Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 30, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

We walked with Todd and Lexie this morning.  It was kind of cold and rather windy, so it wasn’t as pleasant on the walk as it usually is.  More and more, we are meeting other walkers.  So we have new “friends,” we don’t have any idea where most of them live, but we do know what kind of dogs they have, and which route we might see them on.  It is just another interesting aspect of Yuma.

I worked really hard for the rest of the morning and well past noon getting “Christmas things” ready to mail to the kids.  I finished “this year’s ornament,” which was different than most years…that is always my goal. 

I also sent checks instead of gift cards.  I have found out how expensive it is to ship things, and not very reliable at that, so I may take the easy route from now on.  The fact that I am a week late for the 25th isn’t really too surprising, considering the way my year has gone.

Of course, going to Winter Haven, California, put us in In-N-Out territory, so guess where we went for a late lunch?  Right!  And a great big “Yum, yum!”

Two weeks from today, I will be at Brent’s.  I have lots to do between now and then and I am getting very excited about going to see those guys.

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