Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

From Loveland, CO

Bill went this morning to get Hapa and Joey to spend the day with us. When they got here she immediately found a pile of snow in the front yard and rolled, and rolled, AND rolled. She stayed out there a long time and Bill had to go out to get her. Meanwhile, Joey and Tippy enjoyed what was left of the snow in the back yard. They all enjoy rolling in the snow, but especially Hapa. When we get a really big snow Tippy likes to have Michelle throw a shovelful of snow at him. It was cold today but we did not get anymore snow. Shucky darn!!!

I spent the afternoon in front of the fireplace laying on the sofa. I was reading from time to time and took a snooze. Meredith came to dinner, of course Joey thinks of me as the gravy train. He must have learned that from Willie. I did not eat all my hamburger, so Meredith fed my leftovers to all three pups.

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