Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

Today was a lazy two nap day for me.  I think I was tired from all the running around we did yesterday.  Today was cool and cloudy and a good day to stay inside. 

Meredith, Dwaine, and the pups came for a visit.  Joey was first in the door.  Soon he was taking a nap by the steps.  Hapa stayed outside the whole time.  That’s where she likes to be best.  Dwaine was trying to keep track of her, but at one time she was out of sight.  After much searching, he found her under the front of the motorhome taking a nap in the shade.

Bill and I watched the NASCAR race from Daytona tonight.  It isn’t Bill’s favorite race course, but I like it.  We have driven on that track twice.  Years ago, they took “tourists” around the track for 50 cents each.  It has a couple of steep banks and the driver stopped the van at the top of one bank and we started sliding down.  It was exciting.

We took Lori, JP and Natalia several years ago. The cost was $8 each and we rode around the bottom of the track.  My, how things have changed!

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