Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11, 2015---Torrington, WY to Chadron, NE

I can tell I am out of practice writing my blog when we are traveling.  I completely forgot to finish the day with Travel Totals.  I will catch now...miles traveled, 140...geocaches, 5...critter sightings, 12 camels, a bunch of buffalo, and 12 or 14 wild turkeys.

Not long after leaving Torrington, we crossed into Nebraska (Honk, honk! Yahoo!).  This is a road we can’t remember having been on.  We drove out of cattle country and into farmland.  To the south we could see mesas or bluffs that looked like mountains with the tops sliced off.  We passed through the town of Scottsbluff and thought maybe it was named after the terrain to the south.

During the night, we had lots of rain.  This morning, dark clouds are hanging over this area.  We miss having weather news from the Denver TV stations.  Bill will have to get use to using the Internet to get our information. 

We had meant to travel north out of Torrington, to Lusk, before going east into South Dakota.  Our plans changed after talking to a “local” who told us that the bridge was washed out in a flood.  Bill remembered the bridge being tall.  The “local” said in a flood, a house washed down the river and ran into the bridge.  Bill called WYDOT to see if a way was built around it yet.  His answer was “No.”  So we changed our plans.

Soon after going through Scottsbluff, we turned north on Hwy. 385 toward Chadron.  The road went through farmland and a very pretty forest.  Before we arrived in Chadron, we were back in farm land.  It was raining when we parked at Walmart.  By the time we ate lunch and rested, the weather had improved enough that we could go on the hunt...geocaching, that is.  We found three!

Today’s Travel Totals:  miles traveled, 136...geocaches, 3.

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