Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Today was a very busy way to finish 2015!

Bill and I walked with Todd and Lexie.  It was one of the best walks I have had in a long time.  I was walking at a regular pace and didn’t have to stop and sit down to rest after every block or so of walking. 

We stopped when we got to Todd’s motorhome so we could visit with Bonnie and Maggie.  That little dog was so excited to see us she couldn’t decided which lap to sit on.  I think Bill finally won the popularity contest and remains her boyfriend.  It certainly is a good thing I am not the jealous type!  Both of those little dogs are absolutely adorable.  I am so glad Bonnie and Todd don’t mind us spoiling their mutts.

When we got back to our house, we decided we would go to lunch at KFC.  We had planned to get a few groceries before going back home.  However, when we finished eating, instead of feeling rejuvenated, we were both very tired.  I took a shower and got ready to go to a New Year’s gathering.  There was never time for a nap and I really did need one.

We had several Mexican dishes at the gathering.  They were all very good.  Bonnie brought a chocolate cake that was delicious.  As usual, the visiting among the group was our entertainment. 

So, Happy New Year’s Eve!  Tomorrow we go to a brand new year with hopes for a healthier year filled with safe travels to many interesting places.

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