Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015---John Day to Kathy and Gary’s, Prinville, OR

We left John Day at 9:15.  Hwy. 26 took us through a valley of farms and ranches.  Most of the crops were alfalfa and the storage places were filled with huge bales.  This year’s harvest must be a bumper crop.

Another thing we saw at many of the houses along the way were huge stacks of firewood, sometimes nearly as big as the house.  When we got to the forest area, many of the partially burned trees had been cut down.  Whether they were cut down for firewood or to sell to logging companies, I don’t know.  There were certainly a lot of downed trees waiting for something.

We couldn’t remember the way to Kathy and Gary’s house so they met us on the east side of Prinville and followed them to their house.  They have a nice house and a workshop on two acres.  It is fenced, but doesn’t keep the deer out.  It keeps their two dogs in.

After visiting for awhile, and having turkey sandwiches for lunch, Kathy and I went to several thrift shops.  By the time we got back home, I was really tired.  We decided to go to dinner at DQ.  That gave us more time to sit and talk.

Kathy and I worked at the same school in Seaside for several years before I retired.  Kathy just retired a week ago.  We had lots of school “gossip” to catch up on.  She and I also worked at the Convention Center, setting up tables for dinners and then serving the meal to the convention attendees..

It was over 100° today, but a shower at sundown cooled things off nicely.  Tomorrow is suppose to be another scoracher!

Today’s Travel Totals:  miles traveled, 120 ---critter sightings, two deer, a rabbit, and several quail.

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