Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

Today was much like most of the rest lately…warm, a little bit of wind, but no rain this time.

We didn’t go anywhere today.  I had one of my down days, so I took several naps.

We also watched the NASCAR race from Sonoma.  It is our favorite track.  It is a road course, and can be very interesting.  Several years ago, we went to the track for five days.  It wasn’t the best camping conditions…we were parked in a mowed off cornfield.  But we had a great time just being there.  On Sunday, when the race was being run, we watched from the motorhome.  It was a good place to see all of the action.  Plus it saved us $90 a person in tickets.

We had special passes to the Hendrick Motor Sports tent.  We had lunch there and a short presentation by the drivers.  When Jeff Gordon was talking, he saw his grandma in the audience, so they brought her to the stage.  Being a grandmother, that was extra special to me.

Natalia got restless so I took her outside the tent.  Someone from another team gave her a fanny pack and several other promotional items.  I can’t remember the driver being promoted, but that day it certainly paid off to be a cute little seven year old.

Bill pulled weeds in Michelle’s flower garden.  It looks so good.  I think he plans to outline the area with brick.  He just keeps busy all the time.  I may have to start calling him Farmer Bill.

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