Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015---Michelle’s House in Loveland, CO.

This morning, we went out for breakfast with Meredith and Dwaine.  There is a restaurant next door to Origins, that has been open for about three months, I think.  They serve breakfast and lunch only.  It serves a lot of people, but is short on amenities.  

We had our name on the list for at least half an hour before we were seated.  They were fairly fast getting our food to us.  It was interesting how the food was put on the plate...”browns,” topped with a huge biscuit, and thick gravy.  Maybe we have had things stacked like that at Waffle House, but I can’t remember.  We all had large servings and went out with take home boxes.  As crowded as we were, we didn’t feel rushed.  It was nice to visit with our kids.  It will be awhile before we see them, except at the wedding in August.  We may all be so busy we won’t count that as a “visit.”

Michelle worked in the yard all day today.  She planted flowers and tomatoes and I don’t know what else.  In the front flower bed, by the little light pole, a beautiful white flower is blooming.  I will try my luck at sending a picture of it.  Yes, I am still having a hard time sending pictures!  Gee whiz!  More bad luck tonight.  Ugh!

This afternoon, we had a rain and windstorm go through.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long.  No report of tornados though!!

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