Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

We left Michelle’s house just after 9:00 this morning.  There was a fine mist in the air.  The temperature was 68° when we crossed  from Colorado into Wyoming.  Bill did a good job of honking and I haven’t lost my ability to “yahoo.”

Just after crossing the state line we saw a field with 12 camels in it.  They were enjoying the thick grass, thanks to the rain we have  had lately.  There was also a feed lot filled with buffalo.

Not long after going through Cheyenne on I-25, we turned onto Hwy. 85.  It cut through ranch land on the way to Torrington.  We stopped at a Rest Area for lunch and some rest time for Super Driver.

When we got to Torrington, we checked into a small campground.  It was the only camping facility with a dump and we had really full holding tanks.  After taking care of that chore, we looked on the Internet to see if there were any geocaches in this town.

It had been several months since we had gone hunting for caches, so it was kind of like starting from scratch.  By the end of the afternoon, and locating five caches, it began to feel familiar again.  Some of the grass at the parks presented a challenge to me, but I made it OK, with no falls.  Maybe we will build up some strength as we do more of the caches.

As we were going from one cache to another, we had to stop for a flock of wild turkeys to cross the road.  There were 12 or 14 of them.  All of them were full grown.  We didn’t see any babies.

When we were in Loveland, I had help from so many people.  I really do appreciate all the care I got.  Thanks!


  1. So glad to see you guys back on the road, be safe,

  2. Thanks. All is going well so far.