Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015---Eugene Elks Lodge to Oregon City Elks CG

Bill went to do the laundry at 7:00.  I went back to bed, but didn’t go to sleep.  When Bill got back home, we folded clothes and got things “ready to roll.” 

After stopping at Walmart for a prescription (which wouldn’t be ready until mid afternoon), we took I-5 to the north toward Oregon City Elks Campground.  It is two weeks until we have to be back at OMC in Eugene for the air conditioner work. 

Todd and Bonnie are still parked there so it will be a fun place to spend our extra time.  And I’m sure I need a puppy fix.  I’ve been showing some signs of depression even though I am taking medication for it.  Their dogs always cheer me up.  I hope it works this time.

Maybe with some luck, we will get to do some geocaching.  We like to do it, but its not easy when I don’t feel well.

Friends Nancy and Bill came to the campground shortly after we drove in.  It was after 1:00, but none of us had eaten lunch.  We went to Shari’s.  The best thing was the pie.  The clam chowder was OK, but I had to really search to find any clams.

I took a nap when we got back home.  When I woke up, company had come...Bonnie and two very cute little dogs.  The dogs immediately started trying to remember where the treats were.
Yes, I am a “spoiler” of most of the dogs I run into.  That’s my mission in life.

Miles traveled today...111.

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