Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015---Billings, Montana to Walmart, Idaho Falls, ID.

We left Billings at 6:30, with Bill in the driver’s seat and me still asleep in the bed.  We continued on I-90- to Bozeman.  We can’t remember every having been to Bozeman before.  It was a nice little city with lots of shopping.

We took Hwy. 84 to Hwy. 287, going through the little towns of McAllister, Ennis, Cameron, and Hutchins Ranch.  We had meant to take Hwy. 191, south, but for some reason, we got on Hwy. 287.  It turned out to be a good mistake.  The drive was beautiful as we drove along the Madison River.  There was very little traffic.

We took the Hwy. 87 cutoff which took us over the Continental Divide and past Henry’s Lake.  The Continental Divide is also the state line between Montana and Idaho.  We pulled of the road to enjoy the view, parked next to two people and their bicycles.  For fear of sending them into a state of shock with our honking and shouting, we whispered.  It just wasn’t the same!  

Hwy. 20 went on into Idaho Falls, where we parked at Walmart.  After resting, shopping, and eating dinner, we went geocaching.  We found four caches, all of them fairly easy to find.              

Today’s Travel Totals:  miles traveled, 349---geocaches found, 4---
critter sightings, white pelicans, 1 antelope.

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