Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

May 24, 2016—-Loveland, Colorado

Today, I went to a new foot doctor.  After X-raying my left foot, and discovering I have a lot of arthritis in it, he worked on the REI insert I have used for several years.  The change was amazing.  I did impressions for new inserts and ordered tennis shoes.  They should
be here in a few weeks.

I was ready for a nap when we got home.

Connor bought a pickup today.  Bill thinks he made a good choice.  Connor was very excited.

We watched the finals of Dancing With The Stars.  It was a good season.  The final three couples were too close to call. 

DWTS wasn’t over until 10:00.  Its bedtime!

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