Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

This morning, I went to Physical Therapy.  They spent two hours evaluating me, only to come up with my own diagnosis.   I have very little strength in my legs.  The PT put me through a battery of about 40 tests and agreed with me.  So that is what I will work on, twice a week for awhile and then three times a week as I get stronger.

Afterwards, Bill and I drove around looking at some houses.  We didn't go into any, but Bill did some measuring to check if there was room for the motorhome.

After lunch, I lay down for a nap.  I wasn't asleep for the entire time, but I napped and rested for about four hours.  I was tired when I went for my appointment, and really tired when we got back home.

Tomorrow, if I feel like it, we plan to go to the desert and check on the Mexican Birdcages we spotted last spring.

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