Monday, March 20, 2017

March 17 - 20, 2017

Friday - Monday in Loveland, CO

Highlights from the last few days......

It was wonderful having Brent, Coleson, and Willie here! They left early Saturday morning. We missed them the minute they drove away.

I forgot to tell you about Willie's field trip with me to my physical therapy on Tuesday. Ty, my physical therapist also has a golden retriever. I really wanted him to meet Willie. He was very impressed with Willie and how beautiful he is.

On Saturday Michelle drove to Pueblo to watch Connor's college track meet. He did a really good job and when it was over he was able to come home with Michelle for a few days during his spring break. We love having him home!

Bill and his "work crew" started putting in a new fence last week in the back yard. This fence backs up to a main neighborhood street. They have worked a lot of hours on it and it is looking great! A guy across the street said it is going from the ugliest fence in the neighborhood to the best looking fence.

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