Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016---Yuma, Arizona

We had several different kinds of experiences today.  We made a return trip to Ogilby Road to check the progress of the Desert Primroses.  All the flowers were gone and the remains had begun to dry and form the Mexican Birdcages.  None were ready to harvest so we will check on them as soon as we get back to the area.

It has been interesting to see the different stages.  When I learn again how to send pictures, I will “share the show” in my blog.

We continued our morning journey west on I-8.  We got off at the exit just before the Rest Area and drove into the Imperial Sand Dunes area.  Not to worry…we were on a paved road.  We were going in search of The Plank Road.  It was built in the early 1900s to help the cars cross the sand dunes.

It was seven miles long, built in eight foot sections (I think) and hauled to the desert to be installed.  As it needed to be repaired, a new section was built and installed.  Recently, a volunteer group located as many sections as they could, moved them together, and fenced them in to help preserve them.  It is a National Landmark, about a tenth of a mile from the wall between the US and Mexico.  The Border Patrol was there this morning. 

It was interesting to see this piece of history.

Once back in Yuma, we went to see Todd.  He kept going to sleep so we didn’t stay long.

After lunch at Panda Express, Bill shopped at Walmart while I stayed in the car and rested.  This was one of those days when my progress took two steps backwards.

At 1:00, we met a realtor and toured two house.  One was just about what we have been looking for, but without a view of the mountains.  Since we will be here only one more week, we probably will put house hunting on hold.

Nap time was really welcomed.  Bonnie ate supper with us.  We got a report on Todd.  He is very weak and his heart is so weak it has a hard time pumping enough blood.  The doctor today put his rehab on hold until he gets stronger.

Bonnie said a nurse came in to give him a bath.  Todd ask her how old she was.  She said 24.  Todd said she looked about 16.  He may be weak, but some of the old spark is still there!

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