Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 12- 14, 2016

Thursday - Saturday from Loveland, CO

On Thursday I went to physical therapy. Then we went to Walmart for medications. The rest of the day was resting and working on a puzzle. We have set up the card table in the piano room that has a bay window. It lets in lots of sunshine because it faces south. Perfect place to do a puzzle.

Friday was a special day. Dwaine turned 54 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dwaine! We went to Szechwan Palace Hibachi for dinner. It was wonderful food and a great time celebrating Dwaine's birthday! The chef was a great performer, he even flipped an egg onto the top of his hat and none of us knew where it went.

Today Dwaine, Meredith and Joey picked me up to go to Lyons. We drove through some beautiful areas of Colorado. We had lunch at "The Fork" and it was really good! By the time we got home the sky was very dark but no snow was falling. Meredith and the pups stayed a bit to visit and build a fire in the fireplace. We have a very sad son in Mississippi, the Seahawks lost.

It was a busy day and I am heading to bed early. Goodnight!

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