Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016---Loveland, Colorado

Bill and I did jobs around the motorhome this morning.  There is a lot to do before we depart Loveland in less than a week.  Lori and Michael went out to eat breakfast.  There is a breakfast place next door to Origons where the boys and Meredith work.  I didn't hear any comments from anyone.

By the time they got back home, I was about ready for lunch.  Lori took me to Taco Bell, my favorite place other than In-N-Out.  We took our time.  It was very relaxing.  The only place we got to go afterwards was Sprouts.  I bought several kinds of fruit.  Lori showed me a variety of items in the freezer section.  There were lots of gluten free items.  I am having to avoid gluten because of my intestinal upsets.  It seems to be helping my situation.

When Michelle finished work, we rested on her futon and visited.  Of course, Tippy was there, too.  He doesn't get too far away from her.

We heard the good news from the Denver Broncos Camp that Von Miller signed his contract with the team.  It certainly was good news for all us fans.  Ron invited us all to a signing celebration party...root beer floats...our typical celebration refreshments

Please excuse any mistakes.  I am rather tired from all the activity today.

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