Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 26, 2016

November 26 - Loveland, CO

Everyone in the household is blurry eyed because of watching football games all day long. I'm sorry to say that the Oregon Ducks lost the game to Oregon State Beavers. It was pouring rain sideways, sometimes it looked like it was snowing, but I am not sure. It had been 9 years since the Ducks lost the civil war. It is one of the oldest college civil war rivalries. Maybe we will get them next year.

Meredith and Dwaine come home from Telluride because they were predicting 2-3 ft of snow in the mountains. Hapa was glad to have them come home but the pictures that Dwaine took were magnificent. It is a very pretty area. It took all of Hapa's strength and energy to keep the other two dogs (Buckeye and Max) in line.

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