Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1 - Loveland, CO

I cannot believe that December is already here! This morning I went to the physical therapist and told him about my bad day yesterday. He worked on some different things with me. When we got back home we went to the motor home to look for a few things. It was so COLD that I could only stay a few minutes. I forgot one of the most important things: a fudge recipe from Sally. After lunch I took a nap most of the afternoon. We have leftover Carne en su Jugo soup tonight. It was wonderful on this cold 30 degrees night. Bill and I don't mind leftovers as long as it is a hot bowl of soup. The weatherman kept saying that we would have snow tomorrow, but now it looks like it will just be cold. Bill is happy, I am sad.

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  1. Raymonda and Bill, have a Merry Christmas and a warm, happy and healthy new year! Hope we meet up somewhere in 2017.

    Steve and Jean.