Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016

November 22 - Loveland, CO

Yesterday when I bought the Kindles they did not have a book called "Kindles for Dummies" so I told Meredith and Michelle that it was their job to teach me how to use the Kindle. They were shivering greatly with fear about having to teach me!

Meredith being the brave soul that she is invited the geezers to dinner tonight. She told me to bring my Kindle so she could help me load a book. She now has a small glimpse of what misery is like. Getting my book loaded involved a call to Lori for technical support. We soon had a book loaded from a mystery series that Lori recommended.

Not only did I have great technical help from Meredith, but it came with wonderful spaghetti and meatballs!

Tomorrow, my doctor's appt has been changed to 10am. Then I have physical therapy at 11:30am so it is going to be a long tiring day.  Goodnight!

Side note: This is Michelle typing with mom dictating.

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