Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015---Idaho Falls to Walmart in Nampa, Idaho.

We left at 6:30 this morning, with the same arrangement as yesterday.  We stopped at Jerome, Idaho.  Bill took time to do our laundry---two weeks worth.  We have been too busy hiding from tornados and traveling to keep up with the mundane chores of life.

Our goal for tonight was to get to Caldwell, Idaho.  We were able to park at Walmart, but in Nampa instead of Caldwell.  

After dinner, we went geocaching.  We found three and left one unclaimed.  I think we have found 27 since we left Loveland.  It is good to get back out on the hunt after being out of it for so long.  I am still having trouble walking a lot, so we pick and choose the caches we go after.

We enjoyed our drive across this part of Idaho.  It is obvious that not much rain has fallen here as in other place, but the crops are very green because of irrigation.  There is so much contrast between the green fields and the brown places that are not getting any water.

Today’s Travel Totals:  miles traveled, 294---geocaches found, 3.

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