Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

This turned into one of our busiest days in a long time.  We even “covered” two states.  Of course, that involved several outbursts of uncontrolled honking and yahooing.  Don’t worry, though!  We didn’t break any noise ordinances.  The CRV has a rather wimpy horn.

We had two items that needed to be taken to the Post Office.  The PO here in the foothills was very busy.  At least 25 people were in line to be waited on.  We decided to take the things to the small Post Office in Winterhaven, California.  It was closer than the main one in downtown Yuma, with no line to wait in.  We learned to do that from Dwight and Sheila several years ago.

As we drove back into Yuma, we stopped at Sam’s Club for a couple of items, and filled the Honda with gasoline…$1.95 a gallon.  Of course, being so near In-N-Out we just had to go there for lunch.  We met some very nice people who live in the part of town we are staying in.  We visited with them for quite some time, making it a longer than usual lunch break.  Retirement certainly has its advantages!

Our next stop was at Walmart.  I went in search of flower pots for my new cacti.  It took quite a bit of time to locate them in among all the Christmas decorations.  Bill and I had a mix up as to where we were to meet.  And since he had my purse with my cell phone in it, we had no way to search each other out.  Finally, I had him paged by Coustomer Services.  When he found me, I am nearly positive I saw steam coming out of his ears.  Have you ever seen steam coming from of a pressure cooker?  Well, you get the picture!

We went home for much needed naps.  I had some geocaching questions to ask Todd, so we went to their house for a few minutes.  Of course, the dogs announced our arrival before we got halfway to the door.

Back at home, we watched Zorro, which we had started last night.  We will continue watching a segment or two a night until we finish the entire series.  It is one of our favorite things to do, and usually make an annual event of it!

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