Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

Happy Birthday, Sara.  Already 15 years old.  My, where has all the time gone?

Our friend, Sheila, filled me in on Portland’s new craze to live up to its motto, Keep Portland Weird.  The city budget can’t keep up with the endless potholes in the many streets.  So the currant fad
is for locals to go out with a bag of potting soil and some small potted flowers.  They fill the potholes with soil and plant the small colorful pots of flowers...instant mini gardens in the middle of the streets.  Vehicles carefully drive around the mini gardens and the whole city is enjoying the joke and the fun.  Sheila says, “Where else but in Portland.”  This fad is fitting, especially now during the Rose Festival.

Michelle, Ron, and Connor came back from Grand Junction this afternoon.  They were all very impressed with the college that Connor plans to attend.  He was able to meet the track coach and was very impressed with the program.  All and all, it was a successful trip.

Michelle and I went for a short walk.  Tippy was a good boy as we walked.  He got very excited when he saw a robin hopping across a yard.  He nearly went into pointer stance.  We wish we knew more about his lineage.

Bill and I went to the library to turn in some books and to Walmart for some flower pots.

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