiting for a half hour, we went out for lunch and had more time to talk.

Billy wasn’t feeling well and Bill was sleepy so Betty and I took them to their respective houses.  Betty and I made a few stops (Sonic was the main one) before going to a baby shower for one of Betty’s coworkers.  I didn’t know any of the people, but I had a good time anyway.

I spent part of this evening working on a beading project.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing something creative.

The rest of the evening I worked on taxes.  Now that was a pain.  No fun at all!  Boo, hiss!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

Wild Bill was up and on the road at 7:00.  Guess where I was?!  Yep!  You’re right, and lovin’ every minute of it.  I was asleep so I can’t be absolutely sure how much I loved it.

Our destination for today was Stephenville and Wally World.  Bill’s niece and nephew, Betty and Billy, live in Stephenville.  We try to swing by here to see them when we can.

Betty came by for a visit after we got parked at Walmart.  We had a lot of catching up to do.  Her family is strung out like ours and she has four kids, same as we do.

Because of their extremely busy schedule we sent Betty home to get some extra rest.  We’ll spend Sunday with both of them.

We went caching, but the cold wind made it unpleasant.  We were able to find one before the cold got to us.

Today’s Travel Totals: Today’s mileage, 247--Geocaches, 1.

Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

When Bill left our overnight spot at Sam’s Club in El Paso at 7:00 this morning, he left me in bed asleep.  He went through a Border Patrol checkpoint without confessing that I was in the back.  Does that mean I’m illegal?  Hm-m-m-m!  Actually, they waved Bill on so I guess I’m OK.

Soon after stopping at a Van Horn Rest Area for breakfast we got onto I-20.  This area of Texas is just miles and miles of miles and miles!  We are now in the Central Time Zone.

We passed Pecos, a small town of about 8,000.  The town’s “claim to fame” is the site of the world’s first rodeo on July 4, 1883.

The Walmart in Midland, TX was our stop for the night.  After Bill rested and I went in to do a little shopping, we went in search of Rattlesnake Raceway, owned by Jim Hall.  We both raced our bug-eyed Sprite there in the early 60s.  Bill raced more than I did, but one time we were there to race as a team.  With the helmet and all the other gear on it was hard to tell which one of us was in the car.  Our friend, Peewee, came up in back of me in a particularly hard part of the track.  He thought Bill was behind the wheel and was going to push him to try to make him spin.  I just stayed in my own lines and got past all those curves just fine.  When Peewee got beside me and saw that I was behind the wheel, it shook him so much that he spun his Sprite.  That taught him not to mess with me!

We weren’t able to find the track, but did pick up a cache on our way back to Walmart.

Today’s Travel Totals: Today’s mileage, 313--Geocaches, 1.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

We had meant to drive south to Bisbee this morning to see the Bee Guy, who has special knowledge about killer bees.  I had several questions that I hoped he would be able to answer.  

I wasn’t able to get in touch with him yesterday afternoon or this morning, so we decided to skip it and go on toward Mississippi, our current long range destination.

When downloading a few caches for the Benson area last night, I discovered four new caches hidden in honor of Harry, a geocacher from this area who died recently.  We had known Harry and Carol for many years, even before we all started caching.

We went by to see Carol for a bit, before going to the caches.  She gave us a hint on the hardest one.  After finding it plus several others, we got things in “go mode” and continued on I-10 to New Mexico.

I did really good with my “yahoo” as we crossed into New Mexico.  Bill, on the other hand, was silent for his part of our State Line Routine.  Before you think he is shirking his responsibilities, let me explain.  At the state line there had been a terrible wreck.  Many emergency vehicles were there.  It would’ve been inappropriate to go past with air horns blasting.  Before you feel too sorry for him, let me tell you the full story.  He had been  practicing for the last 30 miles in Arizona!  Nuf said!!

A lot of the southern part of Arizona and New Mexico, along !-10,
miles and miles of dry desert.  It is a very uninteresting place with very few human inhabitants.  I’m sure the rattlesnakes and a variety of creepy crawly things out number the people, by at least 100,000 to one.  In spite of the surroundings, towns along the way...Willcox, Lordsburg, and Deming...seem to be growing.  I wonder if the residents in psych wards out number the sound of mind population.

Usually when we cross the Continental Divide we are in mountainous country.  Not today!  It was as flat as a flitter.  It would have been interesting to know exactly how it was determined which way the water would flow, if there was any water available.

We had a tail wind since leaving Benson, until we turned south toward El Paso.  That is very unusual for us.  It has made easier driving for Bill and I have enjoyed not having the wind noise by the door.

Once we crossed into Texas (Honk, honk!  Yahoo!) we were closer to the Rio Grande River.  On the Mexico side of the river the houses were little more than hovels.  No wonder they are so desperate to get to this side.

Today’s Travel Totals: Today’s mileage, 256--Geocaches, 5.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

With Willie Nelson singing, we got “on the road again” at 8:30.  After stopping at Dateland to eat breakfast, we continued toward Casa Grande.

We parked at the Walmart in Casa Grande, unhooked the Honda, and drove east on Hwy. 287 to Wuetz Farm.  They raise a variety of things, including gourds.  That was the reason we went there.  They grow 28 varieties of gourds, in all shapes and sizes.  I bought four varieties.

Costco in Tucson was our next stop.  While Bill got some gasoline in the Honda I went in to buy Kleenex.  I’m sure I owe half of what I bought to Michelle.

Our parking place for the night was Walmart in Benson, AZ.

Today’s Travel Totals: Today’s mileage, 283

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Today was a different kind of day for us.  Probably because we didn’t do any caching.  That hasn’t happened in quite a while.

Early this morning, Bill went to do our laundry.  The dryers were pathetic so he came home with damp clothes.  We had garments hanging all over the coach.  Bonnie said it looked like a Chinese laundry.

We did some more chores before going to Walmart.  Tomorrow we leave Yuma and head east, so we needed a few groceries for the beginning of the trip.

Our friend, Todd McAllister, had surgery yesterday.  Bonnie said he really complained about the liquid diet they had him on.  He doesn’t like broth, Jello, and juice.  He’s a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy.

Bill and I took him a “get well” balloon.  Of course, we didn’t want it to fly up to the ceiling, so I weighted it down with a box of Jello.  What?  Bill said I have a mean streak!  Hm-m-m!  Do you think?  Todd chuckled a little, but Bonnie really enjoyed it.

Todd looked great and hopes to get out of the hospital tomorrow.  

When we got home, the Meeks came by to discuss plans for the late afternoon.  Our choices were to find a couple of caches or go to dinner.  Sheila and I both voted for dinner!  Dwight said that since we will soon be out of In-N-Out territory that we should go there.  Can you believe that no one argued?

It seems that we spent a fair amount of time today saying “farewell.”

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

At 9:00 two workers came to wash and wax the coach.  It is the first time that anyone except Bill has tended to the motorhome.  It is getting harder and harder for him to keep up with the task.  Now that its all clean and tidy, he thinks he can keep up with it.  

It took them until after lunch to get the job finished.  We ate a late  lunch and then drove west on I-8 to do some caching.  There was a Power Run that started in Felicity, a small town just into California.  To call it a town is stretching the truth a bit.  

The founder of Felicity claims it as the “center of the world.”  There is a pyramid built over a “dot” marking the center.  People are invited to stand on the “dot” and make a wish.  Does all of this sound just a little far fetched?  The man who started all of this must have a never ending supply of money. 

We have visited Felicity several times in the past.  Today, the only “dot” we were concerned with was where a cache was placed, actually before getting to the town property.

We continued west on the I-8 frontage road toward Ogilby Road, finding a total of 20 caches along the way.

Before returning to Yuma, we drove to the south side of I-8 and took a back road.  We were searching for some dried plants that are the “remains” of the desert primrose.  After finding several good specimens, we headed across the desert to Yuma.

On the way west today we honked and yelled at the California state line.  Going back east two hours later, we forgot the state line routine.  We are really going to have to get our act together!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

At 8:00 this morning the McAllisters went with us to the 9th Yuma Event at a park on the Colorado River.  We met Dwight and Sheila at the event.  There were at least 400 people present.  

Our first activity of the morning was a Poker Run.  We were given coordinates to five locations where we were to collect envelopes containing playing cards.  When we had five envelopes we turned them in.  They were opened and our poker hand was displayed on a bulletin board.  We had three aces, but were beaten by a full house.  (Having raised four children we always had a full house...and were winners.)  We came in second, winning $50.  Wow!

Before we were treated to a barbecue lunch we had time to do some of the caches in the area.  And there were lots of people to visit with.  So we were well entertained until 2:00, when some us took part in the final activity...CITO.  Cashe In Trash Out was an event to clean up the area between two bridges, a distance of about a mile.  This is a public service event that Geocaching supports.

When we got back to the motorhome it was time to rest.  Afterwards, Bill finished the solar project and I took care of some computer work.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Our day started with a parade.  The Hank Days Parade is held every year to honor the person who developed the Foothills area of Yuma.  We weren’t there to watch the parade, or participate in it, but to try to get across the parade route so we could get into the main part of Yuma.  We were finally allowed across, making this our third parade for the year, I think.

Bill and I went to the Yuma Flea Market.  I went to a booth that sells used books.  It was very well organized and had lots of books.  I bought several mysteries.  

Bill was looking for a place to get water filters.  He has bought them at this market in the past.  The dealer wasn’t there this year so Bill will have to look elsewhere.  He was able to find some clips that he needed to finish the solar project.

At 2:00 we drove to Old Downtown Yuma.  The local geocaching people planned a special Flash Mob in conjunction with their Mega Event which will take place tomorrow.  The Flash Mob involved blowing soap bubbles at the fountain in Old Town Plaza.  There were probably 90 to 100 people taking part in the craziness.  

When that part was completed we went to a local restaurant for a geo-gathering.  So many people attended that we couldn’t find a place to sit.  After visiting with some of the local cachers that we have met before, we left the “madhouse.”  In-N-Out wasn’t nearly so crowded! 

Tomorrow the geo-celebration continues!

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

The sun was shining this morning and the sky was a beautiful blue.     Five of us...Dwight, Sheila, Todd, Bill, and I...set off on a special quest today.  There were two short power runs north of town that we hoped to do.

We set a record of sorts on the first one.  We found seven caches and had seven DNFs.  That is unheard of when you are caching with super caches.  We were really bummed by it all.  50% average for the morning was dreadful.  

(Later, as I was logging our visits, I discovered that four of the caches that we couldn’t find had been temporarily archived...put on hold.  That made our appalling record not quite so bad.)

We went to lunch at a farm cafe on Hwy. 95.  The food was good and we rested for awhile before starting on the next power run.  Although we were discouraged from the morning experience, we persevered.

The caches this afternoon, on the route of the Butterfield Stage Line, were named for quilt patterns.  Having been a quilter, I liked the idea.  There were 13 caches on the run and we were able to find all of them!  Yippy, Skippy!

After resting at home, we went to In-N-Out for dinner.  My reason of going there was that I needed to get a gift card for someone with a birthday next week.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

A stop a Walmart on the way back to the motorhome ended our very busy day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

We woke up to sprinkles and cooler weather.  Both continued most of the day.

Our geocaching destination with Dwight, Sheila, and Todd for this morning was Algadones, Mexico.  The first cache was at the Police Station.  Don’t worry, kids.  I didn’t get arrested.  

As I came up to the cache, one of the street vendors said that he would show me where it was.  Another one said, “I will squeeze you.”  I said, “I don’t think so.”  What he meant was “excuse me,” and he pulled the cache out of its hiding place.  I signed the log and he put it back where it belonged.  Sheila and I hugged him, but said there wouldn’t be any squeezing.  Everyone was happy as we trooped down the street to find two more caches.

The crossing back into the US was easy with our passports.  We were soon on our way to other caches in Yuma.  After lunch at Subway, we were able to snag two more caches before calling an end to the fun for the day.

Before bedtime we watched Survivor recorded from last night.  It may be an interesting show this time around.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

I had forgotten about the “noise” in Yuma.  There is a Marine Base here and the Barry Goldwater Bombing Range is on the south side of the Yuma city limits, and covers thousands and thousands of acres.  Guess what?  We are in the flight path between the two.

This morning there was no need for an alarm clock.  The “locals” call it the “sound of freedom.”  It reminds me of the Air Force Bases where Brent was stationed.  When planes would take off or land, all conversation would stop as their sounds passed overhead.  

This morning, Bill took the Honda to have some of the fluids changed...transmission and that kind of thing.  The poor little car had some rough treatment in Quartzsite so we decided it needed a big dose of TLC.

As soon as Bill got home, we left with Dwight and Sheila to do some serious caching.  We took the new road toward San Luis.  Added to the “blankets” of purple wildflowers were lots of yellow ones.  We passed a huge state prison and a National Weather Radar Station as we hunted for cache finds.  Before getting to the border town of San Luis we had found 16 geocaches with only two DNFs.  The caching was good, but the wind was a challenge.  To put it mildly, the wind was very strong!

We decided to go back in to Yuma for a late lunch at In-N-Out.  It was yummy!

After making plans for tomorrow, we went our separate ways to rest and relax.

Survivor started a new season tonight.  We recorded it and may not watch it until tomorrow.  It’s nearly bedtime!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine Day!

Bill and Todd were on the roof early, working on the solar panels.  At about 11:00 they called a break.  To Bill, that means a nap.

Those two made a lot of progress on the solar panels, coming very close to getting the project finished.  They plan to do the same type thing to the panels on Todd’s coach in the next few days, I think.

The three of us went to Sam’s Club for lunch and shopping.  Being well fortified, we went caching in the old Yuma Prison area.  We made three finds before going back to our coaches.  

Our evening was spent relaxing and watching TV.

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Bill was determined to make progress on the solar panels today so we stayed home while the Meeks and the McAllisters went geocaching.  Let me tell you, that was hard to do!

We also found time to give the Honda a good scrubbing at a car wash.  The poor little car was so dirty from being driven out onto the desert more than a few times.  I’m surprised someone hasn’t turned us in for car abuse.

Bill was able to work on the roof for several hours.  By mid afternoon the wind had increased and it was no longer safe for him to be on the roof.  Todd plans to help Bill tomorrow if the wind situation is better.

I spent my day doing some computer work and balancing our check book.  Yippy, Skippy!  It all came out even!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

We went to an early morning breakfast meeting of local cachers.  There were about 150 people there.  This is a very active geocaching area.  The plans for next weekend’s mega events were reviewed.  They have a lot of activities planned for Saturday and Sunday.

The next several hours we spent caching with the Meeks.  The good news is that we found a total of 12 geocaches.  The bad news is we had four DNFs.  Yikes!  That is unheard of when on the hunt with “super caches” like Dwight and Sheila.

The desert is covered with purple wildflowers and many cacti are in bloom.  Some have pink flowers, and the ocotillo have red flowers. The area is really pretty at this time of year.  

Of course, after all that running around in the desert, we were tired when we got home.  Nap time!

I spent the evening doing computer work for geocaching and “old what’s his name” was reading forum stuff.  Sounds like a really exciting life, doesn’t it?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012

Dwight and Sheila came for a visit this morning.  We never run out of things to talk about.  That’s the way it is with friends.  Notice that I didn’t say “old friends.”  How about friends of long standing?  That’s the four of us!

When the Meeks left to go to the grocery store, Bill and I took care of a few chores.  Since it would soon be time for lunch we decided In-N-Out was our choice for the day.  Yum, yum!

With happy tummies we went in search of some geocaches.  One was very hard to find.  Just about then Dwight called Bill on another matter, but gave a good clue as to where the cache was hidden.  It was a magnetic holder attached to a storm drain.  Even with that help it was still difficult to get to because there was a car parked over the drain.  In spite of that set back, Bill was able to reach far enough to retrieve the cache.

We found four more caches before going to Walmart for a few groceries.  When we got guessed it!  Naps!

We visited with Pat and Jim Sicilia for awhile in the evening.  Bonnie and Ardene Martin came for some chat time, too.  We are all making up “talk time,” knowing that when we part company it may be months or longer before we will cross paths again.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

Bill spent most of the morning working on our solar panels.  He plans to rewire them.  Today he took them all apart.  I don’t know what is involved in the process, but he seems to know.  That’s all that’s important.

At 1:00 we met with a group of Country Coach owners for lunch at Mimi’s.  Most of the others were from the Seattle area and knew each other.  Several of them were geocachers and some were fulltimers.  We had things in common so there was plenty to talk about.  

On our way home we made a quick stop at Sam’s Club.  Thank goodness for cell phones, because we got separated.  The cell phones helped us get back together without too much trouble.

Both of us were really tired when we got back to the motorhome so naps were the order of the day.  After that I don’t think we accomplished much. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

The weather was great in Yuma this morning..clear blue sky, sun shining brightly, and a slight breeze.  Though I miss the beautiful snow in Colorado, this is just about as good as it gets for the desert of Arizona.

Bill and Todd went to get solar panel parts.  They plan to rewire the panels on both coaches.  It will be a big job, I think, but those two will tackle it with gusto!

Dwight and Sheila Meeks arrived mid-afternoon.  We visited in McAllister’s MH for a long time.  We all had a lot to tell.  Can you imagine that?

We decided to go out for dinner.  It wasn’t hard talking anyone in the group into it.  It never is!  Mexican food was the choice.  And a good choice it was.

On the way home, Todd took us by a cache that he had found earlier.  The car headlights help us, and Bonnie made quick work of it, as usual.

When we got home, I worked on recording some of the caches that Bill found while I was in Colorado.  I recorded about half of them and will finish tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Before leaving Quartzsite this morning I went to Joyce’s Crafts to see if they had the colors of wire that I wanted.  No luck!

We arrived in Yuma at 2:00 and parked at friends, Jim and Pat Sicilia.  We had meant to go into an RV park for a month, but decided we don’t have that much time to stay in Yuma.  As Bill said, we don’t want to have to do a “thunder run” to Brent’s house in Mississippi.

We spent most of the afternoon visiting.  Todd and Bonnie McAllister came from across the street and we had a lot of catching up to do...between their kids and ours we had a lot to talk about.

We went out for dinner at a really good chicken place that Todd and Bonnie knew about.  The food was great.  And the company was even better.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

It snowed again during the night...about an inch.  It was still snowing when Ron and I left for the airport.  By the time we got there it had stopped snowing.

My plane left on time.  I got to Phoenix at 3:00.  Our only stop before heading to Quartzsite was at In-N-Out.  Yum, yum!  It had been awhile since we had a treat like that.

I had a really good time in Colorado...snow, and snow, and snow!  It was great.  And it was wonderful seeing the kids and grandkids.  And of course it was nice to see Jim and Peggy.  It was an all around good trip.

Be that as it may, it was especially good to see Bill at the airport.  Those of us who got off the plane from Denver were dressed for cold weather.  And there was Bill in shorts, as always.  It was nice to see that nothing had changed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Meredith and I went to the library, the Post Office, and US Bank before meeting Dwaine and the pups at a park.  They had been for a bike ride/run and were very glad to have a car to climb in and rest.

We ate lunch at Panda Express, before going for a ride around Horsetooth Reservoir.  It was a beautiful drive with all the snow and the evergreens.  After skirting the lake we continued over the mountains and came into Loveland from the west.

I rested when we got home.  I wasn’t as tired as I have been other days, so I must be getting better.  It’s about time!

After dinner I hemmed curtains for Michelle’s patio door.  I had meant to shorten her office curtains, but ran out of time.  She watched me do the other ones and should be able to take care of the office ones.  I showed her how to mark the length.  She’ll do fine, I know.

I packed my suit case before going to bed.  I will be flying back to Phoenix tomorrow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Meredith and Michelle.  This was a very special day in our family all those years ago.

Meredith and Michelle made quiche for brunch.  They had made it before, but Connor couldn’t quite remember what it was.  He asked, “It that egg pie?”  That is a good description, don’t you think?

Jim came for brunch and stayed for a couple of hours.  It was great to have some more time with him.  He and Peggy plan to travel back to Santa Fe tomorrow.

Today was kind of a lazy day until it was Super Bowl time.  We went to Stephanie and Cory Lane’s house for a party.  Stephanie works for REMAX and is the realtor that Michelle and Ron, as well as Meredith and Dwaine dealt with on their house purchases.  She’s a good realtor and a very nice person.  And we enjoyed the game, too.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

We had two more inches of snow during the night.  The flakes stopped falling before dawn, but started again midmorning.  The last to fall didn’t amount to much, but I appreciated it all.

Jim and Peggy came at 11:00 and Michelle and I went with them to look at some more statues in the area, before driving to the new Joann Fabric in Fort Collins.  It is a very large store replacing a small one in the area.  We stayed there for a couple of hours before going for a late lunch.

Before leaving Fort Collins we went by the library to see Shari Bosler, who is a volunteer there.

Back home, I took a long nap.  All of the running around made me tuckered out.

Yesterday, Connor and I had a discussion about naps.  He said that if he takes a nap in the afternoon he has trouble getting to sleep at night.  I told him that I use to be that way, but not anymore.  He said, “It’s your age!”  Someday I’m going to get that kid!!!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

It snowed all night.  I know, because I checked to the progress of the storm every hour or two during the night.  By this morning, about 11 or 12 inches had accumulated.

At 10:00 Meredith, Michelle and I met Stephanie, their realtor at the house Meredith and Dwaine are buying.  Dwaine drove Meredith’s Mini over to meet us and he promptly got it stuck in a snowdrift.  The incidence had its bad parts and its good parts.  The bad was that the little red car couldn’t go forward or backward.  The good part was that they met some of their new neighbors who came to help them bget the Mini back onto the street.

My brother, Jim also came to see the house.  We stayed for about an hour.  It is a very nice house with a great view of Boyd Lake.  

I left with Jim when the house tour was finished. We rode around Loveland looking at some of the bronze sculpture in town.  There are many of them, but we only looked because of the deep snow.  Hopefully we can photograph some of them this summer when we are both back in the area.

Neither one of us is very familiar with the area, especially in the snow.  Jim expertly made several u-turns...12 to be exact, before he took me back to Michelle’s after lunch so I could take a nap.

For Joshua’s birthday dinner we went to Longhorn Steak House.  Jim and Peggy and two of their friends, Gene and Shari Bosler, whom we all know, came also.  It gave me visiting time with Peggy and Shari.  Plus, the food was great.

When we got back to Michelle’s there was another inch on the driveway and it was snowing hard.  I am so glad to see all of this fluffy white stuff on the ground.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joshua!  Seventeen years old today!

At noon today Michelle an I went to do some errands.  Before we were finished I had to sit and wait for her to finish the shopping.  When we got home I took a two hour nap.

Tonight, as we were having Joshua’s birthday party, the snow started falling.  That was just before seven o’clock.  When I looked out the patio door at 10:15, we had at least a three inch accumulation, and maybe more.  It was still snowing hard.  Yea!!

My brother, Jim and his wife, Peggy, drove north from Santa Fe, NM.  They arrived just before the snow started.

The boys are hoping for a “no school” day for tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Oh, no!  Another month has rolled around.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again I’m is going by way too fast!

Today Dwaine and I drove into Boulder to have lunch with Meredith at the Oracle cafeteria.  It was pleasant, sitting looking out at the mountains and having a relaxing time.  Meredith’s friend, Teresa, joined us.  I have heard so much about her over the years.  Now I can put a face with a name.

On our way back to Loveland I was able to find some more beading wire.  We also did two caches in the area.  

When we got home I was really glad to get a nap.  All that running around really wears and Abuela out.

The TV weather reporter is calling for snow tomorrow.  Yippy, Skippy!  They better not be messing with me or someone is going to be in big trouble!