Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016—Ridgefield, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado

May 10, 2016—Ridgefield, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado

We left the parking lot of Walmart at 6:20.  We had rain most of the night, but by morning most of the dark clouds were gone.

The drive today was not nearly as pretty as yesterday’s drive was, but there were lots of interesting rock formation along the way.  We traveled 228 miles but it seemed like a much longer trip.

Our highest pass was 7900 feet and we saw quite a bit of fresh snow along the way.  I didn’t sleep as much as the past few days, but lay down most of the way.  I have felt better today.  Maybe seeing grandson Connor was the medicine I needed.

We parked at Sam’s Club, ate lunch, and fueled the MH with diesel before going to the Elks Lodge to park while we are here in Grand Junction.

Connor and two friends came for a visit.  At 5:15, we went into the Lodge for supper.  It was “Make your own tacos!” night.  I can’t say that the tacos were especially good, but we all chowed down.

It was cold tonight when we went to bed, so it should be good sleeping weather.

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