Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

August 2, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

We had a busy morning.  We were with our realtor for over two hours.  We looked at four houses.  None of them were exactly perfect, but two came very close.  We will have to take a look at both of them again.

Tomorrow, I go to the therapist.  I have been very weak for several days.  It will be very interesting to hear how the therapist evaluates my situation.

Lunch was at a Mexican place.  We had eaten there before and weren't very impressed.  We will keep searching for a really good place.

We came home for naps.  I was really tired by then. 

The good news is that Todd and Bonnie arrived in the Portland  area late last night.  They were tired, but otherwise ok.

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