Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 13 -16, 2017

Monday - Thursday in Loveland, CO

Highlights from the past few days....

It has been wonderful having Brent, Coleson, and Willie here!

Coleson hiked at Horsetooth Reservoir with Joshua,  watched movies with Matthew and stayed with Meredith, Dwaine and the dogs. He has had a great spring break!

Willie has been very busy hanging out with Max, Joey and Hapa! They are quite the pack!

It has been wonder spending time with all of them, especially Brent! He, Meredith and Michelle have had a great time with "sibling rivalry"!

Tonight Brent made "liver and onions" for me and Bill. Michelle went over to Meredith's for fondue. The boys did a "cousins" dinner together at Old Chicago. There was NO WAY Michelle was going to  suffer from the scent of liver and onions. She used a towel at her door to protect her room and covered her nose with Seahawks bandanas (claimed they were disposable and could be burned).

It has been a WONDERFUL 4 days!!!!!

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