Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015---Oregon City Elks CG

I was cold this morning.  That’s a good excuse to turn the electric blanket back on and stay in if I needed an excuse!

At 1:00, we went to Woodburn.  We had several things to do over there.  First was to eat lunch.  We went to Subway.  Bill and I shared our favorite...a meatball sub.  I couldn’t eat all of mine, but the part I did eat was really good.

After eating, Bonnie and I walked about a half block to the Dollar Tree.  It was a big an old Safeway building...and well laid out.  Bill and Todd sat in the car and waited for us.  The plan was for them to drive down to get us.  But no-o-o-o-o!  They missed that part of the conversation.  With both of them it was “selective deafness.”  An there is no cure for that!

Our last stop in Woodburn was at Walmart.  I had an Rx to pick up, plus there were several grocery items to buy.

Bill wanted to go back to Camby via US 99.  Todd and Bonnie lived in Camby before they moved into their motorhome fulltime.  They have been on the road about the same length of time as we have.  Bonnie directed us to a thrift store.  The two of us went in to shop while the fellows stayed in the car. 

It wasn’t long before Bill came in to remind me that we had bought a container of ice cream at Walmart.  He can be such a spoil sport!

I think we all took naps.  At least Bill and I did.  We went to Todd and Bonnie’s MH to watch a show they had been telling us about.  It was a physical contest.  We found the program to be very interesting.  None of us were tempted to try to get on the program.  It’s not for wimps!

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