Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Todd was coming to walk with us at 10:00.  I was well hydrated and ready to go.  I had decided to wear my hiking boots because my feet have been hurting when I wear my worn out tennis shoes.  It was a good choice because my feet felt fine when we got back home.

We went around the block where our motorhome is parked.  I didn’t have to take any breaks to sit down on my walker and rest.  I did stop long enough to take a drink of water several times.  It was my best walk yet, although not as long as some of the other ones.  And I wasn’t dragging my feet at all.  I thought it was a successful walk.

We bought a roasted chicken several days ago.  I have been using it for sandwiches.  This afternoon, after finishing lunch, I took the rest of the meat off the bones.  We drove to a wash…aka stream bed…a few blocks away and put the scraps under a bush.  It was an early Christmas present for the coyotes and the tag said “from Hapa.”  She looks so much like a coyote that people have stopped Meredith to ask about her!  She isn’t as scrappy looking as most coyotes we have seen out on the desert.  She has a beautiful coat of fur, but nevertheless, the resemblance is amazing.

We went to Sam’s Club for gasoline, and of course, that required eating at In-N-Out.  That was our excuse, as if we needed one.  We don’t!

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