Monday, January 2, 2017

Sunday, January 1 and Monday, January 2 - 2017

The Broncos STOMPED the Raiders yesterday, we were all very happy!!!  Great way to start out 2017.  Broncos may not have made it into the playoffs this year but we still love them.  Because they scored 2 touchdowns we went to Arbys today for $1 Arby's roastbeef sandwiches.

Right now I am sitting by a wonderful fire in the fireplace wishing for snow.  We are suppose to get snow tomorrow, hopefully the forecasters will be correct.  We are hoping for enough snow that Bill will be able to use his new fancy snowblower.  I'm hoping that it will snow enough that I can call it a snow day for PT.

The dinner bell is ringing and since Bill won't let me miss a meal, I better go.

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