Friday, August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

August 5, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

This morning I went back to the Physical Therapist.  This time I worked with a young man named Eric.  He really put me through the paces.  I did some things that neither Bill nor I thought possible for me to do.  However, I was able to do everything Eric asked me to do.

I go twice next week...Wednesday and Friday.  There are some exercises I will try to do in the meantime.  It was encouraging to see how much I could accomplish today.  I am still very wibbly wobbly when I walk with my cane.  Coming out of Sam's Club I nearly fell on the hot pavement.  That would be a double ouch!

I called Bonnie to see how Todd is doing since they got back to Oregon.  He still has the weakness much like I do.  He doesn't like it anymore than I do.

We went to Sam's Club for lunch and furniture shopping,  The hotdog and pizza were good, but the furniture selection was rather limited.  We will just keep looking.

The sunset tonight was beautiful.  No lightening, though, and not much chance of rain.

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