Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 24, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

We left the motorhome at 8:00 to take care of some last minute errands.  We also went to McDonald’s to share a Big Breakfast.  While we were there, we saw something we hadn’t seen before. 

A woman was going through the trash in the restaurant looking for food.  She had a tall stack of biscuits, some whole ones and some partially eaten.  She had lots of butter and jelly packets and one hand was full of pieces of potato cakes.  She was collecting everything in a heavy cloth bag.  I told Bill she might be collecting all of her food for the day in her bag, or she might be feeding her family.  We said it was time for a blessings check…we sometimes forget how lucky we are, in so many ways!

I didn’t sleep very well last night, so when we got home, I took a nap.  I guess that was my Christmas Eve present to myself.  Of course, I didn’t accomplish much else for the rest of the day.

Just after dark, two ATVs, decorated with strings of lights, drove into our driveway.  The RV lot owners weren’t home at the time, so the visitors knocked on our door and sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas!”  I think it was the first time we have ever had carolers, Willie Nelson style, on the road.  Yes, things are different in Yuma!

After I get this blog posted for today, I am going to stay up and make two desserts to take to Christmas dinner tomorrow.  I have made so few things in the last few years that I hope I don’t make a mess of things.  I wouldn’t want to be on the evening news for making guests sick like Chipolte did!


  1. Raymonda and Bill, We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Jean and I shall be attending the Rose Parade this year with Fantastic RV Tours. Our first tour.

    Fondly, Steve and Jean

  2. Glad to hear from you and know where you are. A tour is a great way to see the Parade. We were there two years ago.

    Merry Christmas to both of you and to Max!