Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

It is getting difficult some days to write my blog.  The days are so much alike.  For instance, today I ate, napped, etc.  Hang in there with me if you can take the boredom.  I do have hopes that things will improve.

Bill spends his time when not attending to me, cleaning the outside of the coach.  It will need to look its best when we get ready to sell it, so he is getting a head start.

It was quite warm today…high of 94°.

Meredith was working in Broomfield today, so Bill got the pups to come to Michelle’s to spend the day.  Joey has taken some of my habits.  He naps a lot.  Usually he is in Michelle’s office laying on an air conditioner duct.  He has claimed his spot.  Hapa spends her time in the basement where it is usually much cooler.  I think Tippy goes back and forth between the two making sure his domain is well protected.

Meredith visited for awhile before taking the dogs home.

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