Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

We had such a good time at Meredith’s yesterday.  Grilled hamburgers, cantaloup, deviled eggs, several kinds of chips…all made for happy tummies.  After eating, we went to the front of the house and shared fireworks with several neighboring families.

Matthew was the chief pyrotechnic.  He loved the job.  Everyone had a good time…except the dogs!  It was too loud for them.  The weather was really nice.  I, however, was wrapped in a blanket.  I am usually cold, and last night was no different.

This morning, Bill and I went to two doctor’s office.  The FAX concerning my diabetic footwear got lost, and because of that, the shoes were never ordered.  We went back to the foot doctor and canceled the order.  We will have to go back to have it all redone when we get back to this part of the country.

I was very tired from all the excitement yesterday, so I took several naps today.  I hope to wake up in better shape tomorrow.  We have several errands to go on.  Our time here is growing short…just about two weeks.  There are several important things to take care of before then.

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