Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Another month has flown by.  That seems to be the story of our lives.  And we just keep on keeping on.  That’s our motto, I guess!

This morning, we went for a longer walk than usual.  I was really tired when we got back to the motorhome.  After lunch and some rest time, Dwight and Shiela came back with several sheets of cache names and numbers.  They also brought several sets of maps.  Dwight put all the coordinates in our Nuvi and in the Garmin Oregon T.  All these things will be extremely helpful to us in getting us back in the Geocaching routine.  Thanks, Dwight and Sheila!

Bill and Dwight drove our cars to Todd and Bonnie’s house.  Sheila and I walked.  It brought our total walking distance for today up to 1.10 miles.  That’s my furtherest to walk in a long, long time.  As I walked onto their driveway, I doubted I would make it.  Fatigue set in quickly and I was stumbling and staggering the last few feet.  But I made it without having to call 911.  Yippy, Skippy!

After Dwight gave Todd his list of Geocaching information, we went out to dinner.  The place we use to like to go for Mexican food is now called the Copper Miner’s.  The food was good and certainly plentiful.

When we got back home, the sun had just gone down!

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