Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

From VERY COLD Loveland, CO

As I am writing this, it is 7 degrees! Brrrrrrr! It is supposed to get down to -7 degrees tonight.

Yesterday afternoon it started to snow. I looked out the window so that I could see how much it was snowing, when I started to leave the window for some reason I pitched forward. I don't know why but I hit the floor harder than ever before. My head hit the bathroom floor and my left hip is very sore and bruised. I laid on the floor for several minutes. I asked Bill to bring me a pillow and blanket and I could sleep there. He wouldn't do it. It took Bill two times to help me up. Finally he was successful. (Side note from Michelle: Dad has been scolded for not getting Meredith or myself to come and help. We were in the basement at the time playing with the dogs and did not hear the commotion upstairs.) Meredith came to visit with me, I got in bed and it did not take me to long to go to sleep. I slept in one position all night long.

This morning I was able to use my walker a little bit but it was painful. I stayed in bed most of the day and slept part of the time. When I got up for dinner I was feeling a little bit better. I am not looking forward to the night trying to sleep, but I will give it the ol' college try.

Today is an important day for the Dane family and a lot of other families. It is Pearl Harbor Day. Ten years ago today Brent had brain surgery at Walter Reed Hospital. They gave him a year and a half to live, but Brent is good at beating the odds. Congratulations Brent! We love you!!!!!

We had snow most of the night. We got a couple of inches. Just enough to make it look pretty. This is our first snowfall and it is late for this area.

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