Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

I had another day of feeling good.  Gee, whiz!  I’m not going to know how to act with all this “feeling good” several days in a row.

We went on some early morning errands…Dollar Tree, Walmart, ReMax…fun things like that.  After eating at Arby’s, we went to see Todd.  We didn’t stay very long.  His PT was there.

I ask him how things were going.  He said he walked from the bed to his chair…about three feet.  That was an accomplishment.  He’ll have to walk a bunch to get his strength back.  I think he and I are having a contest.  Right now I’m winning, but one “face plant,” and he will be in the lead again.

After leaving Todd, we went to see Ardene.  She has been home from the hospital for several days and seems to be doing well.  She always has a cheerful attitude.  That’s good medicine! 

Janna called today.  Although their part of the Houston area wasn’t flooded, she did have water up to the sliding glass door.  She said lots of places were completely surrounded by water, but not actually   flooded in the structures.  I don’t think many houses in her area  have basements so maybe that’s a good thing.

We continued our dog duties.  Bill has them really well trained.  What a team?!

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