Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

Lori and Michael flew into Denver and took the airport shuttle to Loveland.  Bill and I picked them up at the shuttle station at 11:00.  After taking Bill back home, Lori, Michael, and I went to breakfast.  We ate at the Loveland Breakfast Club.  It was very crowded.  Most of the customers had white hair.

I’m sorry to say, the food wasn’t anything to write home about.  It was marginal, at best.

After “company” got their luggage unloaded, we went to the Habitat Thrift Store.  We spent quite a bit of time roaming up and down the aisles.  Two of us bought a few items.  Lori was the only who left the store empty handed.

From there, we went to Walmart.  It was nice going with someone who wasn’t in any particular hurry.  One thing on my list was a new pair of capris.  I didn’t take time to search the clothes racks.  Lori assured me that we would go back another day…we usually go several times when Lori is here.

Michelle and Matthew made lasagna for dinner.  As usual, it was excellent.  Meredith joined us.  After dinner, we set around the table and talked and laughed.  It was lots of fun.

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