Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

Happy Birthday, Sara.  Sixteen years old already.  That is hard to believe.  And just like the rest of our grandyoungens, you have been a pleasure for us. 

And of course, you know I have lots of funny stories to tell involving you…like the time you were in the car with your dad, Coleson, Pa, and me.  You were chattering away a mile a minute.  Your dad said, “Everyone who wants Sara to be quiet for awhile raise your hand.”  Four of us immediately raised our hands.  You said, “Pa?”  You couldn’t believe Pa would vote for you to be quiet.  It didn’t matter how the rest of us voted.  We all laughed, including you!

I nicknamed you “Sweetpea,” and showed you on the computer a picture from the comics Popeye.  Then when we were in Colorado, I took a picture of you in front of some sweetpeas.

Today, I went to a doctor for help with solving my intestinal upsets.  He gave me a whole regimen of changes to make.  We’ll get back together in several weeks to see about the results.

6-6-16---That's easy to remember!   Happy Birthday, Sweetpea!

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