Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015---Camping World, to Rolling Hills Casino, Corning, CA

We left Camping World at 8:00.  I was still very sleepy so I lay on the couch and covered with a blanket.  When I awakened we were parked at Walmart, Bill had gone to Costco for gasoline for the Honda, and been into Walmart for a few groceries.  I was so surprised at how much more I had slept.  Bill correctly calls me a lazy bum!

We drove to Interstate 5 and turned north.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it or not, but we decided we needed to replace both air conditioners.  We want the work done at OMC in Eugene.  So here we go!

Bill needs to see Dr. Hunnicut, so as soon as the air conditioner work is finished, we will head east.  Just back and forth, back and forth!  That’s the story of our life and we still have fun at it.  

We had a really good time at JP and Rosie’s wedding.  And it was wonderful seeing our kids and one grandchild.  Today I have been kind of down in the dumps, missing everyone already.

We parked in back of the gas station at the casino.  There is a huge lot for trucks and motorhomes that want to dry camp.  While we were watching semis come in, two different trucks arrived.  They were both painted with pictures of Taylor Swift and words about her world tour.  I can’t remember ever seeing trucks like that, but we have seen lots of NASCAR haulers over the years.

270 miles traveled today.

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