Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

We got home from a visit with Todd and Bonnie earlier tonight than we did last night.  I should have more time for my blog tonight,

We moved the motorhome from the campground to the lot we were staying at last spring.  It is just across a rock wall from where Todd and Bonnie have their MH parked.  Too bad they are pulling out tomorrow about noon.   We are really going to miss them, but hope it is a good move for Todd's health.

 I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.  I hope to get arrangements for therapy.  Bill and I both feel that it would help my situation.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are meeting a real estate agent at 1:00. There are a couple of houses we want to look at.  We haven't driven around some of the area we looked at, so maybe that will be part of the tour.

The temp today was 111°.   Needless to say, we stayed inside when possible.  That's the way to survive around here in the summer.

Please excuse any mistakes in my ramblings.  I try to proof things as I go, but I don't always catch everything!


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